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  1. It's pretty good! And certainty a good value, as are most BiB whiskies. But it is largely one-note to me...banana pudding. For me it suffers the same fate as most KY ryes like Sazerac or Knob Creek and others (which are also only 51% rye), in that it's only a few mash bill percentage points away from being a bourbon. That's not really a bad thing, but it isn't what I love about a rye. My favorites are well aged and high proof rye with very high or even 100% rye mash bills.
  2. Good, good. https://youtu.be/iN7_O-2Kixw
  3. Except, wasn't he trying to actually surf with it? But maybe that was after his sand adventure. Anyway, @Jessica and I keep threatening to take our fat bikes down for some beach riding, but other plans keep getting in the way. We did quite of bit of frozen beach riding while in the north. But I wouldn't take a skinny tire mountain bike into loose sand just because it wouldn't be fun, nor is it great on suspension bits. But a mid-fat or fat bike tire is a bit of fun. And so long as you're using a dry lube, there's not a lot of danger of gumming anything up too much. What we really want to do, is figure out how to rent a large paddle boat, and get ourselves and our fat bikes over to Matagorda Island for a long fat bike out and back. There used to be a ferry a few years back, but apparently it burnt and sank. Now the only way over is by personal craft.
  4. I've heard too many Trek warranty delay horror stories over the last several years to even consider one. And that tracks too, since my Gary Fisher was Trek/Bontrager owned nearly 20 years ago...and I broke it 4 times, and each time it was about 7-12 week turn around. No thanks.
  5. Alcohol isn't recommended while using Tramadol. But even when the meds wears off I'm largely fine. And the good news is that I have no alcohol DT shakes after not drinking yesterday and today!
  6. I don't think anyone needs a photo! And I had a spectacular time right up until I didn't. Friday and Saturday were a great time. More fun than expected even. Very early Sunday morning @Jessicanoticed an aggressive dog in our camp area. He was pacing around and growing. Turns out it was a neighbor camper's dog that had gotten loose. I made an attempt to shoo him away, and at first he seemed to respond...but then he turned and lunged. I fell, but I don't know if I fell before or after the attack. He got me in the lip and the result was a large split in my bottom lip and a small gash in the top. Jessica woke up @CBaron and he heroically got me to a 24hr clinic only 5 minutes away. Jessica stayed behind to get the owner details...turns out he was our immediate neighbor. No rabies shots required it seems. But 12 stitches put me mostly back together. The swelling is starting to go down, and the pain is minor, but it's still a bit gruesome. I have high hopes, but expect the scar will be obvious on the bottom.
  7. I'm happy to note that this prediction has pan'd out! And better than I expected too, since even I have had my first dose. I'm looking forward fun weekend!
  8. I'm not sure how it's so confusing. R&I roll outs are at 4. And 4:10. And 4:30. Also 4:45, 5:00, 5:15 and obviously 5:30. Also 6:20.
  9. The reach was just fine on the GG. The problem was just the standover as she couldn't stand over the top-tube without being on her tiptoes. It turned out they measured stand-over at the lowest point on the top tube (under the saddle), and not at a place you can actually stand. Over. Of course we found this out after I built up the bike and not during the 70 or more emails I exchanged with GG including every imaginable body measurement. They did pay for the return shipping and fully refund the purchase. But! This was on their old aluminum frames with the silly up-sloping top tube. It looks like they may have fix'd that issue with their carbon frames.
  10. A crappy hotel. We probably should have looked into the joint a little more. We did talk about how a B'n'B would be a nice option for future trips. Although we'd need to make sure it was bike friendly, being able to keep the bikes inside or in an attached garage. We had almost exactly 1 mile of gravel on the return trip. On the way out we had a ton of compacted gravel-like but really paved (whatever those are) country roads. @Jessica covered a lot of the trip, so I thought I'd touch on some of the technical aspects. Like our pack-list and bags... From the list, we ended up not taking flip-flops nor rainproof jackets. We end up not using our sports nutrition, our shampoo/conditioner, or our Maxxis string backpack, but I think all of those are worth bringing again just in case. The only thing we probably could have used more of...was whisky. The Mophie rocked and we ended up showing up with our devices well charged, even the Iphone that was being used for navigation--Ride with GPS was perfect. And I suppose that I should pack a derailer cable for future trips, and maybe a Leatherman tool with a wire cutter. Although honestly single-speeding it back at 40x17 wasn't bad at all. Our bag situation worked out flawlessly. Obviously I was the pack mule and didn't mind at all--my bike is 2-3 lbs lighter after all! Jessica's Specialized Sequoia carried a small saddle pack and a Specialized top tube pack. My Evil ChamoisHagar carried the same Specialized top tube pack, a Revelate bolt-on Mag Tank, a very cheap and light Amazon handlebar bag, and 2 DOM Gorilla fork bags. All the bags served their purpose flawlessly with no rattling nor movement. The fork bags do catch wind on occasion and I almost ate shit riding no-handed at one point! We even had a little extra space in the fork bags, so we could have brought more clothes if needed.
  11. Dude, that GG Trail Pistol was a small!
  12. There is a ton of new construction going on at Wolf Ranch in Georgetown. Looks like modern and sizeable homes in the 250-500 range.
  13. The bonnets be poppin’ and we be packin’.
  14. Derek was a beautiful show. Gervais is spectacular.
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