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  1. We got my son a legit bike this year, the weight savings and better components have made a noticeable difference. It is still a single speed with one brake, but I'll likely add a new fork with a brake up there and keep him on it for a couple years. From there, a legit 24" with 1x9 and light components is a smart move for a kid you want to enjoy riding.
  2. Giving Zwift a shot but don't want to use my work laptop or my small phone, so looking for a dedicated garage PC. Only two real needs: i5 or i7 2gb GPU Windows installed, 7 or 10. ideally 8GB ram or more, but that is easy enough to add. Small is good. cheap is best. Some of the refurb guys on CL have stuff they want 150-200 for (i5), but I thought I would check here first.
  3. https://houston.craigslist.org/bik/d/houston-yetias3mountain-bike/6894015767.html I bet we could get it down lower. I'll be in Houston this weekend, happy to pick it up.
  4. J frame. I'd buy a cheap Taurus 38, load it with 38+p. Could do first round snake shot, since let's be honest, snakes are your biggest threat. At least the threat you are most likely to be successful against with a pistol and no training.
  5. Sitting in the parts bin for a long time. Waiting for a new owner. Has a 550x2.75 spring on it. No idea on price. $75? Obo
  6. Good call. All I had seen was kids stuff locally at BSS, but they were very proud of it (surprise!). CG is on the way home from his school, so maybe this week we'll look.
  7. I have both. When can you pick them up?
  8. He is tall but generally smaller than average. I think in the 30% grouping. Now, he does have bigger hands. At the shop last week he fit into women's small gloves ok. I am probably just going to throw some gloves in the Amazon cart get a selection for him to try.
  9. Upgraded by 6yo from his 16" bike to a Cannondale Trail 20". He was getting a little too crazy on the smaller bike. We also upgraded him from his target/academy helmet to a legit Giro kids helmet. I want to pick up a few more pieces of protection as we start to venture out to the easy trails. Anyone have recommendations (and used for sale) on kids elbow and knee pads? How about gloves that stand up? Also, his last hoon on the 16" bike he ate the ground and bit his lip hard, so wondering about full face or a chin bar. Probably going to take him out to Brushy first, given the mix of riding options and the fairly tame stuff.
  10. Thats some of the point of tubeless ready tires, thicker and less porous so need less sealant to initially seal the tire wall.
  11. Apples and oranges man. Strips are for plugging big holes, the liquid plugs all the little holes that are ALL over the tire, rim bed/tape, etc.
  12. Mattlikesbikes


    The other week my sister was in town (from Cali) and brought some gummies which were mostly CBD and a tiny bit other stuff. They were marketed as stress/relaxation aids. I didn't notice anything that night, but the next morning I woke up feeling great. Thing is I have psoriatic arthritis, so I never wake up feeling good. I am always stiff and in some pain. So that morning was impressive. Seems like with CBD it's all about trusting the source, hell I saw CBD honey at the 7-11 yesterday. Anyone have thoughts on an online brand or a local supply? I am thinking drops as I've read gummies actually have poor uptake. Any insight would be awesome.
  13. Bike acquired. Thanks to Craig and his list.
  14. I think somewhere between opening the box they came in and the end of the first ride.
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