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  1. Lol! Of course... https://www.psypost.org/2020/06/conspiracy-mentality-linked-to-non-compliance-with-official-but-not-unofficial-coronavirus-prevention-measures-57186
  2. Lol " we shouldn't presume experts know what they're talking about." His point about "no cases of transmission by children after schools opened" is laughable. You mean those schools that opened in countries where cases dropped to low levels because they fucking wore masks to stop the spread? Yeah, ok. That is exactly like what is happening in the US. Plague rats will say anything, do anything but wear a mask.
  3. broken, fractured once a staple of trail life like a clock spinning on its axis, it reverses itself, as hands move now only the hardy venture it's shady twists, hoping to avoid any singularly oxidized carbon Update:view in landscape on mobile or on a monitor. Mobile portrait jacks with the formatting
  4. A bit out of date. This information is a bit more relevant: "Now that serology tests are available, which test for antibodies, the estimates we have right now show about 10 times more people have antibodies in the jurisdictions tested than had documented infections." https://time.com/5859790/cdc-coronavirus-estimates/
  5. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201811/why-certain-people-will-never-admit-they-were-wrong I don't care if someone has a difference of opinion. That's fine. I have a problem with those that are too selfish and self-centered to care about anyone else. Arguing with them will not ever change their mind, simply because they are incapable of change. Their world-view consists of "ME and ONLY ME" and they are NEVER wrong. They believe the earth is flat in spite of overwhelming evidence it is not. They believe astronauts did not land on the moon, in spite of evidence they did and that with a big enough telescope you can see the marks on the moon where they landed. They believe the entirety of the world is conspiring and making up a chinese flu that isn't any different than any other disease in spite of the fact there are over half a million dead from it. They believe that wearing a mask is indicative of being a "sheep" when it is simply a self-less act of trying to prevent it's spread. The only thing, if that is even possible in some cases, that would change the minds of people like this is experience. In this specific case, that would mean the death of someone they care about due to their own actions which could have been prevented by simple preventative measures, like wearing a mask.
  6. No. I assume you don't give a shit about anyone but yourself. Killing others is just unfortunately going to be the result. Maybe not for you. Even likely not you. But someone like you. As I've said: petulant, self-centered, selfish. Not doing "what I'm told"...doing what is "right" but not for me. For everyone else, including you.
  7. This right here shows you have no understanding at all,. I'm not pissing and moaning about being disagreed with. At all. But seems you really can't understand that.
  8. No, just when people continuously, without change, show that they do not care about other people at all.
  9. This is completely worthless argument. Humans have been living with the the flu for a LONG TIME...we've built up immunities, our bodies know how to fight it, we have fucking vaccines for it. There is a reason it's called NOVEL coronavirus...because it's fucking NEW. Our bodies have no defense against it, we don't have vaccines for it. Fucking hell the ignorance displayed in this thread all because of MUH FREEEDOMS1111!!!
  10. And yet again....masks do not protect you, as all those studies found. But what you keep avoiding is that masks prevent YOU from infecting others. Yes, we all, here in this forum, GREATLY understand you care not one whit about anyone else but yourself. We get it. We really do. Why you keep posting this crap is beyond understanding at this point. We're not going to convince you how wrong not wearing a mask is and you won't be convincing anyone that wearing a mask isn't right.
  11. I have since conquered that feature. Still 50/50 on the giant slab that goes up just prior (where the orange rocks give warning that you'll soon be arriving at)
  12. Just watched these guys yesterday! They had a video on shoulder impingement (been plaguing me for over a year now.) Good videos.
  13. Been in manufacturing my whole adult life. My specific engineering technician skills and knowledge won't apply, but all the general knowledge should. I might consider applying there, when they start building out.
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