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  1. With pedal assist I could probably make it from my bedroom up the stairs to my office much quicker!
  2. Proflex 856 - hairline crack in bb shell about the time I decided it hated hill country drops Trek Fuel(s) - 1 top tube failure at rear cable boss, 1 seat tube failure at weld by shock mount, 1 rear triangle on chainstay weld by wheel, 1 rear triangle failure on chain stay near bb. All in a 2 year period. At this point the Trek rep upgraded me to a carbon frame, 2 years later broke another chainstay on the chunk of Al bonded to carbon stay. Sold it and went to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Tallboy - after 5 years of beating the ever loving shit out of it a metal washer like bit bonded to the carbon stay on the shock mount cracked. They didn’t have 2 gen old parts so got a whole new frame which I promptly sold and went beefier. Santa Cruz Hightower - been beating this one for 5 years, metal bit no longer on the SC stay, still rollin. Conclusion: metal has a fatigue life, aluminum is the shortest of bicycle materials. I have a knack for finding its limit. Carbon seems to take the abuse of 210 lbs running dead over everything better.
  3. I was watching a show on HGTV or something about the RV industry and almost all of them are built in like a 100 mi radius of each other. They were interviewing a guy who they said was Amish I thought, could have been Hutterite. The hilarious part was he said it was ok for him to use the power tools at work to build hundreds of them but he had never driven or been in an RV except in the factory since he couldn't operate or travel in a motor vehicle. 😕
  4. Not in Hot Springs, but I've stayed at one on the east side of Mt Ida. there's a state park at Denby Point right on the lake that you are an easy ride to the western edge of the LOViT trail. Also a little south of Hot Springs on Lake DeGray you can camp right by the Iron Mountain trailhead I think. Never stayed at that one.
  5. It came down pretty good at my house in Wells Branch at noon. At dusk yesterday there were a lot of just barely rideable sections that are going to be soaked I'd guess. I'd wait for a boots on the ground assessment before heading there tomorrow.
  6. Saw the knock-off one Yeti makes in the Domain store the other day. WTF, like $700 or something ridiculous and it didn't even have the built in bottle opener like our old coleman did. More accessories they want to sell you I guess. 🥺
  7. Holy 80’s flashback! WC is turning into a scene from Dallas!
  8. That's a late 70's LUV I think! A friend had an early 80's one back in H.S, that he rolled on the way home after a few too many. A bunch of us flipped it back over and towed it to his house. Then the next day after a couple more we got it fired up and decided to play a little Dukes of Hazzard with it in his dad's freshly plowed recently rained on field until it locked up. Then we drug it back into his front yard with a tractor for the insurance adjuster have a look! Teenage boredom in BFE! 😉
  9. Yes, Ninja starts on the east side of RedHorn brewery and was built by guys at Peddlers bike shop right next door to RH. The southern end of it ends in a neighborhood at the tip of Kati Ln and you can hop on the street go south for about a mile down Walsh Hill Trail and there's a tunnel under hairy man rd that connects to the Brushy Creek hike & bike. The hike and bike is the hwy that connects it all. From there you can hook up to Gum Drop (Gnargasm drop is closed for now) then up & over the dam to Peddlers Pass, then passed the ball park to mulligan, picnic, deception, double down, rim, snail all the way out to the YMCA on 183. Since it loosely follows the H&B you can bail to the concrete path every couple of miles depending on when you've had enough! Ninja, Peddlers, Picnic are more WC than BCGB, Gumdrop, then everything from Mulligan west except Picnic are more BCGB in a very condensed footprint. BCGB...you won't recognize. It has 3+ times the techy trail than when you left and part they're turning into a multi-county walk for a week trail. Definitely want a guide, it's easy to get turned around out there now. And if you want some techy climby stuff there's a few hidden gems not far from City Park now. They recently started building on the old slinky trail but there's great stuff just across the street.
  10. Don’t forget the Brushy Creek stuff (deception, double down, rim). You can add in Gum drop to Suburban Ninja to epic it!
  11. The Strava track he posted looked more zigzagging than the old section at Warda!
  12. After I lost y’all I rode for a bit but throat started to feel like I swallowed a pine cone so bailed before bmx loop. That dust is killer!
  13. I had an “oh shit….never mind” moment Sunday on ninja. Stopped to switch water bottles and right as I was about to put my foot down a small snake scurried away. Split second later it registered it was a striped garter snake. 🤦🏼‍♂️
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