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  1. Forecast for today in the land of dirty TaTa's (Cedar Park) is 79 degrees. One must ride
  2. me must hit the Chi Chi's tomorrow
  3. Wait a minute, what are you shoving in the end of that scope?
  4. So that's why you guys are always stopped on EDB! I just assumed your were adjusting your camelbacks 🙂
  5. I have several options set up. For just days when I drive to the trails and don't plan on leaving my truck with my bike in it. I just double duty the doggy blanket as a tailgate protection. Then on days I want something a little more secure and want to haul my kayak at the same time, I made this mount assembly for the bed cover. I can also just lock it under the bed cover (again using the doggy blanket). Plus there's always inside the cab, but some disassembly/assembly is required. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  6. Hope to see you (not your ass) out there soon!
  7. That's not going to go well for you. I still have a few functioning toes I can make a good deal on though?
  8. Holy shit, if you haven't ridden the last couple of days, you need more medication. last night was amazing weather and dirt. I do want to apologize to whoever the rider was last night that I almost fell into on Rim and possibly knocked down the hill. I'm and old man and I fall over often. GET YER ASS OUT THERE!
  9. Seriously, they're the kitties titties right now
  10. Ima gonna rip that place to shreds tonight
  11. most people feel they are being adventurous, by listening to Rick Steves "The SATN Trails" while they ride
  12. I've been seeing a lot of BMX bikes out there recently, I wonder if they recently changed the policy? Probably not, just BMX'rs being BMX'rs
  13. I had a few folks affected by that event. Glad to see this kind of recovery
  14. Dr. Cold Finger is accepted by most HMO's
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