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  1. Confirmed Bowl, 1/4 and DD are gtg. The latter two are hero dirt.
  2. Has anyone gone out to check the trails this morning? Hoping that the winds and sun did us a favor!
  3. Thanks! I’m not sure what that is. It may just be some dirt I missed.
  4. Good morning everyone. I serviced my switch infinity link yesterday (bike purchased 3 months ago) and one of the stansions had some scratches where it connects to the bike (top left of the picture). Do you guys think this will cause a problem? I feel like it had to have occurred during the building of the bike as this is the first time I've taken it off.
  5. Man, I saw those and thought they were BS. I may check it out now. Thanks!
  6. Picnic: Gtg. However, be very careful on drops. I know for sure that the drop going east on upper picnic just west of basket has some pretty thick rubble from the storm. If u hit it, make sure to give a little pop before going off to avoid. 1/4: gtg, normal muddy low spots but otherwise dry DD: I didn’t hit this but suspect the same as 1/4 rim: gtg but the entrance at the drainage ditch near 183A is incredibly washed out. bowl: probably too wet still bob Ross: assume is gtg but didn’t ride
  7. Any chance that trails have dried out? At least 1/4 and DD?
  8. Anyone have eyes on the trail today? Guessing still a little mushy given the hard rain late yesterday.
  9. Trails need more time to dry. Rim was dry enough but it’s super slick.
  10. Ask for the brisket Mac and cheese next time. So good.
  11. X2 on Huntley if you like Coler. That place is super fun. Shock and Awe is such a fun trail and it starts with a couple decent table tops that you can warm up on as there’s a return trail right after the second one.
  12. Correct. The timestamp for the actual feature is 2:52, but going in the opposite direction. I got it a couple times a year or two ago, but I can barely even get my front wheel on the top now.
  13. Is anyone able to get up Chainless nowadays (W to E)? It's almost unrecognizable in this video. I sessioned all the harder lines on the east end of DD today and I couldn't even get close on that one. The run up is just so eroded now.
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