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  1. Anyone have a vinyl transfer printer in town? I've got a bunch of small projects, and one I'd like to do asap. Just need someone for a limited (5) run of 4x5 decals.
  2. I've rebuilt so many hopes. The best is when somebody retires some Hopes because they are giving up on them and for $20 in seals and some time you can make them like new.
  3. Anyone around here with COA Development Services? I'd like to start a project but need an off the record consult for a couple questions.
  4. Pool noodles are closed cell foam, otherwise they would not float. Its all the closed/sealed off bubbles that make the bouncy. But I'm not turning my nose up at the $100 pricetag for legit inserts. I run RImpact on my carbon wheels. I'm running pool noodles on my XC bike and my kids bike. Both were already setup tubeless before I started, so the initial seal of the tire was done. I've had them on my XC bike for a couple months now and have not added juice to them. That said, I have no idea if they would seal right now or not. I do think all the texture on the noodle (both original edge and cut edge) probably create spaces for sealant to settle vs running like juice on the inside of the tire. SO it probably does reduce effectiveness or require more juice to stay working.
  5. This is a city requirement of no adverse impact on private property in the flood plain issue. We have a design and a selection of locations, it's just a watershed issue now. We are working on mitigation options, but there are not many as the floodplain is so low right there.
  6. The trail will currently end at the Walnut Bluffs Trailhead, as we cannot find a way across the creek from there. I'm working hard on it, but connecting to ih35 is many years away. Shortly the city will be adding a bike/ped lane on the Lamar bridge that will get you over to Walnut Park Crossing and TCEQ/Girl Scouts/Park35. It's happening. Slowly.
  7. This week the city will finalize a contract with a design firm to design the trail from SWCT up to across 35 from tceq/Girl Scouts. We are hoping to go to construction on a large swath within the next two years. I'm the city PM for the project so i've got all the inside baseball. We will do a lot of new stuff (trail in the MoKan corridor, and along the west edge of pioneer farms), but there is a route that would parallel our route on existing roads. Not generally safe for the all ages all abilities crowd, but it's all ridable now for an experienced rider.
  8. I think you are getting close but not mandatory yet. Some of the guys I ride with are down in the 13-14psi range. That said, it doesn't hurt to run them. I picked up some Rimpact for fairly cheap front Hunt Bikes online and have been happy. Alternatively, I built a jig and a bunch of my bikes are running pool noodle rim protectors.
  9. Depends on rim width and tire size.
  10. I'm building for Velorangutan these days, but also doing side builds/repairs and am regularly in your neighborhood for pickup/drop off, if this new place doesn't work out.
  11. How much beer and cash do I need to bring over so we can service my 2014 Pike? I've got the fluids and upper/lower kit just not the gumption to tackle it.
  12. Yeah, there are people on Etsy all set up to do address placards, I was just looking for local so I could have it as a Christmas gift.
  13. Looking for a local (in time for Christmas) water jet cut of an address number for a gift. Short notice, but should be a quick cut if anyone has somebody to recommend.
  14. Why? Isn't the point of the EB to ride a bunch of legal trails? Why not post stuff about it?
  15. Looking for a swing out adapter for my rear hitch. Ideally looking for a Kuat Pivot 2 or a Rakattach. But open if people have anything else collecting dust. Needs to be just the swing, not a whole bike rack that swings.
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