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  1. Hit trails at 10 AM today. Absolutely perfect timing. It wasn’t too hot yet and the humidity had been baked off by that point.
  2. That one has knocked me on my ass several times.
  3. Draughthaus gets a keg of it every year. That’s the only place I’ve seen it.
  4. Ironically, Lagunitas Sucks is very similar to Sumpin and really good as well. If you ever seen Lagunitas Waldo’s (triple ipa released on 4/20 each year) you should definitely try it. So good.
  5. Rode spider for the first time today. Holy shit that place is incredible. Did 12 runs with no line other than when the park opened.
  6. Trick I’ve found is sight in between the trees on your approach and ride straight for it rather than trying any turning. Then focus on getting your wheel over the first small ledge and second ledge in one motion rather than individually.
  7. With all the sun and wind today, I feel like quarter and DD may be good by 5. Thoughts?
  8. Has anyone been out here on a Friday yet? Friend is coming down on the 20th and thinking I’d rather go at noon on a Friday rather than on Saturday morning. Is it pretty empty on Friday when they open?
  9. I'm excited to ride it clockwise. I don't see it as being better bc I've only gone one way, but I'm sure my mind will be changed. Although I'm bummed I won't be riding down devil's staircase.
  10. Thank you. It's even better than I remember. Kid had to have grabbed front brake on the way down no? Either that or his pedal caught since he rode with his pedals perpendicular to the ground. There isn't anything to catch your wheel on that I can remember.
  11. I just spent about 30 mins trying to find the Jerry of the Day where the kid on a fully rigid walmart bike tries to take on Cru Jones. Couldn't find it anywhere, sadly.
  12. Going forward this will be my treatment as well. Bought a Diamondback release 5c a year ago and have already had to bleed the brakes three times. Peddler's was cursing my brakes the last time I took it in.
  13. I was finally getting good at the counter-clockwise direction. When was the last time it was changed?
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