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  1. my 9 year old just transitioned from a 24 wheel kids bike to a small 27.5 rockhopper. here’s a clip of him at the neighborhood park working on some skills. his favorite trail is peddlers at brushy. IMG_4478.MP4
  2. here’s a post that sums up what my original post was responding to - how to keep people from altering the trails. it’s a legitimate solution, but everyone is free to take it or leave it. i will keep riding everything i can and walking what i can’t.
  3. thanks. i am pretty sure i have the ability to do it. its more the fear factor looking at the rocky run out and how much of a shit show it would be if things went wrong. what was so controversial about this video i wonder.
  4. Moving on. One feature on 1/4 that I’m not sure I will ever try, is Sponge Bob. It scares the sh*t out of me. Is there a way to roll it? Or do you have to drop it?
  5. that was one example - b-lines can be used to prevent un-sustainable trail widening on single track. if you plan for them and use them as a tool rather than something to dismiss just because you want to keep people off the trail. that might be a whole other discussion.
  6. I just don't agree that b-lines equal dumbing down a trail. The new flow trail at Reimers Ranch has b-lines and they don't do do anything to affect the a-lines. They are planned routes around the more advanced feature to discourage people from cutting their own lines. Not to mention having fun. This is what the issue is - people cut there own lines because they don't want to walk. No matter how hard you try, it will keep happening. Also, I do get off and walk. I get it. I'm talking about a solution to the issue, not my own behavior. I don't alter the trail, but a can get behind the idea of making the trail more inclusive while not removing any of the existing features - like the log. Somebody did that because they were annoyed that they had to get off their bike. How do you keep that from happening? Maybe, if there was a line that allowed whoever moved it to roll over it since they can't hop it, they would have left it alone for everybody else. How does that hurt, or dumb down, the trail? Moving the log dumbs it down even more.
  7. ok - i'll say it. I don't think purpose built, sustainable b-lines are a bad thing. I don't think any b-line will make 1/4 or DD an 'easy' trail. if the main feature is still there, and there is a purpose built b-line for riders not yet able to attempt that feature, why not. the more people we have riding trails the better - in opinion. purpose built b-lines also discourage people from altering or creating there own cheater lines. let the flaming begin.
  8. 1/4 Notch. which direction is better? west to east or east to west? i have only ridden it east to west.
  9. just ordered these with the liner you posted. Urban Cycling Apparel Men's Gravel Grinder Bike Shirts - Flex Soft Shell with Zip Pockets and Vents https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TXL2WC2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_V4.FFbMSQ3QHE someone else posted a sale on fox shorts for the same price after i ordered. gonna stay with the ones i ordered and see how good they are for comparison.
  10. yes. i still have a pair of the old rei house brand novaro that are still good. i think i paid like $50 for those at the time. and they have a removable liner. just want that same quality and price and cant seem to find it anymore. gonna chance a pair from amazon (urban cycling) to see how good they are. if the shell is good i can always get liners seperately.
  11. I’ve been riding for a while. 10+ years. When did a pair of bike shorts that have the same tech as years ago start costing $60, $80, $100 - without a liner. It’s a huge racket. I have a dividend at REI and i cant find even a house brand pair of shorts, with a liner, for less than $100. WTF!?! For jerseys i have gone to cheap fitness style jerseys that have all the same properties as cycling jerseys. As soon as cycling is part of the name, the price goes through the roof. How do we change this? What shorts do you use? Where are the deals?
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