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  1. We have American Home Shield that covers our AC along with all other appliances. We've already had to use it on other appliances, and I gotta say, it's been very convenient. A bit expensive, and I'm sure would have paid less to just get new appliances each time they fail, but it's sure nice to just get online, open a service request and literally within a couple of hours had service crews out and either fixed or replaced the failure for $120. Our neighbor had their AC unit covered under AHS, and the contractor ended up replacing everything, and it cost the homeowner $120 for the call. I bought this home new in 2007 (DR Horton) and figure that everything in the house that I haven't already replaced is about to fail. This includes the AC unit. Yeah, I know, in the end, I will probably pay more overall, but I don't want to hear my wife and beagles complain about the AC being out 🙂
  2. Besides the lumber for Snaggle, we probably have enough to repair this as well.
  3. this in your hood https://communityimpact.com/austin/lake-travis-westlake/parks-recreation/2020/05/14/lost-creek-limited-district-to-begin-charging-fee-for-access-at-its-entrance-to-barton-creek-greenbelt/
  4. I got your message, tried to respond in DM, but maybe it didn't go through. I'm off on Friday, and can try to meet up to get from you? I already have a pile of lumber, and a bit of a plan (Thanks gotdirt). So, hopefully get started on Snaggle soon. Thanks,
  5. I've used SG for years oh, and I have another household product that I've used on street MC, Road Race MC, dirtbikes, MTB, leathers, etc. for decades But that's a secret
  6. Sorry, we're closed today, Gone fishin
  7. Awesome, this is starting to sound like the "stone soup" story 🙂 2x4's would be good
  8. I can come up what we need. Is that a go?
  9. Ok, The logs I was thinking about are not in that area..(sorry, feeble memory and all). Is there still a possibility of doing a skinny feature (or something) with lumber instead? We can still secure the shit out of it with rebar.
  10. Perfect, that was also what I thought could use to anchor
  11. that was what I started to think as well. My other thought was a bit of a table top area in between the trees, and that gives some options of adding another little step or something. Still thinking.
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