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  1. Make sure the surface where the tooth was isn’t bent slightly in/out so it doesn’t grab chain. They usually bend and snap so a little bit will be mushroomed over. You just file it so you have a nice flat vertical plane in line with the rest of the cassette. Doesn’t take much to hook the chain.
  2. REI used to be a hub. Lots of firsthand sport experience employees. Climbing wall to test gear, fake rock to try out hiking shoes, stuff like that. It was a niche. Then they got too freakin corporate 10-12 years ago and pulled out everything that was a lawsuit potential. Banned dogs all that crap. Everything that attracted hippies and climbing/hiking/camping bums with disposable income is gone. Now they’re almost upscale Academy. The only remaining attraction for me is what a friend always called it Return Everything Indefinitely. If I try something new it’s easy to return it used if I just don’t like it or it doesn’t work like I thought. No questions. Got my daughter a pricey rain jacket recently and after 4-5 uses she decided it wasn’t as waterproof as she wanted. No questions. That makes it infinitely better than Amazon.
  3. Try some from Gnarly Barley out of Hammond. Only other near NOLA I like is Abita. It’s fun to ride the rail-to-trail from Mandeville up to their brewpub too. 😬
  4. Some OG Spot love. 😬. 26” rim brake only original made in BC version.
  5. Damn. 85 bucks to run at the nut! But hey they say the parking fees are covered. 🙄
  6. Yeah, well those are the same people that said yes to putting traffic islands down the shoulders of shoal creek Blvd. then they put trees in the island that you had to go into traffic to avoid. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean better…no matter who’s in law came up with it. 🙄
  7. I used to work in the office park at Riata & 183 and came in off McNeil. My drive went right by McNeil HS. Used to be pissed at the inconsiderate assholes that would take up the bike lane from parmer almost all the way back up McNeil to the HS to try to squeeze past the other traffic. Even saw school bus drivers doing it. Kids would ride and walk to school in the dirt and high weeds instead of in the bike lane because it was that dangerous. Drove thru there for the first time in 6+ mos last week and was glad to see they’ve finally installed the plastic pylons to keep cars in the traffic lanes. It’s no Man’s land at the edge of city & county borders so figured it was on nobody’s radar. Glad it was finally segregated all the way up to 183 it looks like. Now the stretch of McNeil from the concrete plant back to MOPAC…can’t believe the nuts bravely riding that stretch!
  8. My on life support from snowpocalypse ash tree has been steadily losing big limbs all day. Seems to be getting worse in last 2 hours. The other ash that was in ok shape just started having limbs break and hang up in the last hour. It also has one big trunk that cracked and is pressing on another. Think they’re both goners now.
  9. Nice! Never saw that pedestrian bridge. Good way to avoid all that glass by the convenience store on Shady/Airport. Have to give that a shot on my next loop. Looks like it may be another hike & bike weekend if this weather persists. 😞 Question. I headed over to that path a few months back and it had like 2' of water trapped on the path under Airport because the path was the low point. They resolve that?
  10. Looks like that’s over on the new Mokan trail that runs from behind the apartment building across from Govalle along the RR tracks (mokan line) over to Springdale. I think most riders take Shady Lane towards the lake still.
  11. This thread is like borrowing your mom's Netflix password. All the drama without actually costing you any money. Well most of us I guess. 😕
  12. With pedal assist I could probably make it from my bedroom up the stairs to my office much quicker!
  13. Proflex 856 - hairline crack in bb shell about the time I decided it hated hill country drops Trek Fuel(s) - 1 top tube failure at rear cable boss, 1 seat tube failure at weld by shock mount, 1 rear triangle on chainstay weld by wheel, 1 rear triangle failure on chain stay near bb. All in a 2 year period. At this point the Trek rep upgraded me to a carbon frame, 2 years later broke another chainstay on the chunk of Al bonded to carbon stay. Sold it and went to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Tallboy - after 5 years of beating the ever loving shit out of it a metal washer like bit bonded to the carbon stay on the shock mount cracked. They didn’t have 2 gen old parts so got a whole new frame which I promptly sold and went beefier. Santa Cruz Hightower - been beating this one for 5 years, metal bit no longer on the SC stay, still rollin. Conclusion: metal has a fatigue life, aluminum is the shortest of bicycle materials. I have a knack for finding its limit. Carbon seems to take the abuse of 210 lbs running dead over everything better.
  14. I was watching a show on HGTV or something about the RV industry and almost all of them are built in like a 100 mi radius of each other. They were interviewing a guy who they said was Amish I thought, could have been Hutterite. The hilarious part was he said it was ok for him to use the power tools at work to build hundreds of them but he had never driven or been in an RV except in the factory since he couldn't operate or travel in a motor vehicle. 😕
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