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  1. Suburban Ninja was perfect this afternoon. Just sayin.....
  2. I second this. I usually aim for the dog being that they’re quicker at getting out of the way. Unless it’s a little fluffy dog.
  3. There’s a group ride at Walnut Creek Sunday mornings. They split up into different groups according to skill level. Might want to look at meetup.com. There are rides listed on there as well.
  4. What a crap show. 1/4, picnic and peddlers are too muddy. I put the chain up across peddlers entrance.
  5. My wife got a specialized seat that the seat guru at BSS recommended. Something about women specific design that was wider for the wider sit bones. She hasn’t used the gel cover thing since.
  6. Rode peddlers again today. Liked it even more today. There wasn’t any mud. No water in the rollers. The berms seemed smoother/faster. It’s getting better every time. Got a PR also. I’m impressed with all the work that’s been put into it. Good stuff!!
  7. I didn’t like it the first time I rode it. The berms were not near what I expected. It was bumpy. Still had lots of rocks. I was a little disappointed. But, I’ve ridden it a couple of times since then and, it’s settling in. Lines are starting to develop. Turns are smoother. It really starting to make sense. Give it some time. Wait a little bit and try it again. I wasn’t blown away at first. But I’ve liked it better every time I’ve ridden it.
  8. When I saw the sign here, my eyes were drawn to the “turn back now”. That in itself would make me stop and read the sign.
  9. When I fail to get a reply from other riders, I simply shout “doing fine. And you?” as they ride away. I dunno if they hear me or care. But, it makes me feel better.
  10. Does anyone have any pics from the workday they can post? I didn’t think to take before and after pics of the berms we built. I didn’t have a chance to go look at what everyone else did. And I haven’t had a chance to get back out there.
  11. Sounds like he got himself a new bike. And he was pissed when you weren't impressed. Some people.... Glad nobody got hurt.
  12. Did he ever show you his bike and the damage? Or, did he just track you down to yell at you?
  13. Twice as many riders should go twice as fast, right?
  14. I just wish my daughter could race the 15-18 Cat 3 on Sunday instead of Saturday. Sigh. Stupid weddings....
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