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Help us remove 20+ downed trees from Lake Georgetown tomorrow, Sunday, August 26!

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Apparently a microburst at Lake Georgetown knocked over 20 trees across the trail this week between Cedar Breaks and Cedar Hollow.  Most of the damage seems to be near Crockett Springs.  We're going to try and clear as much as we can tomorrow, Sunday, August 26th.  We'll be meeting at 8am at Cedar Hollow, then heading east towards Crockett Springs (about 2.5 miles).  We'll work for about four hours, then head back.  

We'll have two people authorized to use chainsaws, and then as many as possible to drag cut trees and branches off the trail.  Bring at least three liters of water, gloves, heat awareness and sturdy footwear.  I also recommend wearing pants.  If you have a folding saw, please feel free to bring that as well to help cut smaller limbs and branches.  

Here is the location of the Cedar Hollow trailhead.  Drive all the way to the end of W Lake Parkway and park there.  If you can attend, please send me a private message so we know roughly how many to expect.   

This work day is TMBRA Pay Dirt eligible.  Make sure to bring a Pay Dirt form and get it signed. 

Here's a photo of just one of the downed trees: 


Thank you! 


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Four of us spent four hours walking between Cedar Hollow and Crockett Springs to remove all the downed trees from the trail.  I've never seen such carnage on a relatively short segment of trail like this before!  

Here's a gallery of photos: 

There are still a few trees down between Crockett and Cedar Breaks, and hopefully those will get taken care of next week in time for Cody's two-lap Dragonslayer pre-ride. 


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13 minutes ago, Zander said:

Just cleared the 1st mile from cedar breaks. Tough going with just a handsaw  but progress was made. There's still a lot of trees down going to Crockett Garden past the 1 mile point. 

Awesome, thanks for getting out there in this heat!  I can't even imagine clearing what we did yesterday without the chainsaws, so mad props to you for tackling it with a handsaw by yourself.  I've let others know that there are still trees down between Cedar Breaks and Crockett.  Hopefully most of that can be taken care of this week. 


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