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  1. I was getting dressed to ride yesterday evening and checked the weather on my phone. It said the air quality was crappy and I’ve been having a lot of headaches lately that I thought were caused by heat but may be allergies, or dust, or a combination of all three. So instead of riding I took the dog to the Personal Trail Network for a hike and some trail work. He was all about it.
  2. I’m pretty sure the rack isn’t supposed to do that. Just glad the bike didn’t fall off completely!
  3. I’ve been riding in the mornings since the heat intensified, and was curious to try a late afternoon ride to see how that felt. It was 99 in the shade at Pedernales Falls State Park when I started about 7:00 pm. I was able to keep moving and though the air was really hot I wasn’t too uncomfortable unless I was in full sun for too long. Finished just before sunset and did not feel too overheated, and definitely less sweaty than my morning rides.
  4. My son just blew the rear shock on his old Specialized Stumpjumper S Works (26” wheels). I rode the bike for five or six years and handed it down to him when I found I couldn’t get the shocks serviced, three or four years ago. I never expected it to still be running, but he has really been enjoying it and riding it hard. What do you think the chances are of finding a replacement shock to fit it and where would you start?
  5. For feet issues I recommend reading Katy Bowman, a bio-mechanist. She has several books about feet including Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief. She does not seem to be a believer in shoe inserts.
  6. Two recent good reads: “A Psalm for the Wild-Built” by Becky Chambers and; “Bewilderment” by Richard Powers
  7. It sounds like you did the opposite of blood doping.
  8. Started our casual ride at noon and finished with a great swim. More of that please!
  9. Cooler temps. Boundary Waters jumping off point. Mountain biking.
  10. We are though we’re not sure about our destination(s). We are a bit worried about fire/smoke out West. And we have to wait for my daughter and her boyfriend to take the van on their trip first. They are heading to the PNW to hike the Wonderland trail! If we don’t go west we are considering the mountains in North Carolina or Ely, Minnesota. And, there is a slight chance of getting to squeeze into somebody’s Teluride-to-Moab Hut-to-Hut trip…. I feel the need to do that before I age out of that kind of multi-day adventure.
  11. Nice ride this morning at my personal trail network. Never got too hot.
  12. Savannah, Ga. Not much gnar but still fun. It is amazing how big trees can get with deep soil and plentiful rain!
  13. Here for the color scheme! (the flowers are Damianita)
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