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  1. Speaking of Jerrys... Does anyone have the Jerry of the Day post of that kid eating shit on Cru Jones? I think they only posted it on Facebook.
  2. Yuuuup. I rode it W-E. I got to the top of the climb before Truth or Dare and looked up and didn't even bother trying. That humidity + heat really takes it out of you.
  3. DD and 1/4 are gtg. Didn’t check anything else
  4. Anyone been out to check the trails today?
  5. Still too wet. I rode the east end of DD with no pickup but it’s slicker than whale dicks. Went to the east entrance of quarter and it was real mushy.
  6. Are you sure it didn't.... peak..... your curiousity? I'll show myself out.
  7. Interested to know if you think that could cause it. It’s a really small dip but It’s the first time I’ve ever slipped a pedal on a drop before.
  8. Anyone hit Randy’s elbow recently? The takeoff has this weird dip right before it, I think from people braking at the top. It’s not much at all but I ate shit pretty hard going off it today. Wasn’t sure if that was the reason or just a minor brain fart by me. Probably the latter.
  9. Made it to Bentonville this week. Here are a couple videos of the drops on Drop the Hammer. Cased the big one bad on the first try. Can’t get the second link to show as a video for some reason. Randy’s Elbow is more intimidating in my opinion. https://youtube.com/shorts/hTsM8lcB3QM?feature=share
  10. This parking spot though. I was driving to the trails my first day here and thought “this place is gonna be cool but I bet not as awesome as everyone says.” That thought ended within about 15 seconds when I immediately dropped into some of the tallest berms I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. A lot of people I've heard express that same discomfort switched to a lumbar pack and really liked it. I prefer the turtle shell for the extra padding when I inevitably eat shit.
  12. I always give it a little pop when I go over it. It never occurred to me that I'm getting less air because it's smaller now. I just assumed I suck. I guess both could be true too 🤔
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