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  1. Not sure if I'll edit this post or make a new one. But I'll have to wait until I have a LOT of time to answer. Like when I'm at work.
  2. My SC Reserve 37 IW rim matches my 2.6 Rekons perfectly (it measures exactly 2.6 on the fat rim). For me the 2.6 Rekon is a great high volume but fast rolling and light tire. I ran 2.4/2.5 Minions for years in the north-east. I went higher volume (2.6 instead of 2.4 or 2.5) for around here because of all the loose dirt and loose rocks. This is for 27.5, but if I pick up a 29er SS, I'll probably still run 2.6 Rekons on 35ish rims.
  3. Maybe it's your bathing habits.
  4. @JRIDER you might consider ChiCarbon with DT Swiss hubs. I've had absurdly good luck with EIE wheels riding a shit-ton of singletrack on Chamois Hagar, and so has @CBaron on his Stache. After 4k miles, my 25.5mm IW wheels running 50mm tires haven't so much as broken a spoke, and have stayed as true as the day I took them out of the box--even though they're not helped by suspension. EIE's 35mm IW wheel would be a great match for 2.6" tires. The only problem is the extended shipping times, and the fact that warranties aren't as good as a US company like NOX or SC. But I'm quite convinced that the actual wheels are every bit as good or better than my DannyMac-approved SC wheels on the 5010. And about 60% of the price.
  5. I suspect my Torch hub (purchased literally a week before Hydra came out) looks significantly worse than this, but still functions quite well. I clean them up and put the Dumonde Tech lube on them about every 1000 miles. This recent time after cleaning/lubing, I did hear a concerning extra little noise in he hub. It lasted about 2 rides then returned to normal. But these hubs are pushing 13k miles, so if they explode tonight, I'll be happy. And yeah, I also love I9's service. I'm also really happy with my DT Swiss 240 w/ 54t ratchet on my Chamois Hagar. I also clean it up and lube it with DT's hilariously small tub of "Special Grease" about even 1000 miles. For the price, I might even go this route next time I build a MTB wheel.
  6. There's plenty of signal at the top. You will push quite a few spots. But a seriously large portion of it is easy spin.
  7. And you're going to climb UP Winsor trail one day? Good luck, dude. 🙂
  8. Barry

    Oskar Blues

    Do it! We'll certainly have to rope you in if we do another drop bar edition...
  9. Also what size and style? I have a few spares of 3 ltr quick disconnect version. Edit... this one...
  10. Accurate! Particularly the least creepy but most apropos:
  11. I was guessing this was the result of a sudden and brief downpour. A very cool shot whatever the case.
  12. No more MTBR? And I suppose Discord don't count?
  13. You'd think so. But I've observed he's a cold turkey kinda fellow. He decided to stop drinking and he was done. He decided to stop riding motorcycles on the road and he was done. Same with here. It's a little bit of shooting your foot off to spite your face (is that how that works?) but he ain't a fickel man.
  14. Great! I've been thinking that northern area could use more trails! *dodges thrown tomatoes*
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