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  1. When ^this^ guy says "don't get me started," he means it!
  2. Dude, those are excellent categories for columns! Or should they be rows? Either way it's a good start! Although I think maybe it's wrong that my heart rate increased from excitement reading that.
  3. It looks like they changed the cheeky language they used to use about high-fiving you if you break it. But the effective warranty is still the same. No matter how you break it riding, they'll replace it. Since then, other carbon wheel manufactures have matched this warranty as well. https://www.santacruzbicycles.com/en-US/reserve-wheels https://www.santacruzbicycles.com/en-US/warranty
  4. For me neurosis is a big part of the fun.
  5. This is precisely why the phrase "unlimited lifetime warranty" makes me so happy. Currently my SC Reserves cost 20 cents per mile. That cost will decrease indefinitely.
  6. It's the gravel path in Wells Branch, on the south east side by the disc golf course.
  7. I once did a Flat Rock Ranch ride that only cost 10 cents per mile! But yeah, for maintenance purposes (and geeky entertainment) I throughly track milage with components in Strava. But it never occurred to me to track those costs! I see a new spreadsheet idea...
  8. It has also drizzled most of this morning on WC. Today is out for sure IMO. Tomorrow is also unlikely, but may be decent in the evening if we get enough sun and wind. I think Thursday is the safest bet.
  9. Did you have to 'Dukes of Hazard' yourself out of the window? Or did you get out of a sunroof?
  10. Just two folks. Both normal use and bicycle use shoes. Also keep in mind one of those folks is a female with a moderate collection.
  11. I don't think I've shared my garage set-up. Freshly empty of most superfluous bikes. Overview: Primary bike hanger: Main bench and tools: Sticker fridge:
  12. Texas alligator lizard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_alligator_lizard
  13. "We might have stumbled on the right amount of stupid."
  14. No doubt. But still without active administration the forum will likely break down over time. Or become another spam pool. A lot of us get a lot of functionality out of this forum, and it doesn't have to be completely thankless. While I'm not about to moderate, I'd be pleased to donate money on some regular basis to assure it keeps running.
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