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Replacing hydraulic brake hoses on a frame with internal cable routing and don't have one of those fancy Park hose/cable routing tools? Use heat shrink tubing to attach the end of the new hose to the existing hose!

Yes, this requires you to cut the hoses, but you were going to have to do that anyway with internal routing. In my case, I drained the DOT fluid from my old brake, cut the old hose at the caliper, "sealed" the cut end with duct tape to minimize spillage, cut the new hose near the lever, installed the little plug Magura includes to keep mineral oil from leaking, attached the end of old hose and beginning of new hose with heat shrink tubing, carefully pulled the old house out from the front of the bike while feeding the new hose from the rear, cut off heat shrink tubing, trimmed new hose to length, and did a quick bleed of the rear brake. Simple, right?

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