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  1. I could see it on a lot of front range or SW Colorado open country. Moab or Fruita/Grand junction techie stuff where you don’t want to fry trying to setup the perfect angle to film might be good too. You see those early one used in clear corridor bike park stuff. East and NW or in the scrub country that we have is tough. It would take some serious tech to process and would probably price it beyond the consumer or youtuber budget. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. An old boss lives in Gtown Sun City. They have no kids and few family members so it works for them. Otherwise it’s way too restrictive. I call it grumpy old fartsville. 2 week limit on visiting family (no grandkids for the summer), no guests allowed at any amenities except with the homeowner present. So grandma can’t play bridge in clubhouse while kid and grandkids use pool. Plus the usual gated community bullshit. No cars outside garage, can’t work on your own landscaping or cut your grass, only “approved” landscapers allowed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Crossing by fiesta gardens seemed more logical to me than designing around the swirling currents at the base of the dam, but I’ll definitely use it. Two related things I liked: 1-The dingy tunnel under pleasant valley being made into a nice wide more inviting access to Guerrero park. I’m never sure I’m not going to end up with Andromeda’s Strain after riding thru that thing. 2-they’re building a crosswalk on the North side. I like to do a loop starting on the NWC Trail and cross the montopolis bridge on the way out and up pleasant valley to 5th on the way back. Crossing Pleasant Valley at the bridge is crazy. It would be awesome if they’d extend the north trail to shady lane but this helps. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Town I went to HS in was situated on a 10ish mi oxbow of the Mississippi. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. The one he does riding a dh course on a townie is nuts. Ate it tons and kept going back for more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. In a work truck, HELL YES, shatterproof glass would be a hell of an improvement on the rear glass. A shifting load or some yahoo not tying down a piece of equipment has broken many rear windows. A common one around where I grew up was someone loading a 4 wheeler backwards and having the rack slam into the glass and shatter it. On a nancy boi truck it may not be as common, but then again that user group may not know enough to tie stuff down properly to keep it from moving around and shattering the rear window.
  7. Ditto this setup. I look for light with the most rubber to rock for the wheel I'm spinning, reliable/predictable in drops/dust/scree in a front tire. The Rekon is near a semi-slick like an Ikon for sticking to rocks on climbs but has a decent amount of side lugs for turns. The DHF is heavy AF but it bites great on drops/turns so I'll pay the penalty and in a plus tire its a heavy penalty!
  8. I've had mine since 2016 too. It's a great Brushy/BCGB bike, bit of overkill for the R&I though. I got the 27.5+ configuration initially for the 150 Pike, the 29 had a 140 Pike. Ended up loving the plus tires, and never did get around to buying a backup set of 29 wheels. Big tires eat up the rocks and they've done well when I hit the front range and the Appalachians in the SE in the roots/rock. Now the Hightowers only come with 29 wheels but 27.5 plus wheels still fit. The Hightower LT and Megatower are 29 only. I've been pretty impressed with SC's warranty. Broke a piece on the chainstay of a 5 y.o. Tallboy and they sent me a brand new gen 3 frame. And they still send bearings free of charge if you have proof of purchase. They've tucked the VPP link above the BB now on most models so it's a lot easier on the bearings than my Gen 1 Tallboy, but still nice to have. Wish I had gone to the SC demo last weekend. Wanted to try the Gen 4 Tallboy. It's shorter travel, but has a headtube angle closer to my Gen 1 Hightower. And almost forgot. I wish I had a later generation Hightower with the link down low on the seat tube. Mine's a PITA to fit a large bottle.
  9. sort of lends credibility to the doing a whole lot of blow rumors, eh!
  10. I was looking at AB's starting place down by the zoo. I was just thinking the only times I've ridden there we started at the big lot by lover's leap on the other end and it was freshly marked for the race. That last climb back out was always a real SOB since it was at the end!
  11. Anita must be otherwise occupied, so I'll have step in on this one. IT'S A TANKLESS JOB, BUT SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO IT! 💋
  12. Ha, I'm the same with scully year round. Savior of the follically challenged! I've ridden in dress socks, gloveless lots, and once shirtless with a camelbak when I've forgotten stuff in the past. I've amassed quite the pile of backups in my truck now. Socks are less an issue now that I go corporate casual and usually just wear bike socks to work and can get away with a club ride jersey if I have no meetings. Lately I've forgotten my damn ice chest twice, but luckily just filled a backup bottle at work to ride. Now the challenge will be to remember to charge my lights!
  13. Ha! Yeah that’s the one. Besides the oyster kill it wreaked havoc on the fishing and shrimp in and around the end of Lake Pontchartrain and all along MS and AL coasts. My old roomie in Gulfport told me about a huge algae bloom this summer that caused a big fish kill which resulted in a bunch of porpoise being killed. All the fresh water plus the extended period of high water temps this year destroyed that ecosystem. Never made the national news but there they had a lot of talk of claims against the govt for the impact. First year they opened that spillway twice, first time it was ever opened on consecutive years and most days ever opened. If they had opened the other spillway near where I grew up it would have been worse. It empties west of the Mississippi at Morgan City. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I wouldn’t use leaves either! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Wells branch behind my house went from 2-4” by 2’ wide to 6’ by 20 yds wide after that rain. It all ends up in Walnut Creek. It was back to only 1’ deep by daylight. That’s a lot of water and that’s after it perks thru detention ponds in my ‘hood. A lot of the older upstream neighborhoods along walnut just have storm drains that don’t slow the flow rate. That creek can rage. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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