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  1. I've camped out there, swam, and mountain biked. It is a real treasure. I haven't seen it since the devastating flood on the Blanco in 2015. Does the 533 acres represent the entire Ranch Cima property? It seemed bigger.
  2. I've never ridden in the dark much at all, but in 2010 while doing the Enchilada Buffet I had a true light FAIL. As they were lining us out at the beginning of the ride in the dark, my cheap light fell out of the camel back and fell into multiple pieces. When we got back to Walnut at dusk and started our lap I grabbed a cheap borrowed handlebar-light out the car but it wouldn't stay in place and pointed straight down almost immediately before it quit working altogether. I had to get between two riders who had lights and just hope for the best. By that point I was hallucinating a bit from exhaustion and the spotty lighting just enhanced the delirium. I only pegged one tree and at that point in the day it was just a minor inconvenience.
  3. City of Rocks, near Silver City, New Mexico. Somewhere around 1988.
  4. The expensive plastic frame was purchased used, ridden hard for years, and then handed down to my son when I got a new bike. And when he cracked the frame, it was repaired with glue and fabric. And he paid for it himself from his hard-earned wages and we supported a local craftsman in the process. Hard to see much downside. We are all happy. And you should probably convert your lawn to a vegetable garden or wildlife habitat since maintaining lawns is a huge waste of resources, though we will be happy to stay off of it all the same.
  5. Just had a 52 inch deep, thousand foot long trench put in across the front of our property to stop an Oak Wilt outbreak from wiping out our trees.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation Seth! I just got my son's bike back. Cracked Carbon Repair fixed us up. As you said, the price was great and he was easy to work with. Thanks again!
  7. Camping options near Bentonville seem limited. Devil's Den State Park is southeast of Fayetteville and it has pleasant camping and a trail system. Certainly not as developed as Bentonville area as far as trails go but we have had fun there. There is also a City Park with camping near Eureka Springs, Lake Leatherwood, which has an extensive trail system which we were unable to ride when we went due to torrential rains. And the camping was a little sketchy due to a huge semi-permanent Canada Goose population with attendant goose poop issues.
  8. In the mid 80s I ran into a couple of dudes at Lost Maples State Park where they were riding. The day before they said they had ridden Enchanted Rock. They claimed to have ridden to the top.
  9. It did just fall over but it hit a rock retaining wall at a perfect height to strike the frame. It made a really sickening sound. I was thirty feet away and knew immediately that it was badly damaged. I think my son is going to take it to C6 to get it repaired.
  10. We pondered similar fixes. My doctor friend would probably put a plaster cast on it.
  11. Though there is no good way to destroy a frame, this was one of the worst. After riding at Walnut Creek with my family on Wednesday, my son let his bike fall into a rock retaining wall while putting my wife’s bike on the rack. This bike has been solid contributor in the family. I rode it for years and when I moved up into a new bike I felt lucky that he my son had grown enough that it fit him, and he has become a beast on it. He was convinced that he could just wrap it with duct tape and keep riding it but it looks like it will need a lot more than that. Is it worth trying the local carbon repair folks on a ten year-old carbon bike? He was really bummed and lacks funds to start over.
  12. My wife and I rode the lower portion of the Grindstone trails that circle the lake last summer. There were some long swoopy downhills that were really fun.
  13. We have a neighbor in Dripping Springs that caught a jaguarundi on his game camera. The photo was not perfect but I was convinced. The tail and short legs are really distinctive.
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