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  1. I feel like there is a lot going on with this bike. Prostate massage saddle, brake levers but no brakes, big Fred saddle bag. Only thing missing is the behind the saddle triathlete bottle holders. It's also a Cinelli and not a Cervelo.
  2. Getting jealous of all the beautiful i9 wheels that @xl_cheese (Wes) and Velorangutan keeps dropping. I made my own poor man pair. Front left done last night, rear SS tonight. Cheap chinesium straight gage stainless spokes in oil slick and some older Stans Flow. These are on my race SS, which can't take too wide a tire anyway.
  3. On the project front, if anyone finds out about somebody doing a kitchen remodel, I am looking for as many wall cabinets as possible for my shop. I could build from scratch, but they are just going to be garage cabinets, so used is fine. I am also available to come pull them if needed. Free demo.
  4. I'll take the XR4 and the Conti, perfect setup for my older frame with smaller tire limits. You back at the office? I could swing by this week.
  5. And I would go bigger if you want to run a tire insert. I run 2.5-2.6 on similar ID rims all day, no problems. Now that I have inserts in that wheelsets I am around 16psi and all is good.
  6. Any left? Looking for two tires for my more XC SS. Also thanks throet The side load bottle cage is perfect. I can just squeeze a full size bottle into my SS frame, where I previously could not.
  7. Hacking is my concern. I'll literally send them an invoice minutes after they ask. Short attention span...
  8. I'm way less worried about selling more confused by the request for an invoice through paypal. The last item I sold I just gave the guy my email address and he sent me paypal that way. But yeah, I think the invoice process opens up more options for them to push back on the product when sent. So I make sure the invoices I did sent are clear that the goods sold are as is with no warranty expressed or implied. What is also weird to me is the ask for an invoice, then ghost me.
  9. I've been selling stuff on Pinkbike lately and had a couple of strange things happen. They seem scammy, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the scam is. Twice, on two different items, I had buyers ask me to send them a paypal invoice. Then they never respond or make a payment. I send a reminder, nothing. Eventually I canceled the first one. Second one is only a couple days old. I also had a buyer ask me to list it on ebay, buy now, and he would buy it that way. I declined. I assume these might be trying to take advantage of the paypal/ebay buyer protection, to ultimately scam me. What other scams are there out there to avoid?
  10. I've got a couple of buddies riding beater bikes that need new forks let me ask around.
  11. Yeah, I decided I don't have the time to really get into the research of all these emerging coins, so ETH was a smart and safe bet. That said, I want to get more knowledgeable on coin development so I could maybe start throwing small $ at new coins. Let it sit for years (but then I would want to know enough to tell what coins had staying power).
  12. Looking for a decent condition, basic suspension fork in 26". Neighbor kid FINALLY agreed to move up from his 24" bike (kid is 5'2 at 8yo). I picked up a 15.5" Trek last summer for him (and have been hassling him to upgrade since then). Tuned up and GTG, but the low end fork is trash. I don't expect him to mtb much, but something that isn't rusted would be an upgrade. V brake.
  13. I know you can buy crypto direct with paypal, but I went with Coinbase instead due to the larger options of coins to buy. If you want to try coinbase, I can send you a link and we both can get a bonus. Signing up with coinbase took me about 5 min, and another 5 min to get fully verified (DL pictures). From there another 2 min to setup paypal and trading in under 15 min.
  14. I've been trying to convince my wife to try crypto for years. If only I had bought BTC 6 years ago when it first was on my radar. Oh well. I am in it now. Started taking the money I get in Venmo from working on other peoples wheels, or selling bike parts, to buy coin. I'm using Coinbase as it is fairly easy. Started with $90 of ETH (one wheel build worth of payment). Y'all in it?
  15. I don't really mind the traffic on 360, particularly on a Saturday morning or on my lunch rides. Back when I lived near WC my regular was to get on Parmer and west till it ended. That would make for another decent route, though Parmer has gotten really busy. On a weekend I think the dam loop is pretty good and safe enough. But gets far from the house. That said, I am only thinking about close to home on something like a 100mi shake down ride or something. On my new short list is ride to BC/SN (14), do a full pull (20+), then ride home (14)
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