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  1. Nice turnout last night. Will see most again next week, then who knows when next? Might take some more vacation in a couple months.
  2. Had a bell, but it broke, and since I've not stepped foot into any bikeshop in the past year, I've yet to find a replacement. Usually I just stop pedaling and the rear wheel ratcheting noise is enough to get people to move to the side, to which I then say a profound "thank you" as I pass.
  3. Here's the harness I use, or close enough. https://www.amazon.com/Lowepro-Topload-Chest-Harness-Toploader/dp/B0029ZA49Q for bag, might be a bit harder to find. I was able to find this small bag on craigslist (fits dslr with 50mm lens easily. Also works with a 110-200 zoom.) Most bags like this are not setup for harness, which is why I found a seamstress (craigslist again) to sew D-rings onto bottom so I could attach the harness. (I cut the d-rings from something else, don't remember what) It has very minimal padding, not something you'd want to land on (I don't think I've ever landed on chest when crashing; head/back, knees/elbows, sure, but not chest.) Just search for top-loading camera bag, then pick one you'd think would work. I did originally get a Lowepro bag, but it was a bit ungainly for riding with, so I sold it and found this bag. Guess I could've put camera in pic, but the opening is about the width of a normal dslr, so it's not overly large.
  4. One reason I rarely road my motorcycle to work was having to either use a tank bag or a backpack; I hated both. And the planning and extra clothes I'd need to stash at work on a weekly basis is another prevention.
  5. I bought a harness and a small pack for my dslr. holds camera on chest, with a, mostly, easy top opening case just big enough to hold camera. I can post a pic when I get home from work. Camera I bought it for is a direct ancestor to that Sony alpha...Maxxum 5D. Edit: top loading camera bag with Lowepro chest harness. Had a seamstress see a couple d-rings to bottom of bag. Had an actual Lowepro bag, but that thing was massive, much too bulky to ride with. This little bag works well enough.
  6. This is a secondary reason I stick to brushy, in spite of passing walnut on my way to brushy. I have seen it at Brushy, but not lately.
  7. I didn't even know who Y&T were until 85 and Summertime Girls, in spite of being born just south of their hometown. Man, there's a bunch of old people here. 😁
  8. I'm a bit lucky in that I bought my first home last year for 228k. Zillow, which is where I saw the first time, was pretty near that same price for most of last year, but is now showing it as possibly as much as 280k. I haven't even been here a year yet. One of the things that led to this situation, or at least didn't help, is that new construction halted, or slowed quite a bit, over past year, leading to a dearth of new homes.
  9. Rye Wine Ale, ala "barleywine" ale, aka, high abv ale, but with rye? 'Cause if it is, I'm gonna need find some of that. on a side note, a friend distills and gave me a jar of white rye, 120proof. Currently "aging" half on American oak chips and half on French oak chips. Did this last fall with American oak, and it was one of the best "whiskeys" I've ever enjoyed. VERY smoot and tasty. We'll see how these two turn out in 3 months. I really like rye beverages.
  10. I kind of liked cheese grater. Georgetown, too, the one time I rode there. It's the 2' ledges at the top of a 20degree climb i hate.
  11. Keep an eye on this spot for "bluebonnets"...saw one, still growing, but was close to trail and worried it may not survive. This is at entrance to 1/4 Notch (e-w.) If all went well, you just might be surprised at the color of the flowers...
  12. That right there scares me. I WOULD have went right over him. I ride w/o Rx glasses and would most likely never have noticed until my tire was rolling right over him.
  13. Not sure. Not had any other symptoms. I switched to lactose free milk many years ago, more from gut gas than heartburn.
  14. Kind of...according to google, costochondritus is fairly short term. I've been feeling this almost a year. Just twinges of pain. Sometimes in upper-center back, to left or right mid-chest ribs, to upper-center chest. Not BAD, just really annoying. Gets worse with intense exercise (hammering away on quarter notch for instance.)
  15. Well, good news after stress test and echo, heart is perfectly normal, with "good" exercise tolerance. Now time to work on getting the fitness back, slowly. Also, back to regular doc to find another direction to determine chest/torso pain/twinges. I'm wondering if, due to numerous bruised/fractured/dislocated ribs over the years, if it's not arthritis of the rib cage. Is that a thing?
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