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  1. My 2008 Triumph Speed Triple is collecting dust in garage. Last time I rode it was when I moved into new house, last year. Rode from apt to house and not since. Feel guilty every time I open the door and see her sitting there, waiting to breathe the wind. Need to get inspection so I can renew long overdue registration. I do like riding, but with new house and all the little things, I don't seem to have as much time just to go for a ride.
  2. Im with AB on shorts, for stated reason as well as that most baggies are LONG. Everytime I pedal they ride up and over kneecap and it's really fucking annoying. I still wear shorts, but they're quite shorter than typical shorts, and a bit more form-fitting than baggies. Now I just buy padded underwear/shorts and wear separate shorts over those.
  3. Recently installed an Ambient Weather weather station in my backyard. System allows public upload of data on Ambient Weather website (as well as weather underground.) While browsing, found a few others that might be of interest. There are a couple right next to Walnut Creek: https://ambientweather.net/dashboard/f2fe660bf8cf9ae3baaaf98970371879 Brushy Creek: https://ambientweather.net/dashboard/1812d963f5f4a82796d1defd404a5f51 Validity of data depends on how each is setup, but if you use the map and click on a few others, you can get a general idea. Can also find some data on weather underground's wundermap: https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap But not as detailed as on the ambient weather maps above. I'm sure there are other brand websites that can be utilized as well, but I have the Ambient Weather weather station, so that is the one I know about.
  4. Been like that for last several days. Very spotty, but intense when it does. Each mini-cells are also tracking different direction. Very chaotic atmosphere at the moment.
  5. Just started watching Counterpart. Pretty good so far. Unfortunately only 2 seasons.
  6. Seconded. Good guy. Hooked me up last year when cooling fan capacitor failed in August.
  7. Pretty sure this won't help, one way or another, with this particular activity.
  8. A very lightly flavored beer. Somewhat tropical, but hard to tell exactly. Refreshing enough, for what it is.
  9. BOHICA: https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/ercot-conservation-alert-texans-asked-to-reduce-electric-use-on-monday/ I say, push it til it fails then MAYBE this time they'll fucking fix their issues. Better now than when it's REALLY hot...
  10. Another interesting one. Nit as good as the one above, though.
  11. jcarneytx

    Elon on SNL

    Maybe not THIS one, but humans will still be around,. I think, at this point, humans are too good at manipulating their environment. OK, there might be significantly less humans at some point in the future, but however many there are, will find a way to survive.
  12. jcarneytx

    Elon on SNL

    gonna need at least as long as humans have formed societies to curtail our destructive habits. Maybe in another 20 thousand years we MIGHT have gotten over it...
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