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  1. Shocked myself this past week on Peddlers@Brushy. Rear slid out on one of the rocky turns, and before I had even thought about it, my foot was already unclipped and pushing me back upright through the turn. Also, had done the "ride flats for 12 rides" thing a while back. Did that. was even able to make the short rocky/rooty climb at back of Mulligan w/o falling off pedals or bike. But, in the end, didn't really like how they felt, so I went back to my trusty 1998 SPDs. Been meaning to move the flats to the gravel bike, but haven't gotten to it yet.
  2. didn't they only ever do 1 with Daniel Craig? Don't recall there being more. The original WAS much better. and they had all 3 movies. same with Let the Right One In. Fantastic movie (and book) English remake was ok, but nowhere as good as the original.
  3. I did it the easy way: packaged andouille sausage, a rotisserie chicken from the hot rack, and frozen, peeled shrimp. Fresh veggies, though, and handmade roux. Used canola oil for the roux, but now want to try with butter and then again with bacon fat. Smoked chicken sounds good, though I'd have to find it somewhere cooked, as I have neither tools nor skills to do it myself.
  4. Made gumbo, for the first time ever, a few weeks back. Didn't even know what "roux" was. Came out really nice. Definitely will be making it again soon, along with chili.
  5. Been listening to these girls since their first Enter Sandman cover went viral 7 years ago. And this is what they're doing now. SO good...
  6. This blew me away the first time I heard it. Got me looking into other nation/ethnicities "folk metal"
  7. Something a little too avant garde, for some. Clowns make fucking great music.
  8. Most won't likely care for the music, but bet there will be some that could identify with the fashion 😛 Since it's debut last year, there were 9 versions/covers made, from this, to rap, country, pop, and even viking folk metal version. They are all good. Eskimo Callboy-Hypa Hypa https://youtu.be/75Mw8r5gW8E
  9. Got that along with Rumpy. Drank one rumpy, but haven't tried this one yet.
  10. Sorry, just saw this. Friend gave me that one. Liked it so much, bought the Elysian 12 pack of pumpkin beers (not sold separately) at Total Wine. And yes, Elysian missed the boat, should've called it Pumpkin Patch
  11. I drink lactose free milk since regular milk always gives me a bit of bubble guts. I've not once felt that way after a lactose including beer. Not even a problem with other dairy products, just regular milk. Not sure if it's lactose intolerant in some way or something else.
  12. Pandemic for introverts song. Can't wait for new album in Friday.
  13. I man of supremely discriminating taste, I see. Almost certain I posted this near beginning of this thread. Maybe not. Pretty sure I posted a Jinjer vid, though.
  14. My 2008 Triumph Speed Triple is collecting dust in garage. Last time I rode it was when I moved into new house, last year. Rode from apt to house and not since. Feel guilty every time I open the door and see her sitting there, waiting to breathe the wind. Need to get inspection so I can renew long overdue registration. I do like riding, but with new house and all the little things, I don't seem to have as much time just to go for a ride.
  15. Im with AB on shorts, for stated reason as well as that most baggies are LONG. Everytime I pedal they ride up and over kneecap and it's really fucking annoying. I still wear shorts, but they're quite shorter than typical shorts, and a bit more form-fitting than baggies. Now I just buy padded underwear/shorts and wear separate shorts over those.
  16. Recently installed an Ambient Weather weather station in my backyard. System allows public upload of data on Ambient Weather website (as well as weather underground.) While browsing, found a few others that might be of interest. There are a couple right next to Walnut Creek: https://ambientweather.net/dashboard/f2fe660bf8cf9ae3baaaf98970371879 Brushy Creek: https://ambientweather.net/dashboard/1812d963f5f4a82796d1defd404a5f51 Validity of data depends on how each is setup, but if you use the map and click on a few others, you can get a general idea. Can also find some data on weather underground's wundermap: https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap But not as detailed as on the ambient weather maps above. I'm sure there are other brand websites that can be utilized as well, but I have the Ambient Weather weather station, so that is the one I know about.
  17. Been like that for last several days. Very spotty, but intense when it does. Each mini-cells are also tracking different direction. Very chaotic atmosphere at the moment.
  18. Just started watching Counterpart. Pretty good so far. Unfortunately only 2 seasons.
  19. Seconded. Good guy. Hooked me up last year when cooling fan capacitor failed in August.
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