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  1. Cool. I agree, the run doesn’t sound fun to me. I wonder why Spider doesn’t post it on their webpage. Looks like they are still selling regular tickets for Saturday. Wonder if folks will race with the rest of the weekend traffic?
  2. this is a overnight trail running event right? Starts at 6pm Sat, ends 7am Sunday morning. Or is this something else I don’t see on the Spider webpage?
  3. I picked up a pair of enduro bibs that work great for holding a bottle or two. I guess you could put some tools in the pockets or use a frame strap.
  4. I’ve been running this one the last couple years and like it a lot. Henry Enduro Pac
  5. I have this model for my son. works well. My only complaint is the tube doesn’t disconnect from the bladder on the one I bought for him. Not as convenient to take bladder out to fill.
  6. I am running the Industry Nine stems with Victoria Airliners. Always add air with the valve at the top of wheel. No problems running Stans Race sealant over the last 3ish months with this set up. I’m running 20-22 lbs rear/18-20 front, and am probably 205-210 with hydration pack. Cheers, Shaner
  7. Can you hyperloop with a bike? That is the real question.
  8. I’ve had great response for service from the Bee Cave location lately. Have to get a few small things done, they have been getting things knocked out and I am on my way!
  9. @Cheif & AntonioGG, thanks for the input on the Onyx. Recently started running a wheel set w/ them and wasn’t sure of the durability. The feel of them is different from any other wheel I have ever ridden. Cheers, Shaner
  10. Thanks for this. Any idea how the Onyx Vesper hub compare in durability? In principle the “cams” seem to operate like pawls? Thanks for your thoughts, Shaner
  11. Those are bad ass! who makes those?
  12. There you go! Even better being so close. I much admit i have not tried any of their beer, any good?
  13. How about Independence Brewing’s Native Texas as a beer pairing? Cheers, Shaner
  14. I know you are looking for MUSA, which I think is awesome but if you are open to an import the Commencal Absolute RS is an excellent value. Under 2k for a complete w/ RS Pike DJ. I would have preferred a custom built from Standard or Why, but just couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t be happier with the quality/value of the Absolute. If you go with Standard, you can get a bar made also. Their “raw” 2 piece bars are bad ass imho. Cheers, Shaner
  15. I put some OneUp flats on my DJ, I like them a lot. Super thin. cheers, Shaner
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