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  1. I refer to that as a dirty bleed. It only takes about 10 minutes counting pulling out and putting away all the bits. It's good for a quick fix of a soft lever. I probably do that about every 5 or 6 months on our bikes. But occasionally or as needed I'll do the full bottom-up bleed as found in Shimano's instructions--which I follow precisely. It certainly works better but takes about 30 minutes, but most of that is reading and double checking the instructions.
  2. Yeah there's a lot of Phil's World! When I was there in early September I came across the work party on the for north side. They told me I was the first person to ride the section and they were dying to see me hit a new downhill they'd just cut. I rode everything except a final trail they said was too soft on top. I'd say the new northern stuff is a bit more technical. It was more in common with Paquito Burrito than with Ribcage. I did 50 miles that day and only repeated Ribcage. So I suppose I got most of it except that new soft trail. From the article "There are now about 51 miles of non-motorized trails to explore in the section of Bureau of Land Management and Colorado Trust Land."
  3. We had changed this plan to Killeen instead. And you're right, every time I drive through F'burg the sidewalks are stuffed as are the restaurants and shops. We intended to go to Killeen this weekend, but we look certain to ger rained out. So this is on hold for now.
  4. Barry

    Gravel rigs

    I don't see widths on the Rimpact gravel inserts. My small HuckNorris is advertised for 2.1-2.4 tires, so it's little bit too big for my 25.5mm rims with 50mm tires. It works well to protect my EIE ChiCharbon rims, and while the foam gets a bit distorted, it seems to hold up fine. And I think HuckNorris remains the lightest and cheapest option for inserts. HuckNorris recently put out several new versions of their insets as well, so that's worth looking into. Between the 5010 and the ChamoisHagar, I have no damaging impacts in over 12,000 miles running HuckNorris on carbon rims at lower pressures.
  5. Excellent strategy. Have the good stuff for tasting, but if they're fairly uninitiated they're like to just think these taste "hot." Both are some of the best regularly available...uh...bourbons out there. OF 1920 is predictable and consistent. But JDSBBP is an adventure. I bet we've had 15 or more bottles since it came out about 4 years ago. They're always very good, but they range from very fruity to very oaky. You never really know what you're going to get...that part of the single barrel fun. And another thing is the barrel pick version. Oak Liquor Cabinet currently has a barrel pick of SBBP that is massively fruity with banana and cherry notes. It's excellent!
  6. Oh shit! What if we fight trail reroutes and b-lines by dumping scree in them!?
  7. Yeah, someone obviously criticized Thumper recently. The down'd tree is on the final third section, as you make your way up the second to the last climb not long before the rocky downhill turn. You know, next to the tree.
  8. I suppose scree is a degradation of the trail and removal is returning the trail to a more natural state. But does the scree prevent even more future erosion? I've no idea. I suppose limestone just sucks. Let's trade it out for something in a nice granite.
  9. I guess that's also my thought on scree rakers. I ain't raking scree, but I ain't complaining if you do it. And every time leaf blowing comes up, I have to tell the story of the guy in Rochester who had a trail zamboni. Dude had an old bike with a leaf blower attached on the front and rear. It was awesome and worked great. We removed leaves in the northeast because we had a lot of leaf fall and a lot of rain. We found the trails dried much faster without leaves. So we removed them.
  10. Didn't we already do that? I ain't blowing leaves, but I ain't complaining if you do it.
  11. Nobody has time for photos. STRAVA! We really have become a group of folks with a lot of very specific concerns. Modify trails you didn't build? Asshole. Cut a branch (face slapper)? Hero. Cut a branch incorrectly? Asshole. Join an official work day? Hero. Head down non-waver? Asshole. Cut a root? Asshole. Do a good job fixing a mud hole? Hero. Not wearing a helmet? Dumbass. Oblivious headphone wearers? Assholes. Newbz or short timers with no group to let them know the rules? Assholes. But I haven't gotten my head around the scree rakers. I've seen a bit of this at Walnut over the last few months. It's particularly evident on Doghead loop, but also going up Tangle. Is this a good thing or bad thing? I can't decide.
  12. I was out there on Sunday about 30 minutes before dark and didn't notice the change. Either it was done right after that, or this morning. Assholes. I know some day they're going to remove that BMX exit root and I'm going to go scorched earth on them.
  13. Nice. There are few things I love more than a dry creek. It generally means the trails are also dry.
  14. Yeah, the oblivious rider/hiker/runner thing is frustrating--as we've discussed over and over. I had another guy yesterday afternoon at Walnut on BMX. He had no helmet but his ears were well protected with over-the-ear headphones. And he was going super slow. I screamed for his attention multiple times to no avail. Finally I buzzed his tire. They say the same thing every time, "sorry, I couldn't hear you because of my headphones." No shit!
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