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  1. Barry

    Air Compressors

    I had one of those as well. It worked on low volume tires only, so I stopped using it about 2 years ago. It was fun to build and use, but it got "lost in the move." I don't miss it.
  2. Barry

    Air Compressors

    Same here. My 3 gallon 100psi compressor is no more effective than my air blasting floor pump. If I can't seat it with the pump, I'm not going to get it seated with the compressor. Edit: this one, https://www.jensonusa.com/Foundation-Airblast-Tubeless-Floor-Pump-Alloy-Barrel-Twin-Valve-260-PSI?pt_source=googleads&pt_medium=cpc&pt_campaign=shopping_us&pt_keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnY_jBRDdARIsAIEqpJ1x07s2rcEsfR3Qdj8zQefQKfe3sqx_5ts4JTc8YUCb0JGmMTQdMBQaAipjEALw_wcB
  3. Barry


    Even dead, he still wins the derailer argument.
  4. Barry

    Narnia - Now with Concrete!

    I've done this Harris Branch connection quite a few times now. And while it doesn't have a bike path, it isn't terrible. From Howard to Parmer is the worst part because it has no significant shoulder, and has bad traffic. But at lest it is very short, and you can even sidewalk some of it. The longest section between Parmer and 290 has variable shoulder widths and variable sidewalk availability. But the traffic along this section is always very light. Traffic picks up again between 290 and Lindell (Southern Walnut access), but the shoulders are wide and this section is short.
  5. Barry

    Brushy Creek

    Ah. That makes sense. Twitter (you?) said it was raining at Brushy when it was raining at my house near WC. That lasted about 30 minutes, so I assumed the same was true just up the road.
  6. Barry

    Brushy Creek

    Thanks for the feedback on SN all. That worked out great! The trails are in very good condition. Even east Peddlers and Mulligan. Brave the cold and get a ride in before that changes again.
  7. Barry


    One week certainly isn't too long. But you may also consider taking the day to make the fairly short drive (< 1.5 hour, I think) to Fruita for the Kokopelli Area's Horsethief Bench and other trails. And while in Moab, don't forget Bartlet's Wash. It'll be a short, but fun ride. Do it on a recovery day.
  8. Good point that it's repairable. I've had 2 steel frames break. One I had a friend repair (an old Jenson house brand, Zion), and one was simply replaced by the manufacture (Motobecane/Bikes Direct) since it was during the 7 year warranty. Good call going with Reynolds 725 as well. Both my steel frames have been 4130.
  9. This is crazy cheap for a custom frame. For a person who doesn't break frames this would be a good deal. But a 6 month warranty is a non starter for me, unfortunately.
  10. Barry

    Brushy Creek

    So doing everything once yields me about 20-21 miles now. Maybe 22 miles when all of Peddlers Pass and Mulligan dries up. I think the only thing I've never bothered to add is The Peddler's bike shop out-n- back. For anyone who's ridden that bit, is it a worth while addition given the neighborhood spin to get to it? It looks like the trail portion is almost 2 miles, and the road spin is only about 1 miles. So my total ride would work out to be maybe 26 miles.
  11. They're a little hard to come by for free, that's for sure. And even harder to come by if it's an obscure bike. Take the RM Thunderbolt for example. Bicycle World promised they'd get me one in at the start of the year for a demo, but I only heard crickets. And now the time for me to demo has come and gone.
  12. Barry

    Walnut Creek

    It seems like the morning wetness comes and goes every day. If I'm able to, I'll get over there for an exploratory ride this evening. Worst case scenario is that turns into a connector trail and concrete spin.
  13. Trail Forks shows a little under 3 miles of singletrack that it says is for biking and describes as technical.