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Waltworks bike or frame

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Selling my basically brand new Waltworks.  I had this built up last spring.  It has 5 or 6 rides total on it.  I've had a back injury that has limited me to mostly road riding.  I can't let this thing just sit in the garage.  I'd be willing to trade for a full suspension xc bike (medium/large) and or sale the frame/complete.  Frame would fit someone great between 5'8 and 6 foot.  This frame is very similar to a Chumba Sendero in style.

Frame:  $1800 for frame/headset/seat collar

Has a mix of 12 speed xt/slx drivetrain

XT is shifter/rear derailler

SLX is brakes (4 piston), crank, cassette

Custom Onyx hubs to Stans Flow EX wheels (super boost).

Custom Jen Green headbadge

Fox 34 fork (130mm) (literally just installed, I had a Step cast on there but wanted more travel.  Doesn't even have a ride on it).  

Paint is an amazing sparkle with purples/pinks in the sunlight.  

Has 3rd bottle cage and rack mounts.

All parts were brand new.  Does not come with pedals.  


I live in Kerrville but could meet.  I will be in Austin this weekend or could make other arrangements.  It took 6 months of waiting and here I am with no way to really enjoy it.  


Walt 9.jpg

Walt 8.jpg

Walt 7.jpg

Walt 6.jpg

Walt 5.jpg

Walt 4.jpg

Walt 3.jpg

Walt 1.jpg

Walt geo.pdf

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