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  1. Pretty much how youtube musicians collaborate these days.
  2. Friend of mins is part of Moonshine Ridge, now out in Johnson City. They do in fact mash, ferment, then distill their own.
  3. I wish to, someday, build a nice .308 AR. I have an M1A, but really want to build a 18" fluted barrel AR. I built a PDW-style 300BLK and a "normal" 16" .223Wylde, but am desiring a better .308 than the M1A (currently in a Juggernaut Tactical Rogue bullpup chassis.) It's fun to shoot, but a bit of a pain to take care of.
  4. Actually like this one quite a bit. I use a couple of the ceramic/pottery 28oz bombers for growlers/bottle conditioning homebrew.
  5. You CAN change the oil weight, within reason, for tuning. I used 5wt instead of the recommended 3wt when I redid my PIKE damper (at 210, figured a little extra would help) I did not change the lower/air chamber oil weight, as it's already a bit heavier, mostly just to keep things slick.
  6. Not quite the same, but I just did full rebuild on my Pike. The lower leg service is pretty much that: JUST the lower legs. Damper is separate (for the PIKE; i'm fairly certain FOX wouldn't be much different). IF you're going to do the damper service, you will need the 2nd oil as well (you would drain the damper oil, clean, then add new light weight oil.) Lower leg basics are to pull the legs, dump the heavier oil, clean (usually with isopropyl alcohol; was going to write ipa but didn't want anyone screaming about a. wasting beer or b. really sticky fork parts;) replace rings/seals, replace lower, add oil through bolt hole, install bolts. Not much more to it than that.
  7. I tried the "Twelve ride flats challenge" after reading the manifesto. Meh. Most of that was learning how to use the flats, since I'd never mountain biked with them (started with toe CLIPS, then clipless.) I used 1/4 Notch (Mulligan/Peddlers/Picnic) as testbed. Yeah, I learned to "lift" instead of "pull", but shins sure paid a price. After those twelve rides, went back to SPDs. If I ever end up with an "urban" bike, I'll at least have new shoes and pedals to ride with.
  8. Where did you get this?! I would buy and drink all of them.
  9. This guy is gonna be here in August. Hopefully will be able to make the show.
  10. How about imperial barrel aged stout with 13%ABV? That's at least 20x one of those "light" beers, yeah?
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