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  1. When I saw the sign here, my eyes were drawn to the “turn back now”. That in itself would make me stop and read the sign.
  2. When I fail to get a reply from other riders, I simply shout “doing fine. And you?” as they ride away. I dunno if they hear me or care. But, it makes me feel better.
  3. Does anyone have any pics from the workday they can post? I didn’t think to take before and after pics of the berms we built. I didn’t have a chance to go look at what everyone else did. And I haven’t had a chance to get back out there.
  4. Sounds like he got himself a new bike. And he was pissed when you weren't impressed. Some people.... Glad nobody got hurt.
  5. Did he ever show you his bike and the damage? Or, did he just track you down to yell at you?
  6. Twice as many riders should go twice as fast, right?
  7. I just wish my daughter could race the 15-18 Cat 3 on Sunday instead of Saturday. Sigh. Stupid weddings....
  8. Along with the “how ruts are created”, there should be a “how to fix ruts, how long it takes, and who actually does it”. I’m sure many people think the city/county employs people to do that.
  9. A QR code with this website and the Twitter feed saying whether the trails are open or closed would help if people were driving a long distance to ride. I'd be upset if I drove down from Waco or Dallas to find a closed sign in the parking lot.
  10. Yes. I’ve heard other people talk about this exact thing. I understand about ruts and erosion being a pain in the ass. I guess I never thought about it from a trail builders point of view. And it makes sense. My next guilty confession: I haven’t helped anyone build/repair any trails. Guess I need to fix that...
  11. My guilty confession is: I really don’t understand why so many people get bent outta shape about riding wet trails. I know why I don’t. Just a personal preference on my part. But, with so much rain this past year, why get so upset?
  12. The bike shop put stan’s In my tires. Bought a used bike for my daughter that came with orange seal. I will say that adding orange seal thru the stem is much easier and cleaner with their hose attachment. Stan’s, you have to put the whole bottle over the stem (unless there’s a new attachment I hadn’t seen). Both seem to do the job. Although, I’ve heard orange seal is a local guy.
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