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  1. I need to get back in the riding shape I was in the video. Probably couldn't clear anything nowadays.. need to do a 2021 version of the video.
  2. Don't blame him! You're a sketchy looking dude to randomly be giving trail history.
  3. I was feeling left out and wanted to jump in the post for no reason 🤘feels like the old days when all the OG's start posting again. #traildivas #trailtrash #wheredidallthesepeoplecomefrom
  4. Thanks for the kudos!! I'll definitely pass it along to the crew. Have fun out there and be safe.
  5. I'll post an update as soon as we know when the volunteer days are going to be, ARR is overseeing that portion, I believe they are trying to decide what days are best for their staff.
  6. http://www.austinridgeriders.com/ Once construction is completed ARR will be the overseeing the trail once we are done, all the volunteer work days are coordinated by them and will be posted on their site. 🤘
  7. Thanks we appreciate it! Wait until you see the entire trail from top to bottom! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3192018600809012&id=100000027111053&sfnsn=mo
  8. All the work on the new flow trail including machine and hand work will be totally completed before the volunteer work day. We may need help with trimming limbs and clearing downed trees. However ARR will direct that portion.
  9. some clarification for everyone. The trail is not open for use yet! we are complete with the BIG machines and the major earth moving, however we still have the smaller machines going on finish work. we are hoping to have it to a point soon for some ride sessions for the folks that come out for the volunteer work day. Anyone is welcome to come look at it and check it out, but until the return line is complete we ask everyone not to ride it yet. ARR will be posting more information soon . In addition we ask everyone to Please stay away from the Travis County Maintenance office and shop, no trails are near or around it and it is not the way out. If you walk the new trail please walk it back up until return line is complete! Thanks
  10. Digga

    Colorado Springs

  11. Don't be modest triple OG! You know you huck it to flat 🚲
  12. Cool video, but the dude you are following is smoking you tho!!
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