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  1. I've put together a few decent loops using: https://gravelmap.com/
  2. The statement was "lift/shuttle." Spider Mtn is lift. Bandera is shuttle.
  3. This is kinda exciting. I'm looking forward to trying it the other way! 2010, huh? Did those early EBs run with it in the clock-wise direction then? Anyone here other than @CBaron know the answer to that?
  4. Right place right time photo at Brushy.
  5. The terrain sounds like Hill Country Natural Area right next to it except with real trails and not fall-line climbs and descents. Do they also have plans to fill the north-east and north-west sides with sidetrack like the south side? Given the area, it looks like they could push upwards of 25 miles of xc trail. At that point with both DH lines and significant xc trail, they could be a real competition for Flat Rock given their location--assuming the trails are good. And someone needs to post the trails to ProjectMTB or TrailForks. I know that's how I find places, so I imagine they are still quite a bit off the radar.
  6. They better be careful. They'l get sued for discriminating agains folks with old-school ocular prosthetics.
  7. To get a little logical on you...the sign shows a drawing of an item that falls into the category of "motorized vehicles." But it clearly states that no items in this category are allowed. Items in this category also include one-wheels, space shuttles, motorcycles, e-pogos and remote control cars and many others. Not specificity stating each item in the category does not mean that items is allowed. Now that's a good point. My favorite signs are "Human powered traffic only."
  8. We did discuss this joint a bit on the mojo in a few places, notably: http://www.bikemojo.com/speak/14-austin-voodoo/101243-banderabike.html I never did get down there last year. But now that it sounds like they've added more trail I image I'll give it a shot soon enough. I'm running out of new places in TX to visit anyway!
  9. Pretty much you just continue straight like you're going to ride Windy backwards (clock-wise). But just before the trail goes into the trees, there is a 90 degree right turn. It is very well defined, but still easy to miss. The trail cuts into Windy proper just after all the muddy seeping bits.
  10. I was there last night as well. I went into Mark's only to turn around and go the other way. The first xing had water flowing, so I didn't think it would be worthwhile to ride it. But IMO Windy is just fine, good in fact, so long as you use the alternate entrance/exit instead of the seeping mess that is the entrance/exit by the creek. That thing will be wet for a long while I bet.
  11. They certainly are't pushing anything in the warranty department. 2 years with as many limitations as they could think of. I kind of doubt I'll ever buy a less than lifetime warranty frame again. https://www.viathonbicycles.com/pages/warranty
  12. ^^What a freakin' mess and a terrible experience @Seths Pool. While I haven't had to deal with SC on any warranty related issue (yet!), I'm glad I've gone with them given their reputation for handling issues quickly, and the supposed "not limited" lifetime warranty on the Reserve rims. I'm well over 1000 miles on them and they've been great. My only real concern is failure of the rims when I really need them, like a week-long trip. This isn't an issue if it's a road trip, I just pack extra wheels. But this may become a real pain if I'm flying since 2 wide wheelsets will be tough to pack into a box.
  13. I'm going with Flat Rock Ranch.
  14. ~Sigh~. Would had been wittier if I'd meant that. Very nice parallel though!
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