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  1. Anyone check out the trails after the rain this AM?
  2. Anyone seen the trails since Friday?
  3. How the trails looking this evening?
  4. Van Steenburgen's wreck was absolutely brutal. Brandon Semenuk is a robot. I had no idea about his rally car racing prowess.
  5. If Hans Rey does it, then it must be good. (....right?...)
  6. Is that true? What's the reason? That makes me happy because the Diamonback Release 5 has short chain stays.
  7. 1/4, picnic and DD are were gtg (until the giant piss storm from tonight) Fixed.
  8. I was fully expecting that treatment when I posted the topic. You guys have gone soft on me.
  9. For what it's worth, I went the first ride without any issues, but also didn't need to dab. So I hope you're right!
  10. Thanks everyone. Forgot to mention the reason I waited until now is because it was too hot for me to wear my knee/elbow pads without dying in the afternoons. Definitely padding up as long as I'm riding clipped in.
  11. After 4 1/2 years riding flats I have finally made the decision to switch to clipless. I tried a couple years ago and after falling 20 times in a week I switched back. The reason I’m switching now is I’ve seen guys on clips ride smoothly through sections on Emma Long and Double Down that I’ve tried time and time again with no consistent success. Anyway, I really want this time around to be a success. After feeling really unstable on my first ride today and reading an article on Pinkbike, I moved the cleats as far back as possible and I feel so much more stable now. So does anyone have any advice for me? Anyone have a similar fact pattern to me and had success?
  12. I'm successful ~90% of the time on that step up. One thing I noticed on your original picture is that your wheels is already on top of the ledge. Try focusing on your front wheel making contact about ~85% of the way up the ledge so that the front wheels is rolling up the ledge as you shift your weight forward. This gives you more time to react.
  13. Has anyone checked out the trails today? I'm not sure how bad the rain was last night.
  14. Saw a couple guys from San Antonio on 1/4 Notch yesterday. Talked to the guy in the front while he was waiting for him friend. He's a granite guy and tries to get rides in while he's up here. First time at Brushy and kept saying how much he liked the trail. Figured I'd let the guys know who put the work in. It really is a great place and has made it so I can ride anywhere in the country with no issue.
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