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"New Trail" at City park

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We have re-opened a trail at City Park. I doubt MTBR's know about or ever used this trail. So chances are good MTBR's will never find this trail or start using it. But it exists and is rideable now.

There is short bypass near the top of the Main Loop. This trail starts on that bypass and parallels the drainage channel until it hits where the fork of the drainage comes together. From there, there is a trail to the west that ties back into the Main Loop. This trail was EXTREMELY important to the motorcycle trials riders so they could get to their riding areas without doing the entire Main Loop. Since it was clearly outside of any critical water quality zone we were allowed to reopen it. 

If MTBR's want to ride it - it is legal trail. Please stay on the trail and don't create bypasses or new trails. This is a two-way trail so be careful of on coming traffic. You should plan to yield to motorcycles regardless of who is up hill or down hill. You know they are there but they don't know you are there.

Attached are two maps. One an aerial view where the trail is located but it is hard to see the other trails. The other map has TONS on old information but shows the other trails. I 'circled' the re-opened trail in red so you can find it among all the info shown.

N-S Trail.png

Ef LongMotorcyclePark-1996 Existing Trails - Shaded Sections - N-S Trail.pdf

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Added two maps
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Do you have a map? I remember a section towards the end (when running counterclockwise) that used to take you across and dump you by the east fenceline area. Is that part of that?

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