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  1. Gotta practice those offhand drills.
  2. Gah! Reading that injury report made skin crawl. Nasty stuff. Keep up the spirits, get the surgery, heal up.
  3. I make sure to spray arms/legs liberally with sunblock before riding there. It adds a bit of a barrier, thus giving me more time to get it washed off (cool rinse, wash arms/legs with DAWN dish soap, then shower as normal with soap and washrag.) Works pretty well, as I am very allergic to it (started when I was 9 and had near 100% body coverage with the rash. Oatmeal baths for a couple weeks.)
  4. Now just need to stuff a cooler in some shrubs. Say you gotta stop for a nature break, then pull a couple cold ones from the bushes.
  5. I'd check for an ortho/sports doc in your insurance network, then make appt with them.
  6. Their foil bottles are damn good. Best one to me was the Rumpkin. Damn fine beer.
  7. Thule T2 states max 120lbs. As long as you're in the weight limit of 150lbs (per the link you included), probably ok.
  8. Well, there's your first mistake.
  9. They had some good beers, for sure. Once they moved over to Heineken, though, switched to others that were still 'craft.'
  10. CHEAP was the overriding factor, here. Didn't even know if I could get all this to play nicely. Thx to JRA for rear wheel and some minor tweaking, as well as observing chain was much too short (a stopgap at best, as I had yet to order new chain/chainring, and the borrowed bits from the 575 were just barely cutting it.) I won't spend anymore for THIS build, as it will only be used sparingly. If I get a smaller frame someday, I'll put more into it then.
  11. 🙂 I'll have to post the TAPE job next. Take video of your skin jumping off... 😛 Also, 'amateur' implies at least a modicum of previous experience. This being the first time I've attempted such a thing, I watched a youtube video by Park tool, then wrapped the bars. I still need to wrap my actual road bike bars as well, so I'll apply lessons learned there.
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