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Moving Forward... Back to 9-Speed...

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1 minute ago, RidingAgain said:

Just saw this on Seth's Bike Hacks... From BOX... 9-speed with 12-speed range...


i saw this on Instagram yesterday, looks intriguing.  Ive been curious with Box products for awhile. 

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I began riding mtb in South Florida back around '94/'95... First with 3 x 7, then 3 x 8... Then around '07, went to 3 x 9.

Thing is, South Florida being flat, I never really felt the need to use any other chainring than my middle one. And to be honest, because the "...hills..." that we had were so short and punchy, I always found it just better to not bother with changing front gears and just use my leg power to accomplish what was needed. So you can kind of say that for the most part I always rode "1 x" from the beginning... But I never realized this until I started seeing this whole "1 x" trend come in.

The day I discovered a Shimano 11 x 36 cassette though... I was all over it. I just immediately realized how I'd benefit. It was kind of like obvious. Unfortunately the cassette was a bit heavy, which was the only one that they made back then. But by then my racing days were over, so it was more about ease that speed.

I haven't used a 10-speed cassette as yet, so I can't say which I'd prefer... But a 9-speed with a 42t I think would work. 50t sounds big, but I've never used a 50t so maybe I'd like it.

One thing though... Changing has to be smooth. I'm a big heavy guy with powerful legs... I can give gears a work out and truly hate a drivetrain that doesn't shift well.

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