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  1. How about imperial barrel aged stout with 13%ABV? That's at least 20x one of those "light" beers, yeah?
  2. Just bought a bottle of Barrel Proof Elijah Craig. My usual is Four Roses single barrel, though Buffalo Trace will sometimes find it's way home, as well as an occasional Blanton's.
  3. Just finished a can of Martin House Half Baked. Was planning to ride but not now. Need to recover. With a nap.
  4. Couple responses: That Shankar family just bleeds talent. Also, Diva Dance is always good!
  5. That has to be some master-level parody, right?
  6. Rode Peddler's last night. Whole tree down on west side, a couple turns back from upper bridge. Easy to get around as it's only covering about 6 feet of trail.
  7. The only "drone" i'd think capable of following a rider on most of our trails would be an FPS racing drone, with the person controlling it somewhere between start and end. I've seen a few videos, but even then they're still crashing into trees.
  8. Could even get a house with a garage like this, providing you need small airplane parking. Cameron Airpark
  9. Got the same, but HAVE used it on trail. Works well.
  10. Got the 1100 Boost on Black Friday. Very nice light. Big plus, it actually fit on a 35mm bar.
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