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  1. For 23 years I only rode. I lifted a bit in high school, but not at all since. So I found out pretty early in Austin that I can do whatever at my company and keep getting great reviews. So I can take an hour and a half or more for lunch with no consequences... because subject matter expert yada yada with a limited scope. In Austin I lived right by work, so during this time, I went home and did whatever. But in Tulsa, work is 25 minutes from home. So I mostly used that time long-sitting at restaurants or freakin' napping. In August it occurred to that I could better utilize this time. So yeah, I joined a gym near work and go about 3-4 times a week. I power through 3setof10 on about 9-12 machines. No machine more than 3 minutes. And I'm done up in 30ish minutes. Quick shower and out in about 40 minutes total. I'm riding WAY less. But I'm having absolutely no problem maintaining my weight now.
  2. This seems like an abusive relationship at this point. My wife called my Binary Maniak "vaporware" when I put a deposit on it 8 months before it shipped. But I'm riding the hell out of that bike now!
  3. This joke seems to be the culmination of all that was Mojo. This aquarium joke is all that's left.
  4. Bikes & Big Ideas with David Golay at: https://blisterreview.com/podcasts Lots of great time killing content, largely about cutting edge bike tech. He's an ME and has a deep understanding of components. AND David was a Central NY riding buddy mine from 15 years ago. So for me, it's just like hanging with him on the way to the ride. And because of the riding and types of bikes you enjoy, I'll give a special recommendation for this podcast to @ATXZJ.
  5. Ha... this is the logic that has the nonsense DFW event, "Judgment Day" happening in August. But yeah, the weather has been hit and miss for the event for sure.
  6. I really thought I would come down for this (and EB), but I'm trying to find new ways to push my miles and my efforts. But interesting post...and you've been putting some good longer efforts together over the past year or so. Are you considering giving DS a go next year?
  7. I don't disagree. Although had I still lived in town I would had been disappointed. Me, and like 1 or 2 other people.
  8. Indeed. We've had our Blowing Springs camp site reserved since April.
  9. That's correct, there is no consistent policy. Cairns certainly have a scenario where they can be helpful, like on trails systems without many signs. SATN is a great example where those visual makers are helpful. Another good use of Cairns is were the absolute Cairn cities would (or do they still? ) pop up when the BC Greenbelt creek was dry. Dozens of stacks artfully places 6+ feet and taller. And like sandcastles, the water removes them eventually. But stacking rocks that'll just stay like that for no purpose? It's like, if you're going to graffiti, make something beautiful out of something grotesque (like on many SATN structures and overpasses, instead of just shitty tagging). So I lean to the "leave no trace" side here when it comes to nonsensical reorganization of roks. Not today, hippy!
  10. Dude that's a fun as hell trail. And it would take me ALL DAY to kick down all those cairns.
  11. Especially if you want to ride the GB or SATN!
  12. I normally politely shrug at pleading for more lift service parks... But hot damn a lift from the southern peak of Franklin MTS would offer about 2.5-3K' of elevation loss and put trails on otherwise empty terrain.
  13. Based on what I can find, this rumor started on Reddit about 20 days ago. And it's a deleted post based on "good authority." And so far as I can tell, GG has made no statements on the matter, neither on their website, their social medial, nor a press release that can be found in a Google News search. The reddit thread has a bit of speculation about the company starting to produce their Rev'd frames for other manufactures, but will close their GG line. But GG remains entirely silent on the issue so far as I can tell. Also, their phone number still works, but "all representatives are busy."
  14. Absolutely. "Tech" means something different these days. It's doesn't mean the ground covered with rocks and roots, with tricky lines to negotiate. Now it means having the speed and ability to hit the upcoming 8 foot long tabletop, after just nailing the 7 foot long tabletop behind you. And yes, ATX folks (who didn't grow up steeped in BMX) are likely behind the flow-curve from areas with a lot of newer trails.
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