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  1. Bought my 2018 YT Jeffsy last year, based on price/specs, compared to others. REALLY would've like that Pivot 429 Trail, but the price was a bit off-putting. The YT was fairly comparable spec-wise at about $1000 less. I was able to sit on a local medium for sizing. Didn't really care about 'test ride' as ANYTHING would've been quite different than the 2005 575 it was to replace. Quite happy with it.
  2. I'm a few miles south of BC, and the several minutes of downpour that just hit should be over brushy soon, if it isn't already. Might be a bit wet if you plan to ride there.
  3. Unfortunately, If I were to follow that rule, I'd be sleeping until 2-3pm everyday. As it is, I need to do that Sat-Tues, but unwilling to do that Wed-Fri (MY weekend)...I'm sure I'd probably feel a bit better if I DID keep same sleep schedule on my days off, but that's just not going to happen.
  4. Finally made this. Dunno how, exactly. Just looked straight through trees as I approached the ledge, and rode right through. I think I keep getting hung up by looking at the ledge. Line perpendicular to ledge points at that tree on the left, so I always turn a bit that way, then end up riding right into it. This last time, I don't think I even looked at the stupid rocks and just rode through the tree gap. I should probably do that more often (not look at stupid rocks.) As far as 1/4 Notch goes, last obstacle I need to work on is up sponge bob. Smashed a testicle last time I tried, though. Not in a hurry to repeat that.
  5. I need to drink and sleep more, but sometimes a bit difficult.
  6. What combo? F/R? I ALMOST bought a MAXXIS at Peddlers, but walked out instead. This is first/only set of Schwalbe I've owned. Also the first time I've ever torn a tire. Internet says it's a bit common with Schwalbe. I was using Nevegal/Small Block 8 for several years (26"), but not at Brushy. New bike last year had E13 something or other, but I found those to be slow and squirmy (really large side knobs), so switched to HansDampf. Liked how they worked, but now know they are not as durable as they could be. What would you recommend for rear specific Maxxis?
  7. Did you use a tube patch, or as someone suggested above, a car radial tire patch? I swear had several small boxes of the rubber repair kits, but can't seem to find them.
  8. 29x2.35...I'm going to try John's suggestion, run some superglue into hole (sort of flap with hole at bottom) Ed, I did refill a bit of sealant, added about 15psi and let it sit overnight. Didn't hold air. When I got tire off, I did wipe it down, but there was a whole lot of gunk that needed peeling and some further drying out. I just got impatient, so threw a tube in there. I just remembered I have a set of an old set of panaracer rampage I can sub out, so might throw one of those on while I work on the HD. Also, not just Schwalbe tires are expensive. Stopped by Peddlers, looked at a couple Maxxis they had, they were more expensive than what I paid for these Hans Dampfs.
  9. I used a 32T/22T front (triple w/bashguard on outer ring), 12-28 cassette (9spd SRAM road cassette) on my 575 for years, until I upgraded to a new 1x11 setup (put a narrow wide in place of the 32T on same cranks, removed the 22T; kept the bashguard.)
  10. Not too bad. Really need to change playback speed to 1.5, though. :)
  11. Thanks for the tips. For now, I'm cheating with a tube. When time for new tire, I'll set it back up tubeless. I'm a bit impatient and didn't want to wait for it to dry out, then clean, then attempt the patch, then wait to see if patch holds.
  12. Setup a pair of Hans Dampf for tubeless this spring, been working great so far. However, tore (cut?) a nice hole right between knobs. Even with a plug, it won't hold air. Tore coming down Mulligan drop at BC. Made it down ok, but air was gone by time I hit the sidewalk. Any place in town sell Schwalbe Tires? I can order one, but wanted to see if there was any place local to pick up another Hans Dampf. Pics: sealant drained on ground. Dripping sealant with plug sticking out (still won't seal)
  13. No one's gonna like this one:
  14. No pic ('cause I'm at work and it's dusty and hidden on the 2nd shelf of tv stand) but have a Pro-Ject Carbon table. I also have that same Saturn V on a shelf (and a partial LEGO Millenium Falcon on coffee table) 🙂
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