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  1. Barry

    Buds Required

    I know, I know, I know... Ain't no sunshine outside, and now he's gone. RIP, Bill. And no, the corona' didn't get him.
  2. I'm specifically talking about things like BTAC* and PVW*. Restaurants and bars across the country are selling their stock to keep the business going. *if you don't know those initialisms without looking them up, then this is too nitch of a discussion for us to continue.
  3. it says, "All parks in Travis County will be closed throughout the Easter weekend..." Emphasis added. It's unclear whether this is only parks managed by Travis County Parks (for us, basically just PaceBend and Reimers), or also those managed by Austin Parks Foundation (everything else). There is an announcement on the TCP website, but not on the APF website. Either way, I would assume APF would follow suit eventually.
  4. I didn't see liquor listed, unfortunately. In many states, folks are getting their hands on some hard to come by allocated whisky through restaurant sell-offs. I wonder if it is included, but not explicitly stated?
  5. Yeah. Yesterday I saw some lady with kids playing on that first tabletop on Outer Log. Luckily that spot isn't blind, but there are a lot of fast blind turns on Outer.
  6. Oof. Okay, maybe this is the Spring Breakers Bump? That's about 40 more than the 20 per day average we had been seeing.
  7. I didn't think you were serious and didn't even remember 4.1 at the time, even though I am hyper vigilant to that date. But then, I don't think of you as weak sauce either, so that's probably why.
  8. Agreed. And what that ultimately means is that the death rate is likely much lower than is readily evident because so many more people are infected than is known. But I'd say the CDC has some good modeling numbers to reconcile this.
  9. I would certainly ride it at Walnut and SATN. Brushy would be fun too, but for a different reason. My problem is that my wrists start killing me if I do too much tech without suspension. That's why I think the Lauf gravel would be good for what I'm looking to do. It seriously took my wrists 6 months to recover from two different rides I did at Brushy with my Monstertour.
  10. I guess we can call this the Spring Breakers Bump...
  11. I do see that a bit, but not always unfortunately. Two weeks ago on Peddlers I came across a fellow with a 8 or 10 year old without a helmet. I scolded the guy for about as long as he was in earshot. I personally loathe being a nag about anything, but it's hard not to feel self righteous and get preachy with these no helmet on trails morons.
  12. It is still quite steep though. It will not be quite the fun Chamois Hagar would induce. As much as I dig the CH, I just can't see me paying that much for a carbon gravel/touring bike, when I don't even like the concept that much. I was thinking...you could go much cheaper with a custom steel frame built to the CH's geo, but maybe add some track-ends for more fun options, or even shorten the CS. You could even add a Lauf gravel fork and stay way under the CH price.
  13. This is far from perfect, but I've gotten a few decent loops out it it. https://gravelmap.com
  14. Did you get a Funn G-Wide, or some silly narrow bar?
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