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  1. Nope, shoulders and elbows have just been too bad. I've been trying not to do anything that I don't absolutely have to. Getting seriously stir crazy though, which is usually when I do something stupid, like start riding again and make it worse...
  2. Can I borrow your shoulders?
  3. Finally got it built up... not bad for under $100. Thanks to those that helped... Now, where's that first cold front?
  4. PMs sent. Fontrain has some 9spd stuff for me, but I could use that to upgrade the old 8spd Gripshift stuff on his old bike for his brother instead.
  5. For those those that didn't see my frame thread, I'm piecing together a bike for my oldest son that that suddenly and rapidly outgrew his bike (so did his little brother, who is inheriting it). I have a frame and fork now, so I need a few parts... I need: 9 speed Shimano shifter (I have a 9spd cassette and RD) OR a Shadow/Shadow+ RD and a SRAM 9spd shifter (pull ratio is similar and can be modified to work) OR a 10spd RD/Shifter/Cassette, Shimano or SRAM (if the price is right) 104 BCD cranks (Octalink or ISIS) and a bottom bracket to match (option B: later 2-pc crankset, if the price is right). It needs to be 104 BCD though so I can use my NW chainrings. For the cranks, I am considering these, but hoping to find an older name brand 3pc set for less: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LWXUV7I/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A38N3TNH1N2LMX I have new parts sitting in "shopping carts" on Amazon, Jenson and Ebay totaling about $130, but thought I'd see what I can scrape up used first. This bike will be primarily for riding to school and friends' houses, with only occasional trail use and moderate risk for theft, so I'm not interested in spending much on it , just functional stuff to get him rolling...
  6. Good meeting you too John, he's pretty excited about having an adult sized bike, even if he has to mount with a rolling start for a little while as he grows into it 😄
  7. Thanks for all the pics/efforts, but he's already outgrown 15/16" (16s tend to be much shorter TT/reach than the 17-18 range) and still growing, and 19" would be the max I'd want to put him on right now (he'll grow into it in a year or so). I'm ruling out FS for simplicity/maintenance/parts availability purposes; I'll be his tech, and I don't want to be tasked with linkage maintenance, chasing squeaks, creaks, etc.
  8. It appears that way, the Rockhopper guy never responded to emails, and he took the ad down today.
  9. It needs to be a 17" minimum, he's 5'9". I'd also like to stick with 26" wheels, since that's what I have, plus 26" frames etc will be older and thus cheaper; I'm hoping to spend no more than $200 on the frame and fork... I don't have any 29ers, so that would end up being a money pit to build.
  10. I'm pretty open to anything decent from the past 2 decades for the frame, fork might need to be a little later just for serviceability.
  11. My oldest recently shot up in height and needs a bike to ride to school and occasional light trail riding; his 14" frame Kona isn't cutting it anymore... plus his younger brother also long-outgrew his 20" MTB and needs the 14" 26er... Soooo... Since I have some 26" wheels and some other parts, I'm looking for a 26" hardtail, medium (17-18") with QR dropouts and disc mounts... preferably with a straight 1-1/8 headtube. I'll also need a fork to match, in the 100mm range, but depending on the make/model, I might be able to reduce the travel as needed if you have something longer... -OR- I'd also be open to a complete bike of the same size/ description, for the right price... Whatcha got for a tight budget?
  12. Okay, so update... we (he and I) went through the process again, and designed the perfect bike, then all this happened: https://singletrackworld.com/2019/05/marino-bikes-sell-off-of-sick-bicycles-frames/ https://www.pinkbike.com/news/sick-bicycles-manufacturer-selling-off-sick-branded-frames-claiming-lack-of-payment.html https://www.archynewsy.com/manufacturer-of-sick-bicycles-that-sell-frames-claiming-no-payment/ Followed by this: Wife in the Hospital... So, we'll just have to make the most of the frame I have for now... I went ahead and built it as-intended: My shoulders finally felt good enough to get out on it since the previous post, and I have to say, this thing feels even better than I remembered; I pretty much hit the nail on the head! If I ever get the new one, it'll be the perfect hardtail, IMO (it's already the best I've ever ridden). But alas, my shoulders didn't last long, so I'm going to chill until at least fall...
  13. Or a fellow pedaler that's also a pedal peddler? Or maybe the pedaler peddles petals...? Would that be a petal peddling pedaler?
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