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  1. This Curt Goodrich “All-Arounder” never got the love it deserved. Just put the finishing touches on the city/gravel conversion. It rides wonderfully. The “Curt” will be the dedicated bike to ride the neighborhood & gravel paths w/ wifey. Really excited to ride this bike more! Cheers, Shaner
  2. Not sure this is the case. Hardwood mills that usually cut Poplar in the South are now cutting pine because they can turn it faster. Now that the pine has dropped 40% off it’s peak in mid-May, will the mills in the South continue to cut pine? My bet is no, even if you can cut and dry pine faster why would you dry lumber under $1000m when you can dry lumber @ 2000m +? You wouldn’t, so if current trends continue pine should plateau around 2-3x what it was 12 months ago (educated guess, softwoods are not my specialty). 2 Things really driving this (not Covid): We (the US) build historically less single family homes in ratio to population growth for 15+ years. Under building housing for 15 years will eventually lead to a supply issue. Next, the Fed is fueling this with low interest rates (for now). Most folks buy a payment not the purchase price of a house. All of this is a national perspective. Lots of things at play regionally on supply; log availability, labor availability (BIG ONE), trucking cost & availability, etc. Austin has it’s own forces at work, but this what I see from a national perspective. Cheers, Shaner
  3. As anyone asked The Trail Foundation to see if they have any swing with the COA?
  4. We will be staying in Boulder for a while this Summer and will be taking the bikes up there. Hoping to get by both Commencal & Yeti in Golden. We are hoping to mix 3-4 rides around family activities, will be able to ride from our lodge to several trailheads I think.
  5. He’s a great kid. I cherish the days I get to ride with him. It won’t last forever, but this is a unique time when we both love riding. Over a span of 2 years it is much cheaper than almost any club sport (or at least that is the rationale I’m going with). Fingers crossed for a run at Spider on Sunday!
  6. I’m pretty sure the rain this weekend is my son’s fault. Per my recommendation, he sends his sincere apologies for the rain this weekend. Cheers, Shaner
  7. When my Fox 36 goes I’m thinking of a Push ACS coil conversion. It may be a little heavier, but by all accounts I have heard the performance is good. Set it and forget it, less maintaince. Anyone riding the ACS conversion?
  8. At Milburn a couple weekends ago........too wet to ride, might as well post......... Cheers, Shaner 096E6C00-39A9-489A-AF46-85FA9DE9A3EC.MOV
  9. Orange bikes are always faster............it is the Eddy Merckx effect.........
  10. I am interested on people’s thoughts and experiences on the PUSH eleven6 & ACS3 fork conversion. Both appear to require less PM. thoughts?
  11. Cool. I agree, the run doesn’t sound fun to me. I wonder why Spider doesn’t post it on their webpage. Looks like they are still selling regular tickets for Saturday. Wonder if folks will race with the rest of the weekend traffic?
  12. this is a overnight trail running event right? Starts at 6pm Sat, ends 7am Sunday morning. Or is this something else I don’t see on the Spider webpage?
  13. I picked up a pair of enduro bibs that work great for holding a bottle or two. I guess you could put some tools in the pockets or use a frame strap.
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