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  1. Mattlikesbikes

    performance bike deals

    They told me yesterday that stuff is moving quick, so might not be a lot more price cuts. The bad news is the stuff they are getting sent from the warehouse is all XS/S/XXL, so on the clothing side its not a pretty picture.
  2. Mattlikesbikes

    I screwed up.

    An original (11yo) RP23 is a massive POS compared to what is available today. You got 8 years on it with no maintenance, I would just look for a whole replacement. You'll be amazed at how much better things have gotten.
  3. Mattlikesbikes

    Tire sizes and Austin Trails

    Both of my bikes are built for 29 <2.5" but I am experimenting with larger up front. Both are frame limited. SS (Stans MK3 30mm rims) - Front 3" Rear 2.4" Full Squish (Stans Flow) - Front 2.75" Rear 2.4" Love the extra meat on the front. For the SS, with a rigid fork running a 3" with 10psi is awesome. The next SS frame will for sure be a 29+ frame.
  4. Mattlikesbikes

    2019 Death March

    Says a USAC account, not a license, so who knows.
  5. Mattlikesbikes

    Frame protection film

    I also like to wrap my chainstays, both sides, with black road bike bar tape. On the chain side it helps with chain slap, and for both sides it cuts down on pop up rock dings and scrapes/bashes from the taller baby heads.
  6. Mattlikesbikes

    The gods demand a sacrifice

    whats what happens when you ride a trail when it is wet. The gods break your bike. At least it is an easy to replace part and not the main triangle.
  7. Mattlikesbikes

    Rear Shock Help

    Understood, I just know that nobody is talking about oil only fixes on the RS. Watching more videos, maybe I do try the tear down and move around of spacers inside, though I am interested in trying John's if it is a Low/Low shock. Just looking for clarification, the compression setting is likely what would be keeping the shock from getting full stroke (at anything normal for sag/air pressure - I can get full travel, but have to start at 50% sag air pressure)? settings on the rebound side would just impact how quickly it rebounds?
  8. Mattlikesbikes

    Trail dogs

    We did well getting our dog trained on a handlebar bell. She would normally stay close but when she jumped off trail the bell sort of told her to get back to me. We never took her to BCGB, but rode a lot of WC when we lived next door to the park.
  9. Mattlikesbikes

    Rear Shock Help

    My understanding from te MTBR threads is oil isn't the issue, but pulling apart the compression and rebound stack and either changing order, removing spacers, etc, is what is needed. The full surgery requirement is why I was leaning towards the Cane Creek as it is all externally adjustable vs manually revalving. John - Does the Float have a 4 digit code on it, or does it list out the rebound and compression settings - High/M/L? I'd love to try out something on the Low side for compression and rebound.
  10. Mattlikesbikes


    I will take it! Txting now
  11. Mattlikesbikes

    Rear Shock Help

    My Ventana rear ended True Fab was running a Fox DHX which was great, but always on without a functional lock. I picked up a Monarch RT3 with an MM tune. It is smooth and nice, the propedal works really well. But I have never been able to get more than 15mm out of it, so 15mm of sag, then 15mm of use, leaving 20mm of stroke unused. This included bombing a bunch of stuff in Colorado. Doing lots of reading on MTBR I am sure I could tune it myself and maybe get more out of it. I ordered a DBAir IL, but the air can is too fat and doesn't clear the frame. So thinking about the Fox options. I posted on MTBR and the only response so far was suggesting the DPX2, as I have room for the piggyback. Though a DPS seems fine too (and one of the options from Ventana) Looking for insights from this group. The Monarch is fine, but I'll have to open it up to change valving if I want to keep it. Returning my DBAir, and it looks like a DPX2 off ebay is nearly the same price. If I go with a DPX2, which compression and rebound factory settings should I look for, low or medium? the RS was medium and likely too much, so assuming a Fox CL and RL?
  12. Mattlikesbikes

    Made it up Yaupon last night

    That's some of my normal area for afternoon road ridea during the week. My triple B is to ride from courtyard at 360 up to 183 to warm up then work over to Mesa and do repeats on Mesa, far west, and Ladera Norte. One of each then repeat. Road hills will make you far stronger than hours on a mtb. Even just one road hill and one road tempo ride a week will make you a weekend mtb monster.
  13. OK, so do I go with the Hadley or the DT RWS?
  14. Mattlikesbikes

    Cedar Breaks lunatic gate attendant

    Dashcam Dashcam Dashcam. Get one. Use it.
  15. Balle is out of stock, none of the other mainstay parts retailers have it. Bikebling.com says they have one in stock, but I'm not sure about them. Sort of a mixed bag of reviews out there. The handle thing on my DT broke off on the front QR of my SS and also broke on the rear for my FS bike. The FS one broke in my hand, so have it and can still use it to take the wheel on and off. The SS, nope. So I have to make sure I always have it with me. Not something I want to stress about always having on me.