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Four years ago today...

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I gave up motos for mountain bikes, last two bikes I had were dream bikes, RC30 and a NC30 that I imported from Japan and maybe put 10k between the two of them over 3-4 years. I miss them but it was time to move on.

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3 hours ago, TheX said:

Was the last day I ever rode a motorcycle.

Guess I don't pay good attention. From your post I thought you were still an avid motorcyclists. While  haven't ridden a moto since my teens, I still have a passing interest. But I have absolutely no bandwidth for additional hobbies. Do you plan to get back into it at some point? 

Also, cable management dude!

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I won't ride on the street again. The accident wasn't my fault and once I realized that I wasn't in control of my destiny on two wheels I stopped. I do miss riding on the track though. It's funny that the cables are wonky like that, I'm a neat freak, too many years in datacenters. I was just putting the garage together.

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My 2008 Triumph Speed Triple is collecting dust in garage. Last time I rode it was when I moved into new house, last year. Rode from apt to house and not since. Feel guilty every time I open the door and see her sitting there, waiting to breathe the wind.  Need to get inspection so I can renew long overdue registration. I do like riding, but with new house and all the little things, I don't seem to have as much time just to go for a ride. 

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