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  1. This is why I gave up on tubes in my pack--no matter how far you dig, you're just as likely to miss a thorn. A couple of years ago I pinch flatted my tire at Pedernales. My tire was so full of thorns that I had to patch my tube twice after installing it. And I only had 2 patches. That third flat meant that I was walking back. After that, I didn't see the point in packing tubes. As yet not having a tube has only put me in an irreparable situation once in 1.5 years. Although I may still consider it for some situations--a big ride at Big Bend for example, or other places that a short walk can't get me to the car or an Uber. I do think there would be a market for a lightweight emergency tube such as this--even at that price. But it would have to be puncture resistant in some way. Perhaps lightweight but with a Slime layer?
  2. This is exactly the reason I'm on my SC 5010. Modern geo, but short CS. I'm into low, slack and long front ends, but short CS. I'm not interested in any trail bike with CS over 17". I don't even think I'd be interested in long CS for a dedicated DH bike--I don't "need" that stability, and popping of ledges is just more fun when it's short. Maybe long CS on touring bike, but that's it.
  3. I've never been able to get past his crazy long chain stays. And his SWB has even longer chain stays than his original bike. I do think it would make a killer touring bike, but not a lot of singletrack fun.
  4. Why not? That's the way PBR is doing it! https://www.esquire.com/food-drink/a26838477/pbr-whiskey-five-seconds-interview/ Just wicked gross.
  5. Barry

    Buds Required

    I find most folks that prefer DD like "lots o' cream and lots o' sugar," to quote Mr. Wolf. And most folks who prefer Starbucks like it black. "When I buy coffee, I like to taste it," to paraphrase Jimmie. I've seen it go the other way, but that's how it usually shakes out.
  6. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy a barrel aged stouts. So this is the scene nearly every Thursday before and after the Oskar Blues Walnut ride: Jessica likes some fruity IPA, typically Can-O-Bliss. And I almost always get the Barrel Aged Ten Fidy.
  7. Hill Top Resort has a 12 mile loop just outside of Fredericksburg. You can find it on TrailForks. But I know absolutely nothing about it, nor their hours & pricing. I know they do a race there, but I can't find contact info for the place. There is a bike shop in town, so presumably they know what's up with Hill Top--may be worth a call. But none of that matters since Fredericksburg is only about 30 minutes from Flat Rock Ranch.
  8. Looking at that rack...I had an idea. I have an old biking buddy who has become an old acquaintance. He moved to the great northwest and we lost touch, but every now and then we think of an excuse to communicate. Anyway, last time we talked he mentioned that he just started working for a company who makes mass transit bike racks. So when I saw that rack...I thought...maybe. So I LinkedIn'd the fellow's name, and checked out his company's website. And wouldn't you know it: https://www.sportworks.com/product/apex-3
  9. That wasn't me at my most polite, no. But it was meant more snarky/tongue-in-cheek than downright insulting.
  10. Not me you replied to, but an interesting take. Maybe you're just not good at bicycles?
  11. Juniper Ridge is perfectly rideable and plenty wide. Yeah, I wouldn't have designed the (what, 3 or 4?) tree gates in the trail like they are. But now that they're there, I'd rather not see someone "fix" them, particularly if they're not the trail steward.
  12. I'll be there. I should be rolling in for an early loop at about 4:20.
  13. Blasphemy. Why do you hate Sheldon Brown?! 😢
  14. For those folks who don't like Shimano drive-trains, is this based on the older 9 speed stuff? Did you ever use the shadow rear deraillers, or specifically the 11 speed clutch deraillers? IMO it isn't as cut and dry as the breaks, and preference between Shimano and SRAM drive-trains are largely personal preferences now, unlike a couple of generations ago when SRAM was clearly better.
  15. Really fun video. And it looks like a significant progression of skills--both recording and riding--since the earlier videos.
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