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  1. What is this Thumper I’m hearing about? Looked it up yesterday and looks gnarly. How does it compare to City?
  2. Boys, if you didn’t ride today I feel sorry for you. Best the trails have been all year.
  3. Double Down is a significant step up (hah!) from 1/4 Notch. The 1st part of DD (the one that connects to 1/4 notch) used to be the section I would ride when I thought I was getting good and it would bring me back down to earth. Now the 2nd part of Double Down (the part picnic deadends into) is the one that kicks my ass.
  4. City is super dusty right now too. My tires kept slipping on all the ups. At least that’s what I blamed my ineptitude on this time.
  5. Looks like they changed their Friday hours to not start the lift until 3:30 pm. Sucks. Have a friend coming in next month and we planned to get to Spider right at noon and ride til the sun went down.
  6. Funny you ask. Took a pic of this at the museum of American history last month. Don’t know shit about their bikes but thought it was cool.
  7. Trails were perfect tonight and almost empty. I guess @GreenMTBrider twitter kept everyone away for once!
  8. I don't know the best way to describe this spot. If you're heading east from the toll, just before you get to an up ramp with a rail on the BCRT, right around the 0.75 mile marker. You can stay to the right and it drops down and immediately back up into a small single track that will take you up to the "end" of double down. Anyway, the section where it drops down into the creek bed and goes immediately back up had a huge pile of sticks at the bottom. Considering that section has been dry for over a month, I assume it was some asshole trying to send someone OTB, so I threw them all back into the woods. It wasn't enough to really do much (about as much as the pile of stick you bunnyhop at the east entrance of picnic), but it certainly caught me off guard coming the opposite way.
  9. So many people without helmets on Peddlers. Saw a kid that couldn’t have been older than 14 doing it today. I said something as i passed him and as I went around the corner I saw him laughing about it with his friends. I wish novice riders understood that you can fall anywhere and that it’s selfish not to wear one. Someone like me is who is going to end up riding up on a rider with a busted open head. Happened to me on the regional trail. Some guy’s tire stuck on the lip of the sidewalk. Went ass over elbows and busted his head open. When I came up on him he was trying to stand up and kept falling over. Preaching to the choir here I know. Just had to get it off my chest.
  10. Hit trails at 10 AM today. Absolutely perfect timing. It wasn’t too hot yet and the humidity had been baked off by that point.
  11. That one has knocked me on my ass several times.
  12. Draughthaus gets a keg of it every year. That’s the only place I’ve seen it.
  13. Ironically, Lagunitas Sucks is very similar to Sumpin and really good as well. If you ever seen Lagunitas Waldo’s (triple ipa released on 4/20 each year) you should definitely try it. So good.
  14. Rode spider for the first time today. Holy shit that place is incredible. Did 12 runs with no line other than when the park opened.
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