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  1. I've got a 2013 tundra crewmax with a camper and it's been great. For long haul trips I use the Kuat, as the bed us full up. But for local/TX trips racks in the bed. I've got lights, similar to the taco photo above, so loading after dark is easy. Also camps in a pinch, so that's nice. For security, I have a power tailgate lock and I lock the bikes.to the rack inside and with a cable..so even if they broke the glass, it's going to take effort to get the bikes out the window as the tailgate still won't open. Gas sucks, and the 5.7l engines all suffer from cam tower oil leaks. Not bad enough to pay $2k to fix, but annoying that Toyota still hasn't sorted it out. Rides like a car and is very comfortable. All that said, I'd planned to replace it in 60k miles (200k) but instead of another truck I'll probably go tall van. That is, unless a great hybrid truck is available in 2-3 years. I'd sure love my daily 20-25 miles to be on electric.
  2. I'm about to build up a new wheelset for myself and while I've entertained the idea of carbon for my road bike, I see zero benefit on my Mtb. I'll be building Flow MK3, which have done well on my rigid SS. My experience is that an Al rim has to be super tweaked to not be truable if you restart tension from zero. If you don't take tension to zero, a bad tweak will never come out. For the time and price I'll stick with Al Stan's.
  3. I've not made it out yet, and CB owes me a tour. But I've got a standing mtb date with my wife every other Friday and trying to figure out if Brushy is an option this week. She can clean most everything at Walnut.
  4. Remember kids, cable locks are good for securing your wheels or seatpost, not your whole bike. Most cables can be cut like warm butter. Hardened steel chain if you really love what you own. If it wasn't so damn hot here, I would love to keep a pitbull in the camper of my truck guarding my bike!
  5. Since Jeff Kendall Weed is the new it boy in YouTube bike videos this one has a great Vintage coverage -
  6. Just a reminder, keep your serial numbers. I've got a cloud folder with pictures of all bikes (and major parts) and the serial # on the BB. It makes getting stuff back WAY quicker with the PD.
  7. I disagree. Well maintained and ridden as designed this bike should go a long time. Mechanical v brakes last forever. 8spd lasts forever. Updated/well serviced suspension is durable. Keep an eye on rear end welds and the bearings and ride it. The issue in Austin is that bikes just are not made for Austin. Coker and crowd ran these old Racerx's as all mountain bikes and not as the XC bikes Titus intended. That took it's toll on a lot of them. Don't Huck it and there is no reason it won't go another 10yrs. BUT go ahead and buy another bike.
  8. Which Chi carbon are you using? I was looking at Farsport, having build up a bunch of their rims for road wheels.
  9. Alternative, used racer x frames are 200-300 on eBay...
  10. call Tim at cycle East he was the rebuilder for cycle progression and is The Man behind two six labs
  11. Yep. Sag was the major.motivation actually. The lefty likes 25-30%. At 30% I only had two ish inches of travel, now I have three ish.
  12. Went the opposite direction. Went to a booted lefty, due to ease of repair and maintenance. 2010 max 140. For less than the price I was quoted for an oil change on the 1.0, I had this one rebuilt with new bearings, races, air piston, seals, etc and reduced to 110mm. Pretty cool that I go from 90 to 110mm with only a 5mm AC change.
  13. Two hacks make a whole, or something like that. I bet we can figure it out.
  14. So many changes in the MTB world in the last 18 years, a new bike will blow you away. I've got a whole extra rear end for my wife's 2009 Racer X Carbon, all in the hope of making it last as long.
  15. Well if your racer x is that old, it's time for a new bike.
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