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  1. No. Though we did pick some Chanterelles in our backyard just a few days ago!
  2. The late morning ride had its own highlights.
  3. Post-ride fallout after a humid early morning venture today.
  4. The road between Cloudcroft and Ruidoso? Yes, really beautiful!
  5. You cannot know what is enough until you know what is too much.
  6. Cloudcroft was our original mountain bike destination back in the late 80s. We camped a few miles outside of town near Weed (there is no such thing as a coincidence) and rode Forest Service roads and ATV trails. My wife and I spent a few days in and around Ruidoso last year about this time and had a good time.
  7. Yes. Grindstone Lake is good fun. Also, the Cedar Creek/Perk Canyon trails are great!
  8. Ruidoso has a well-developed trail system right in town. Plenty to do for a day.
  9. He’s not big on swimming but loves splashing in shallow water!
  10. During the gas crisis of the 70s my dad went out and bought a diesel VW Rabbit (50 mpg). But that wasn’t good enough so he started filling up 5 gallon cans of diesel and would bring them home and pour it into 55 gallon drums. He had several full by the time the crisis ended. I don’t remember ever pulling any of that diesel out of the drums.
  11. The heat was temporarily turned off. Had a great 3-hour ride at Pedernales Falls today and when we finished about noon, it was just 72 degrees!
  12. We are 100% rainwater dependent at our house (no well, no public water supply) so I couldn’t be happier about the rain! All our tanks are full.
  13. Rode some of the Southern Walnut Creek Trail for the first time with my wife on Tuesday.
  14. What is the consensus about riding your primary mountain bike on the beach? Or I guess my question is whether the salt and sand is too damaging to make it worth it. Sedona and Moab sand both seem to do a number on drivetrains and moving parts in general but few people shy away from riding there because of it.
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