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  1. At the Taos end of the South Boundary Trail last Monday.
  2. To the OP, what size bike are you looking for? I have a friend that recently got a new bike and may be interested in selling his old one. It's a carbon Intense Spider - 2016 model year, I believe - size LG. PM me if you have any interest.
  3. "the guy recording" just won Red Bull Hardline, so this was like the bunny slope for him...
  4. Glad you made it out of there safely. Things didn't work out so well for the last person I saw on a 2-wheeled vehicle at that spot...
  5. I'll answer my own question. Lakeway (behind the swim center) was in great shape yesterday. Only 1 or 2 places were wet, and those spots seems to stay wet most of the time. Otherwise, it was hero dirt! Given the amount of rain we got on Monday, I was skeptical, but it turns out Lakeway recovers pretty quickly.
  6. Can anybody give an update on trail conditions in Lakeway? Seems like some areas might dry pretty quickly, but others might not...
  7. Basically, they kinda insinuated that I might have caused the problem by doing aggressive riding with the compression control lever in the firm position. I would never do that, but in their defense they don't know that...
  8. Follow up to my previous follow up... On my second ride with my rebuilt shock, this happened. Oil everywhere. This was on a Saturday. I called and emailed TrailLabs, but they are closed on the weekend. Followed up with a phone call on Monday morning. After explaining the issue, they sent me a UPS shipping label. Dropped the shock off at UPS around noon on Monday. I got the shock back Saturday afternoon and was able to ride on Sunday. The shock seemed fine yesterday doing some pretty hard laps at Spider, but I guess we'll see how it holds up. Obviously, it's very frustrating to have to send parts back and lose the better part of a week, but I am still impressed with their customer service and turnaround times. As long as I don't continue to have issues I'd still tentatively recommend them, although I could have lived without the preachy note they included when they returned my shock.
  9. Is the steerer tube the same length? If the new fork has a slightly longer steerer tube and you are using the same spacers/stem/etc then you may not be able to snug up the headset. Just a thought...
  10. I wanted to close the loop on my experience with Trail Labs. TLDR: All in all, it was a good experience, but not without some drama. I love the booking process and the fact that when you sign up, you sign up for your component(s) to be serviced on a specific day. In my case, I booked an appointment for Monday, 7/5. I was going to be out of town from 7/1-7/10, so my hope was that my parts would be waiting for me when I got home. I went to FedEx late in the day on Monday, 6/28 and got my fork and shock packed up and ready for shipping. Between buying a box, the shipping, and insurance, it cost me about $50 to send the package. FedEx said it would get there by Thursday, 7/1 which was plenty of time to meet Trail Labs deadline (1 business day before scheduled service). Then I left for FL. A few days into my trip, I decided to check the Trail Labs website to check the progress of my order. I didn't see anything other than some cryptic codes associated with my order. A couple of days later (Thursday, 7/8) nothing had changed so I gave them a call. Panic set in when they told me they had never received my parts. I got off the phone with Trail Labs and immediately started trying to locate the FedEx tracking number. Thankfully, about 5 minutes later, I got a call from Trail Labs telling me they had basically misplaced my box, but now they had it and would get the service done and the parts shipped out that day. Needless to say, I was relieved that they had found it, but pretty annoyed that several days had gone by and no one had bothered to let me know that they were still waiting on my parts (or at least they thought they were waiting). I was also bummed because I really didn't think there was any way my stuff would get shipped out on Thursday meaning the likelihood of me being able to ride on Sunday after my trip was pretty much zero. Much to my surprise, they got it turned around quickly and by Thursday evening I had a UPS shipping notification telling me the package was scheduled to arrive on Saturday afternoon. Sure enough, the parts were waiting for me when I got home. I got everything reassembled and tuned late Saturday and was able to ride on Sunday. Things ended up working out, but it was frustrating to hear that they had basically lost my box for a few days. With one ride on the newly overhauled parts, I have to say that I'm really pleased with the work. I can feel a noticeable difference in the ride quality of my fork especially. I also like that Trail Labs included the old parts (seals, wipers, washers, etc) that were replaced as part of the service. The skeptic in me says they could have just put any old parts from any fork in the bag, but the fact that they go to the trouble of doing that makes me more confident in their work. I'd use them again, but next time I'll be more diligent about checking in with them from time to time.
  11. Does this affect the FR512 stuff?
  12. I do pretty much all my own maintenance/repair/upgrades, but I've never attempted to do suspension work. I'd like to get to a point where I could do a basic lower leg/air can service, but I think I'll leave the full rebuild to the pros. I'll post an update once I get everything back from Trail Labs.
  13. That's a super generous offer. I'm getting ready to be out of town for about 10 days, so the timing would be great if I can get things moving on my fork and shock since I won't be using my bike for a while. I just booked an appointment with Trail Labs. I called first and talked through the process. Seems like a solid company and they claim they get things serviced and shipped out in 1 business day. Under $300 for a full service on both my fork and shock. I have to pay for shipping there.
  14. Has anyone had their DVO fork and/or shock serviced locally? I'm way overdue for the 100 hour service on both (not just the lowers/air can service, but the complete rebuild of the dampers) and I'm trying to decide whether to send it to DVO. They are telling me 3-4 weeks plus shipping time, which would have me off the bike for a long time... I'm wondering if anyone can do this locally.
  15. My Ripmo AF came with an NX 12-speed drivetrain and I fully expected to hate it, but I figured I'd just ride it until it broke then replace it with something "better". Well, after over a year of at least 2 rides per week it's still running strong. The shifting is crisp and precise and I almost never have to do any adjustments. My rides are typically at Brushy/Suburban Ninja, Spider Mtn, Reveille Peak, and it's been on a few out of town trips (Bentonville X 2, Durango). I'm not saying NX is going to outperform higher end stuff, but I've been really impressed with the durability and performance. Of course, something will probably break on my ride this afternoon now that I'm giving it some props publicly...
  16. My previous bike was a Salsa Horsethief that I bought from The Peddler. I think most shops could probably get a Salsa since they are distributed by QBP and I suspect almost every shop has an account with QBP. They may not actively sell or promote them, but they could probably get one if they were inclined.
  17. I have a buddy that was contemplating buying a used bike a while back. I'm not sure if he's still in the market or whether this bike will fit him. He's probably 5'10". Any thoughts on if this might fit him?
  18. Sounds like a line from a really terrible rap song done by a suburban dad.
  19. In a later post the OP said he was looking in the wrong place. Sounds like the jumps are still there. Everyone who rides there is supposed to sign a waiver from the FR512 website. There's signage that says this, but I doubt many people read it.
  20. I think you've got the right plan. We typically try to get there early, but it's often 10 or 10:30 before we're on the lift. Sometimes people will ding Spider for how short the runs are, but in a way I think that's a plus - especially when it gets hot. The runs are just long enough to have a great time but not feel like you need to take a 30 minute break at the bottom. I'll be there Saturday too - hoping to get an earlier start and be on the lift by 9:30ish. I would say that I'll wear my TMW jersey, but I think if I tried to cram myself into that thing I'd pull a muscle and then probably couldn't breathe. Damn thing must have shrunk over the years...
  21. You won't get the elevation, mountain views, or number and variety of trails at Spider, but the commute is a helluva lot better!
  22. Turns out I actually know a guy who is going to be up there this weekend. He's not on this forum, but his name is Jacob. I would imagine his approach will be pretty similar to what you described above. He's been going to Spider with us, but isn't exactly "sending it" as the kids say... I can put you in touch if you want.
  23. olddbrider


    I've had the same problem for a long time when trying to post from my Android. Actually, I don't typically access the forum on my phone, so when I have tried to upload pics it's from my PC, not my phone. However I still get the -200 error almost all the time. I'll try the tip mentioned above and see if it works.
  24. He doesn't look sorry... Awesome post, though.
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