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  1. I definitely will, I have both apps on my phone.
  2. Thanks, that's considerably more distance than was out there my last visit! Look forward to seeing what you've been up to, and thanks for keeping everyone updated with your progress. And I'm very appreciative of good signage on trails, that's one weakness many of the Austin-area trails suffer!
  3. I've been gone for a bit -- how much trail is out there now? Definitely need to get out there again, it's been months since I last visited!
  4. That all sounds great, look forward to getting back out there! Thanks for your continued updates!
  5. Thursday is looking better, as it'll be a bit cooler (high of 82 instead of 90). Less wind as well. But that can always change, of course.
  6. Great, thanks for the update. Will try to make it out there next week. @AustinBike -- you still interested?
  7. Good question, and I don't remember if it was only happening on one side (probably). I'll go pedaling around on the bike to see if I can reproduce it. Once I put some pedals back on the bike. 😄
  8. Yes, and I will make sure to do that when I examine all this again soon. 🙂
  9. Thanks for the advice, everyone, much appreciated. I'll take it apart and look at the surface, and if it's still the smooth paint, I can sand it down a bit to make it rougher. I'll also check the space between the dropouts. I don't think the bolts are coming loose, I think it's just sliding, whether it be from pedal torque or braking. Never even dawned on me previously that it could have been hard braking causing the issue. Are these chain tensioners (of this style) fairly standard? That is, could I buy third-party tensioners and expect them to work on this bike?
  10. Yeah, when I get another singlespeed, I will certainly be avoiding this design! That's an interesting bit about disc brakes, didn't even think about that (and this bike has them, as you can see from the above photo).
  11. Well, considering I had a shop attempt to fix this and they also failed, I figured they would know how much torque to apply. They are definitely slipping, what else would cause the wheel to come askew? And I have, multiple times, "fixed" this myself by loosening the bolts, repositioning the sliders, and tightening them back up, including while on rides. I haven't ridden the bike in several years because of this, and I'm quite eager to ride Suburban Ninja on it. 😄 I will check that out, thank you. I'll take a look at this also, I've not heard of "friction paste", but I see Park sells some (and I'm sure a million other sources): https://www.amazon.com/Park-Tool-SAC-2-Assembly-Compound/dp/B005Z4BAAK This is the first singlespeed bike I've owned, so I don't really have a lot of experience with them at all. Thanks for your advice.
  12. Nope. I could certainly try that, though. It's a bit of a pain getting the wheel lined up and chain properly tensioned while trying to adjust these bolts on both sides of the bike. Do not like. I'd rather pay someone else to do it, someone who knows what they are doing! I'd like to get another singlespeed soon to replace this bike, but I'd like to get this issue resolved before I sell it to someone else.
  13. I have a 29'er On-One Singlespeed, and I haven't ridden it in a while because one or two parts on the back of the bike that keeps the rear wheel in place will slip while I'm riding, resulting in the tire rubbing against the chain. Here's the part I'm talking about: It's the black part with the two bolts and a screw on the end, and there's one on each side. I have no idea waht this part is called. I've tried adjusting this myself, but invariably after a while it slips again. I've even had at least one shop also adjust these, and even then at least one of them comes undone over time. Seems like a poor design to me. Is there anyone familiar with this design and how to properly secure it to prevent any play in the wheel at all? Thank you!
  14. Glad you were able to retrieve those items and move them over to the current trail system! That Gingerbread Bunny was slightly terrifying in its old location. 🙂
  15. Looks great! Looking forward to getting out there again. Thanks for the update!
  16. I'd be up for that, maybe we can get together sometime next week when the weather is nice.
  17. I'll go back out there again once you have that additional 1.25 miles completed! I didn't even get eight miles during my last visit, so I may have missed something. I was following the race loop (still visible arrows on the ground and elsewhere), so I didn't think I missed anything, but it would seem I did.
  18. That's a good idea, especially as they still have a pile of the old maps at the pay station. I'm sure not everyone is aware of the changes taking place out there, so that could be pretty confusing! A sign recommending people use MTB Project (especially during this transition) is a good idea, and I'm glad you've been keeping that up to date! That's awesome, thank you for the work you are orchestrating out there, it's really nice to see new trails being built and existing trails getting maintenance. As well as new signage--I'm a big fan of signage, which is usually terribly lacking in Austin, and I'm reminded of this many times when I ride trails in other states. When will Litterbox be done? Where is that trail?
  19. Great to see the work out there, thanks for the continued updates. Also, I like the new signage I saw out there when I visited last week (such as the Corkscrew signs, Lemonade, etc.) The more signage the better, especially to point people to a full 10.5 mile loop. And especially given there are no current printed maps at the entrance, and I don't expect new printed maps for a while given the trails are currently in flux. 🙂
  20. I did go out there yesterday and rode a lap (I followed all the race arrows). I noticed it took over 2.5 miles to get to the top! I think that's the most circuitous route I have ever taken to the top, but I did enjoy it! Once up at the top, it was remarkable to see how much has changed out there, and I do miss much of the trail that's not longer accessible. I look forward to the arrival of new trail, and having a goal of 13 total miles sometime in the Fall is great! Thanks for all the work you and others are putting into these trails.
  21. That's really great! I still haven't gotten out there since the back half was closed, but it's looking like I will be able to go tomorrow. I haven't been on my mountain bike in over a month, so really looking forward to a fun ride on dirt. Is the course still marked from the race? I assume the stuff that was cut last week isn't yet rideable?
  22. That's perfect, thanks for writing all that up! Will try to get out there tomorrow!
  23. Thanks @mack_turtle for the description. I was aware of use of the main BCGB trail and Sweet 16 up to 290, but wasn't sure what had been done beyond that. Sounds like this is going to take quite some time to reach the 30 mile goal.
  24. Thanks for the link as well as speculation on what existing trails this new trail may interact with. How much of the Violet Crown Trail has actually been built to date?
  25. With what's out there now, is it easy to do a complete loop of all the trails that are out there? If not, can you describe a route that does? I may go out there this week to ride. Is the course marked for the race? Thanks!
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