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  1. Idiot kids is a slightly preferable option to malicious arsonists. Although that's not mutually exclusive either.
  2. Good job. But I mean forget the structure...we could have lost the entire hillside! And I can't imagine how this could be any kind of an accident given there has been no lighting. So this is wildly concerning.
  3. Last year the "A" group had a trying-to-prove-himself baller of a ride leader. But we all wanted the single speeders to keep up and keep the group together, but that first few miles is quite flat. Basically everyone was going to drop. I was on his ass for a bit (I was in 2000% better shape last year (according to Strava and my recent feel-like-I'm-going-to-die efforts), but I decided to reel him in by letting him gap me. It was working reasonably well and he was dialing back some, but then he had an unrecoverable flat. And then the ride sweep on an e-bike tried to lead the ride but that didn't work for more than 10 minutes. That all happened in about 3 miles. And then I led the group for another 17 miles, and even managed to sniff out a bunch of the new east end stuff. I will not be leading an "A" group this year! In the northeast I was comfortable driving for several hours under 30% chance of rain. But it seems that in Texas a 30% chance of rain usually means "It's gon' rain!"
  4. For sure I know my way around. It's certainly not necessary. I was just curious about the plan.
  5. Any local group leaders this time? Or free for all?
  6. So yeah. Is this still on anyone's radar? Tent camping at these temps isn't going to be great.
  7. I had the same problem at Phil's World in 2020. It was a smoky mess from northern NM all the way to Cortez. I did a short ride when I hit town under a smoke grey sky with a crazy red sun. It was trippy, but the air quality was not terrible. The next day saw the wind change directions and we had the bluest sky you could want.
  8. Indeed! Also, if you go into the Layers of Google maps, one of the options is to turn on wildfire tracking. Pretty neat, but yeah, it's a mess out there right now.
  9. This tool always reminds me of the cartoon "Ducktails." For no particular reason.
  10. Every time I ask a bartender to not put my stout or porter in a chilled glass, it confuses them. After I explain my position they are generally really receptive. The guy at Hopdoddy even sincerely thanked me for the education a month after our initial conversation.
  11. Every single BiB whiskey is good. Every singe one. How low can you go? Our flask whiskey these days is Evan Williams BiB. That's about $24 for a handle (1.75L). Or you can get a Mellow Corn BiB for about $12 (0.75L).
  12. Barry


    Good job there. Carpeted bathrooms are wicked gross.
  13. Last time I was there I came upon a hiker going in the wrong direction (the bike direction), with over-the-ear headphones AND an off-leash dog.
  14. Neither of us mind heat. The last time I was in Fruita it was September. 100+ don't matter when when RH is 10%.
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