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  1. Mattlikesbikes

    Help with Strava ;-)

    You can also report stuff like this and either a smarter robot or a real person at strava will look at it.
  2. Mattlikesbikes

    Spider Mountain

    I brake steer like one should so I will clarify, one of the videos showed a guy who clearly should not have gone down Stinger, just based on how many times he was not in control going down and the couple of crashes. JUST like the guys sking the double blacks and just destroying the slope but saying later to the other bros " I ski double black"
  3. Mattlikesbikes

    Spider Mountain

    So, I watch one spider mountain video and my youtube is flooded with them now. Couple observations: Is recording your ride, particularly with a chest gimbal just the new endrobro thing? Every youtuber seemed to be riding with 2-4 guys also with chest gimbals. Do they travel in packs? Do they each have a channel? People seem to have the same respect for MTB trail ratings as they do on the ski slopes. Sliding over stuff rear brake locked on a double black diamond must be like the guys shaving the tops of moguls on the ski slopes. Itsy Bitsy seems like it would be way more interesting going up. All the footage has me like nah, maybe next year when there is more out there.
  4. Mattlikesbikes

    girdling ligustrum in walnut creek

    They girdled a bunch of them in our neighborhood park. Clearly the second + time, as you could see the last girdles 8ft up. This was last summer and they are all alive and well. So not sure if it only works on some, or some of the time, but just cut that shit down.
  5. Mattlikesbikes

    Air Compressors

    I've absolutely NEVER had this problem. I've stans'd 4 tires in a single sitting and only on the 4th tire did the compressor cycle on. Even then I flipped it off and finished. I think the 3gal pancake is all you really need. If mine dies I will probably get the 6gal, but only because I use the thing to air up my truck tires and if they are all 3+psi low it can take the whole thing to get them up to pressure. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a HF hose or chuck, buy those legit.
  6. Mattlikesbikes


    Sadly. I was really lucky to have met him once, at Interbike. My formative wrenching years were self taught, fixing bikes on campus at the student bike shop with nothing but Sheldon Browns website. A few hundred wheels later and I still use the same methods I used on my first wheel, built with Sheldon Brown up on the CRT monitor in my dorm room, 20 years ago.
  7. Mattlikesbikes


    And people couldn't understand why, but I have a lefty dummy axle if anyone needs to borrow it.
  8. Mattlikesbikes


    Yes, so looking at a wheel from the freewheel side, trailing would be the spokes going counter clockwise from the hub to the rim. IE 2 o'clock on the hub and noon on the rim. Leading would be 10 o clock on the hub and noon on the rim.
  9. Mattlikesbikes


    The powertap, with that giant flange, was always an issue with spokes. I've seen them built 2x and 3x. It's one of the reasons I went with a Stages for my MTB instead of the powertap I also never had as much luck with the 355 rims. I didn't find them to be near as stiff as the Crest, Arch or Flow of the same vintage. Spoke direction... Man there is an esoteric discussion right there. #1 - spokes inside or outside, ALWAYS the same direction (leading/trailing) and inside/outside. Never do a mix of drive side outside trailing and non drive inside trailing. Balance above all else. I usually build with trailing spokes outside. Particularly on a disc rear wheel. But my road wheelset, an off the shelf powertap set I didn't build is the other way.
  10. Mattlikesbikes


    Everyone should try building their own wheels.
  11. Mattlikesbikes

    Wtb: Garmin HR strap

    Sweet I think of it says ant+ or is Bluetooth it will work.
  12. Mattlikesbikes

    Wtb: Garmin HR strap

    Ideally the newer soft style, but interested in what you have.
  13. Mattlikesbikes

    2018 EB

    I'm on an SS so none of it is easy. Just trying to avoid riding to WC just to start the ride.
  14. Mattlikesbikes

    2018 EB

    I live along the route, between BCGB and City Park, do I need to start at WC and run it in normal order, or can I start at 360 and Courtyard as long as i finish the loop?
  15. Mattlikesbikes

    WTB: RF Small crank boots

    Want to buy or want to try. Does anyone have a set of RF crank boots in small that I could buy, or at least check fit with? Trying to figure out if they will fit my XTR cranks. I see reference to them fitting XT.