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  1. just want to say Thanks for all the great info and insight this thread gave me for my first trip up there, last month. only got 2.5 days of riding, with the .5 being in the middle of a turd floater at Coler. Back 40 was fun, too, if submerged in a couple places (which didn't stop the many preriders or race organizers I came across). Team CCW. I'm not Billy Badass by any means, but these make me smile on non-ride days. Enjoy.
  2. I got a Dakine as well. I hated the bladder. super-thin material, and I couldn't get the bite valve to work comfortably. swapped out the bladder for a Camelbak one of about the same size. I apparently also hate the new Camelbak bite valves, but fortunately had an extra old school one laying around. Frankenbladder. my only remaining complaint is condensation if I put ice in it. don't have that problem with my Blowfish backpack. but I guess if I'm just doing 'hot laps', I don't need ice water. I'll just get one of my groupies on the tour bus to fix me a frosty beverage between laps.
  3. disagree. scare off the questionables with a wall of text and you will achieve the coveted smaller groups preferred above (ie, your real friends).
  4. Nice! also a meh rider. this was my third trip. new stuff was very loose, and I couldn't find the magic speed to not make it a beating, so it didn't make the video. probably won't be back til they get some rain. fun place, tho. sorry about the music. it seems to be frowned upon, here.
  5. rpr will be fine. ridden it in a drizzly mist after a campout there, and the traction was as good as ever
  6. hey, Cody! I went back out there today, as soon as I noticed all I had in my pack was the battery. probably a hiker picked it up, but I figured it was worth a shot in the dark, here. as far as the trail, it was in good shape. lotta leaves, but they just added to the mystery. made for a little sliding in the fast corners, but no dangerous surprises. we skipped that inner loop with the picnic table due to racing daylight, but I could easily blame it on the yellow EB tape blocking that trail 😉 Thanks for the tree work!
  7. We got one of those yet? In case not, I think I lost my Ay Up light at Thumper. Wednesday night, right at the original trailhead/exit area at the base of the power line tower. I was digging around in my pack to put my handlebar light on for the ride home, and I think dropped the dual light that goes on my helmet. I still have the battery, just not the light. It's green. Be awesome if one of y'all found it so I could get it back. I dig the new site. Thanks, -Todd
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