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  1. We have a neighbor in Dripping Springs that caught a jaguarundi on his game camera. The photo was not perfect but I was convinced. The tail and short legs are really distinctive.
  2. Has anyone spent much time in Ruidoso, New Mexico? It has proximity going for it (a little over nine hours from Dripping Springs). We went through there last summer on our way to Yellowstone and managed to get in one ride at Grindstone Lake which was fun. Just wondering if anyone has more thoroughly explored the area. I know Shane at Canyon Cycles used to live there and has talked it up. Twenty five years ago we used to travel to the Cloudcroft area (just down the road from Ruidoso) for mountain biking, but my understanding is that Ruidoso has a more developed mountain bike trail system.
  3. I used to ride with a buddy in Wimberley and we liked stashing thermoses of coffee or other treats without telling the other one. Then in the middle of the ride we would ride up on the coffee or whatever. Hot drinks were usually on bitter, cold-weather days. It made a good ride better.
  4. We did the Engineer Mountain Trail years ago after a local suggested it was sufficiently burly. High alpine fun! We were there in August and there was a lot of lightning danger with afternoon thunderstorms. I think we started at little Molas Lake, followed the Colorado Trail for a ways, and then dropped a ton of elevation.
  5. So I was riding at Muleshoe with my son and had a failed attempt on one of the ledgy climbs. When I went to retry it my crank wouldn't turn, which was when I noticed that my derailleur looked odd. It was up against the spokes. After messing with the derailleur and turning the bike upside down I heard the wheel shift in the dropout. At about the same moment my son noticed that the thru axle was was loose. When I turned the bike over the thru axle had almost fallen out of the dropouts, held only by the tension of the chain and the wheel being slightly askew in the dropouts. In thirty years of mountain biking I have never had my rear wheel almost fall off while riding. I guess I need to be more conscientious about periodically checking the tightness of everything...
  6. I have yet to see a snake on a ride this year, but there was this......
  7. My first thought when I read it was that "way ether" was a bit of gnar terminology that I was just too old to understand. The trails look awesome, or way ether if you prefer.
  8. "There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge." Hunter S. Thompson
  9. On a related (sort of) note, has anyone had luck gluing the pad of a mountain bike pad or cover(?) back to the body? The saddle doesn't even have a scratch on it but the cover came loose and now the nose of it catches on my shorts when I get on and off the saddle for descents and climbs.
  10. We have a kid's hydration pack that we could pass on to you. It is fun times when the little ones want to ride trails. We rode with our grown-up kids yesterday at Flat Rock in Comfort, and they killed it!
  11. I enjoyed the event. Wish the film was longer.
  12. My wife and I are heading to Palo Duro in a couple of weeks for our 24th anniversary. Any suggestions for three not-too-long rides? My wife is a strong rider but she gets cranky if we ride too long. Plus, we will be dealing with potentially hot days and little shade.
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