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  1. I almost always see these snakes while crossing the dam at Brushy Creek when riding at night. This is one of the snakes I saw 2 nights ago. They are usually on the rock which puts them at waist height when I pass them. I now stay on the opposite end of the wall after having a close encounter with a larger version of this snake. Any idea kind of snake this is?
  2. Are these heavy duty trucks being stolen? A DPS trooper once told me that heavy duty trucks with brush guards\replacement bumpers are the preferred vehicles for smugglers in south Texas. He said that smugglers will drive these trucks through fencelines to get away from law enforcement knowing that in most instances, officers won't destroy their vehicle by trying to follow. The trucks will eventually breakdown from getting tangled up in the barbed wire, but they are usually able to put enough distance between them and law enforcement before they have to ditch the truck. The heavier trucks with protection in the front have a better chance of breaking though the barbed wire fences. This sucks for me since my truck fits that profile. Might be time for a bike rack for my car.
  3. Just got a set of bontrager line comp 30 aluminum rims from rei for $260 (sale price) to try on my hard tail. I have these rims on my fuel and they've handled a few hundred miles of Lake Georgetown, Deception and RPR without any issues. They aren't light but they're strong. My riding weight is about 230 so weight isn't much of a factor for me. Might be a good backup set to have around. Also tried out the new Specialized Eliminator Black Diamond 2.6 as a front tire. It's got a really thick sidewall so I'm thinking I'll need to lower the pressure to maybe about 20-21 psi. Noticeably heavier than my 2.4 xr4, but I dont mind. Lake Georgetown slashed my xr4 so I was looking for tougher sidewalls.
  4. Found some clear glasses on Rim Loop around 8:45 tonight. PM me if if they're yours and I'll let you know where I left them.
  5. Trail status? Would like to ride tonight if possible.
  6. Going next week. Will do the Franklin Mountains loop on day 1 and try something else on day 2.

    New Year's Day

    I was just talking to my brother about riding Flat Rock tomorrow. But I have to fire up the grill by 2pm tomorrow and that's a little too far of a drive for me (from Leander). Guess I'll be at RPR tomorrow morning.

    New Year's Day

    Is FRR the new 512 park near RPR?
  9. All of Deception should be good to go. I rode it last night through most of the light drizzle. Rocks got a little slick, but I imagine the wind has taken care of that by now.
  10. Found glasses on mulligan tonight. Let me know if they belong to you and you want them back.
  11. Just finished riding 1/4 notch east to west. Was pretty decent until I got to sponge bob then rocks became slippery. Decided to take the bailout. Should have done some urban riding.
  12. I'm heading there in Jan for 2 days of riding. Plan to do the 35 mile loop Barry did (I think it was Franklin Mountains) on day 1 and then find something else to ride on day 2. Only question is if I ride the 29" HT or the 29" FS bike. I'm leaning towards the HT with some 2.4 or 2.5 tires. I'll take both bikes just in case. Any ideas\suggests are much appreciated.
  13. Damn. Just when I thought I didn't have to worry about snakes.
  14. Will keep it short since my ride was on Saturday. I was worried about the weather on Sunday and decided to ride on Saturday instead. Was expecting 3:30 lap 1 and 4 hour lap 2 times based on my previous lap times. I've managed to get decent road biking miles in despite the weather so I expected to pick up where I left on my last loop times. My effort was pretty high on lap 1, but the results weren't showing. I finished with about a 3:50 lap 1. My left arm was cramping up and my sometimes soar shoulder was now throbbing. I've never done more than one lap so took my time with lap 2 to make sure I didn't have a fatigue related crash. Was not able to make all the climbs on lap 2 and had to take one or two breaks in the rock garden section between Russell and Hogg. That section was the hardest part for me after riding for 40 miles. My overall 8:50 time was about 50 minutes slower than what I was aiming for. But I've never done more than 1 loop before so getting in 2 laps is still a victory for me. Even thought about going again Sunday for a single lap to see if I could get a 3:30 time, but I knew my legs were too sore for that. So I went and bought a new bike instead. I plan to take my new Fuel out there Sunday to see if I can get back to my 3:30 time and start improving from there. Next year, I'll be complaining that my 3 lap time was 50 minutes slower that I was expecting.
  15. Not sure I'm good enough to give advice, but here is my routine for the week. Light 2 hour rides on Thursday and Friday. These will be on paved trail and just to keep my legs moving. Not ideal, but I'll take what the weather gives me. Upper body gym workout today or tomorrow which I usually do once a week. Will make a big pot of spaghetti for the family tomorrow and will eat that daily until Saturday. Saturday will do chores and family activities to make up for being away all day Sunday. I've put in 70-100 of road and/or urban miles per week for the last few months, but have only ridden my full suspension once since I busted the linkage on the dragon pre-ride in August. Really have no Idea how i will fare on three laps since I'm in 'bike' shape, but not necessarily 'mountain bike' shape. But I'll get in 2 and see if I feel like doing a third. Last year there was a water stop at cedar breaks and there was some sort of electrolyte additive in the water. Anyone remember what it was? I want to buy some and put it in my water bottles. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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