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  1. Bummer. I rode it once in 2017 on a combined ride with DVSP. I remember it being a fun joint.
  2. Hell yeah. Dale Ball is amazing! ...just steer clear of the south side, Picacho Peak trails unless you're in the mood for a real technical-climb beat down. This...over and over and over.
  3. I think Ledges has been somewhat sanitized in the last couple of years. I think they've added a couple of short bridges (or 1?) over some particularly tough ditch crossings. But as compared to everything else out there it is at least narrow corridor with some mild exposure.
  4. Something must be up with the local coyote population right now. I chased a big one half way down the first Inner Log segment yesterday, until he remembered he didn't have to run on the trail. Hopefully they're helping us with the feral cat issue.
  5. Maybe you ought to move to North Cali, Washington state, or PNW then? Sounds absolutely like your preference. Nothing but gravel roads up, and singletrack down.
  6. Camp Eagle's big brother. But how can you climb up Windsor and think Cairn Me Up was anything other than a cake-walk? I thought it was basically an IMBA spec and heavy grade-reversal climb, with TONS of super fun off line rock crawl options. Too bad about the broken cranks. And I also had an adventure which started at the very top of Cairn Me Up. About 3/4 of the way up, I started hearing distant thunder. By the time I was at the top, this had become sideways rain, helmet smacking hail, and horrifyingly close lightening, all while the temps dropped from 75 degrees to a wet 60 degrees in about 5 minutes. My only option was to ride the flash floods straight down Jagged Axe. That was interesting. But yeah, I only got about 7 miles of it myself. 100% worth a return trip. I left Glorieta and drove the 15 minutes straight over to Galisteo for 20 miles of desert singletrack tailor made for Chamois Hagar.
  7. Get out to Lubbock's Mae Simmons Park for a bicycle ride some day. The place is absolutely lousy with them. I bet I saw 50.
  8. Now that Mangia is totally out of business, I need your opinion on Love 312. Is this the cornbread crust "pizza" casserole of your dreams? https://love312pizza.com/
  9. You're welcome to drop by my house after R&I to pick it up. Or tomorrow evening works as well.
  10. My Evoc cases would be quite roomy for a road bike, but you're welcome to borrow one this weekend. You'll be the first to use it!
  11. Are you on a trip? Getting any kind of sick on a trip is the worst. It's happened to me several times with 24 hour+ stomach bugs of food poisoning on MTB trips.
  12. I set 'em up, you knock 'em down.
  13. And yeah, BLORA is pretty uninspiring. But also get yourself over to Miller Springs for a fun 8-10 miles.
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