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  1. We have a kid's hydration pack that we could pass on to you. It is fun times when the little ones want to ride trails. We rode with our grown-up kids yesterday at Flat Rock in Comfort, and they killed it!
  2. I enjoyed the event. Wish the film was longer.
  3. My wife and I are heading to Palo Duro in a couple of weeks for our 24th anniversary. Any suggestions for three not-too-long rides? My wife is a strong rider but she gets cranky if we ride too long. Plus, we will be dealing with potentially hot days and little shade.
  4. Actually it is from a private trail network.
  5. Just before Thanksgiving a large group of us went to Hill Country State Natural Area to camp and ride. Because of the extraordinary amount of rain they had received, the trails were almost all closed but the ranger suggested we try the Bandera Bike Park. So we rode from the State Natural Area to the bike park on the road and checked out the bike park. It definitely has a ton of potential. Lots of topography! We lean more towards cross country and while there was some, we spent a lot of time trying to find trails that they told were out there. I hope they get more trail built and get a little signage going. I would happily go back there. This photo is from the top of one of the big hills.
  6. Texas Madrone (Arbutus xalapensis) Texas Buckeye (Aesculus pavia)
  7. Very cool! I was in the Master Naturalist Program with his mom and she would catch me up on Payson's mountain bike racing exploits.
  8. Bentonville, last week with the family plus extras.
  9. I was there in 1968. We were on a family vacation and the train that ran from Ojinaga (across the border from Presidio) to Los Mochis, Mexico ran right by the canyon. It stopped at an overlook for about 20 minutes and we got to lean against the rickety wooden guardrail and stare into the abyss. It was a grand time, riding old Pullman cars from the 1930s with portraits of American presidents hanging on the walls and people in third class holding live chickens on their laps.
  10. I thought Hermosa was okay but the most epic ride we did in the area was Engineer Mountain. Thumbs up for Alien Run. There is also some fun stuff in Farmington.
  11. That is very cool! My wife and I also did the whole bike trailer, tag-a-long, tiny-bike progression with our two kids. Once my son, who was the youngest, turned seven, our family started doing birthday camping weekends with his friends at Muleshoe. In the early years we did not attempt the whole loop but we did memorable rides there each year. Since the loop pops out on the road several places it is easy to do partial loops. I think we did five birthdays in a row at Muleshoe, followed by one year at Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort. My kids are now 19 and 21 and we are heading to Northwest Arkansas for a mountain bike vacation in a couple of weeks!
  12. The largest tire size in our bunch would be 27.5+ (2.8 inches). After that it is a couple of 27.5 with 2.4" tires and a 26" relic ...
  13. That would be awesome! Swapping for the would be perfect. Does yours accept fat (2.8") tires?
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