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  1. If you’ve ridden a tire for any length of time on trail the bacon strip route is much better than a tube. The PITA of it is there is usually several things stuck in the tire already and if you can’t see them from the spooge residue you’ll end up puncturing the tube in no time and be afoot again!
  2. Still have some circa 1998 747’s as backups. They’re still solid but heavier than my new XT’s with platform!
  3. Yeah, back in the mid/late 90’s when BSS was still on Toomey, Hill would sponsor the group ride. It rolled out from the shop. He and Laura showed up on a tandem dressed as Mr & Mrs Clause every year. We went thru TOL under mopac to Castle Hill then up to 37th and then back thru UT down speedway to congress. Ended with a drag race down Congress Avenue from the capitol to the town lake bridge every year. By 04/05 when I was dragging my kid in a trailer it went from 40-50 to well over 100 and got pretty rowdy.
  4. Yeah, if it’s the Garmin the owner hopped in on our group ride yesterday. His first time there so didn’t know trail but thinks he lost it after new edition lollipop heading back to redhorn. He’s been off the bike for a while so probably not on here. See his post on the suburban ninja fb group or ping me some contact info and I’ll relay it to him.
  5. Faithful navigator and handy at growling at sketchy homeless dudes that get too close to truck!
  6. Gotta ride about 6-8 feet from waterline to stay on top of the sand! PITA to get saltwater/sand out so I usually ride inland along the coast hwy to Rockport and out to copano Bay Area.
  7. At some point I have to acquiesce to the fact that I can no longer do the things I used to. Not that I just haven’t kept in shape, but I just can’t. Some people try to extend that time with money, others changes their goals. Pick a side.
  8. Yeah I would probably slip a piece of roadie toob or rubber band over it just in case. Seems I read on the non-pliers one the keychain doohickey locks the cover closed.
  9. Just saw this one from Wolf Tooth for $40. Looks like it has good leverage, 8mm, and 2 sizes of torx head. https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/collections/tools/products/6-bit-hex-wrench-multi-tool?variant=39581096345635 For $70 there’s a version with built in quick link pliers, valve tools, and quick link holder https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/products/8-bitpack-pliers the second might be my new packless riding tool! Usually just have a CO2 and carts held together with a chunk of old tube like a fat rubber band. Always ends up poking me when I try to squeeze in a multi tool.
  10. That’s called a chain tensioner aka chain tug in the old bmx world. So even with the screw well snugged against the end of the frame it’s sliding? Is the screw slipping above/below the end of frame or is it loosening up? That screw on the end is “supposed to” keep it from sliding forward without having to tighten the crap out of the slider bolts. All the chain tugs I’ve used on track end bikes have stayed put so not sure what’s up. If the screw is loosening a lock washer on it between nut and end of chain tug (black piece) should help. On the actual slider I’ve seen star washers used but they bite into the frame a bit. There’s lots of replacements available. Maybe look more in the bmx realm. Example below: https://www.danscomp.com/box-two-chain-tensioner-black-3-8-10mm-bx-ct182x10m-bk/p1272129?v=721268&gclid=CjwKCAjw9LSSBhBsEiwAKtf0n7FBz_KMokKmlz5bNBDHWIJoa6qzAs8OLUuTYW3F0AkNUwVX0tp75xoC8SsQAvD_BwE
  11. Well the bro that almost took me out was bro aged, not old and decrepit. So I’ll agree to disagree, the ebike was the speed enhancer and I doubt he would have been lead rider without it. His buddies were giving him shit for his Barney antics.
  12. Came close to getting taken out Saturday on picnic by a guy on a Devinci emtb. Had to holler out at him to avoid a head on and he ditched left instead of right and dumped the bike dead in front of me covering the whole trail. Totally out of control on a busy trail on a busy day. Nothing most us haven’t encountered but I doubt he would have been moving as fast under his own power. Had I been a noobie that wasn’t looking way ahead and reacted quickly it would have ended different from him eating shit into a bush but walking away unharmed.
  13. So it just toes in the pads like rim brakes setup has been done for nearly a century? I used to use pretty much anything about as thick like packaging pads came in, top of cereal box, whatever was handy. Never really thought disk brakes had enough play to toe in. Hmmmm
  14. Why not just Put a wedge in the dog platform to level it and not jack with the connector. There’s a bazillion solutions like that for leveling where dogs sit on car seats.
  15. Few years back ran into a group using that thing. There was bong playing, thankfully clothed, and rhythmic chanting, all sorta throwback hippie shit. Funny as hell.
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