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  1. A local distillery/venue was a client for a few years. Learned some interesting things about the “craft” distillery business. Almost all clear craft spirits start with the same alcohol base provided by 2 US suppliers. The stuff they add like juniper in gin, etc. for their local twist goes in right before bottling. The turn around on clear spirits is a couple of days for even small guys. There’s quite a few whiskeys that have a similar process, but they get some aging. These guys were actually doing some 10 year stuff but they’ve got a few to go. The hoops TABC makes these guys jump thru is insane. Lawyers love setting up the complex structures it takes to do multiple alcohol types and mixed use facilities (production, sales, consumption) to comply with Texas’ Protestant crap they try to disguise as safety.
  2. So anything different out there other than a few trail signs? Would be nice if they would ever open the restroom by the trailhead. PITA for ladies to have to go all the way to the marina. Campground still shutdown in fall/winter?
  3. Unless they changed it after ACOE gave up control there was no fee for trail access. They only charged to access the beach area opposite the trailhead lot, and at the campground entrance which is past the marina. Those would both be closed for the season when ACOE controlled things. Used to ride there a bunch when my nieces in Schertz were kids. Would drop the wife to mall walk with them while I got in a few laps. 😉
  4. Since they didn’t charge him they probably didn’t breatholize him either. Wouldn’t be surprised if he and his buddy weren’t having a few playing harass the weenies on bikes to kill the Sunday small town boredom.
  5. Rode earlier. Pt6 was sticky but rideable. Wet spot on mark’s still wet. All else gtg. bum setup shop right on trail at point closest to Lamar. 🙄
  6. Ping the STORM folks in S.A. on the status of madrone before heading there. A while back the Corp turned over control to some local group and the first thing they did was temporarily close it. 🙄 Some BS about signage, but I don’t recall reading if it reopened yet. Could be all good but wouldn’t want you to waste the trip.
  7. Almost none of that wiki is correct. Roux is the base for ALL gumbo. Both okra and file’ are available year round since refrigeration so now it’s just a preference. My dad used both in his gumbo but I hate the slimy consistency of okra.
  8. File’ is usually included in most traditional rural gumbos. It’s more Cajun than Creole. Creoles (usually kitchen help in urban areas) use okra vs file’ as the thickening agent. The Cajuns learned about it from the Choctaw I think. It’s just dried and pulverized sassafras leaves. In my family it’s added to your bowl as you serve so the flavor is stronger.
  9. 20 years…lots of iterations and lots of faces, but still the longest going unofficial official year round ride I know of! Need to get lights together so I can hopefully start making it again.
  10. If you haven’t got access to a chain checker, a ruler or tape measure and simple math is just as good. Chain checkers tell you how close you are to the recommended <1% chain stretch. New Chains pin to pin measure out to exactly 12” so 1% stretch would be 12.12 or roughly 12 1/8. If chain is near or more than 12 1/8” pin to pin it’s time to replace. Kept a metric/US metal ruler on my peg board for many years for this purpose til I finally got a chain checker. When the eyes go it’s hard to see those 1/16 dashes. 🙄
  11. They made squirrel gumbo or stew opening day of the hunting season at our hunting camp every year. They taste ok, just a PITA to clean and a lot of bone for the amount of meat you get from one. One of my dad's favorite things was squirrel brains. 🤢 Good to freak out the city relatives when they open the lid and see something staring back at them. 😉
  12. The original Swedish version of the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy is a much darker version than the James Bond US version. Need to get Netflix again to see Squid Game it sounds like!
  13. Go over to Stuffed on 620 and get some of their andouille. Whole pork smoked sausage vs the ground stuff at H-E-B makes a world of difference. You can also smoke the chicken, duck, whatever a bit before boiling. My fav is with a couple of swamp rabbits or wild duck 🐰🦆
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