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  1. I agree it is odd that they have really only broadcasted about nursing home deaths. If they're releasing prisoners, are there actually prisons elsewhere that are packed with people with covid? Why don't we ever hear about children coming down with it?
  2. I bought one years ago and it came with stakes and tie down cords. Similar to a tent. maybe the newer ones hide their anchors better?
  3. This is one of the most impressive things I have read in a long time.
  4. Strangest COVID-19 stuff I witnessed?....homeless people aren’t dying all over the city. They might have a hard time finding a mask, or have a difficult time washing their hands. How do you tell them to stay home? Would the news report this? Or just celebrities that have it?
  5. I was asking about the death rate. Like, fatalities? Dead people don’t come back to life due to social distancing. Seriously asking if that is what was rumored to have been cut in half... Also, I’m implying people are misinformed. By Facebook, local media, national media, the government, Twitter. That’s why people are sitting together. Maybe it’s not as big of a deal as we thought? Maybe there’s some genetically superior hornet gonna kill us all. I saw it somewhere. Plus, in reference to my earlier post: Could we say that we flattened the curve by sheltering in place, just like we've prevented another mass shooting in Vegas by banning bump stocks? Cause and effect!
  6. People just don't care. Didn't the CDC just cut the death rate practically in half the other day? Who knows the real numbers? Keep in mind, this is the same government/media that told us a 64 yr old retired accountant with no military training hauled 400 lbs of weapons up 30 floors, disabled cameras and fire alarms, set up two sniper posts, and shot random concert goers at an outdoor festival in Vegas. I'm sure the numbers will spike in the next few weeks. Of course they will! You'll see it all over the news. Well, that's my view from my side of the fence.
  7. It’s a hognose. They’re pretty cool!
  8. While we’re being distracted with the mortality rate, while you’re distracted figuring out what percentage of us are dying, what is going on? What is our elected officials (not leaders) doing? What are they doing? We panic because of a “highly contagious virus” with a mortality rate of 0.0018. What is the big picture? Hooray for you for protecting your neighbor!! Meanwhile, what are “they” up to?
  9. What if 98% of the drunks didn’t have symptoms, didn’t drive all over the roads? Would you still not drive? If 2% of the people showed symptoms? I don’t know the statistics, but I would think that in a 24 hour period, there’s more drunks than 2%. I risk it everyday.
  10. Just my opinion but, wouldn’t it be too obvious if tanks were rolling down our streets? They made us think it was common sense by calling it shelter in place. Or self quarantine. If it’s really about keeping our distance from each other to not spread a virus, why do they arrest a man playing ball with his son in a deserted park? What about the guy paddle boarding alone at the beach getting arrested? Would a government start tyranny with guns ablazin’ when we’re all armed? Or, would they convince us that it’s a good idea? That it’s for “the greater good”? Does the government really have our best interests in mind? Maybe my head is cooking inside this tinfoil hat.....
  11. Lol! I’m sorry. The answer we were looking for is “Tyranny”. 😂
  12. Why doesn’t your neighbor just stay inside? Why does everyone have to be punished for a few being scared? Why does my decision to provide for my family mean that I don’t care if someone dies? When I drive, I have a chance that I could get in a wreck and kill someone or myself. Should I not drive? If you wanna stay home, stay home. Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. What is it called when the government restricts the movement of people who are not sick?
  13. I have received a regular paycheck and I don’t favor staying shutdown. This is what makes me wonder what the deal really is. Walmart is packed with people. So is HEB. Seeing videos of nurses dancing in the hallways of their hospitals while they are “overrun with patients”? Seems like people are ready to get back to work because the news doesn’t reflect what we actually see in our communities. Scare tactics 101?
  14. I couldn’t agree with you more! I think it’s ridiculous that everyone should suffer because of one persons decision. It makes no sense to me that the economy shut down because of a few people. Why should I not go to work because someone has the ‘rona? I saw a video yesterday where they were discussing how they got the mortality rate wrong. Seems like everyone overreacted! Seems like I knew it all along. Tin foil hat on!
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