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  1. Are they still charging $10 to ride out there, even though half the trails are now gone? Just curious.
  2. Thank you for the continued updates, I look forward to getting out there and seeing what everything looks like now.
  3. Well, it sure is crazy windy today, so that will have helped!
  4. I'd also like to know this, thanks!
  5. No, and Tapatalk ignored my message to them on their forum, so I'm going to install a version below the very latest (which they changed significantly and I could not get to install) and see if that works. Tapatalk sucks.
  6. I will fix that soon, I don't know why the theme broke like that, but it is stupidly annoying!
  7. Still working on this, I installed the latest Tapatalk plugin but it's not working, so I'm waiting to hear back from Tapatalk for a solution.
  8. It was disabled when I upgraded the forum. I just installed the latest version and re-enabled it, so it should be working again.
  9. I'm guessing it's just the erosion. Rode Pace Bend yesterday for the first time in over two years and I couldn't believe how much erosion has taken place there. So many rocks and so much rougher along many of the singletrack trails.
  10. Let me take a look, I may need to install a new version of the Tapatalk plugin. I rarely use it myself, and I forgot to check after updating the forum. Will get that done today.
  11. Is this something that changed with the update a few days ago?
  12. Yeah, that's broken, I will fix that today, thanks for pointing it out.
  13. Let me know if you want some company!
  14. Thanks for the heads up, since I often use Trailforks when I'm on trails I'm unfamiliar with (which would be the case with both Lake Bryan and Millican).
  15. That is a long time ago! Seems like it might be time to visit again, along with a trip to Millican Reserve. 🙂
  16. Has anyone been out to Lake Bryan in the last few years? Just curious what state the trails are in and if people feel it's worth the trip out and back. I've never been out there, so I figured it might be worth checking out. Looks like there are 25 miles of trails total between the two trail systems (west and east). Could be a fun day of riding. Thanks for any insight!
  17. Has anyone ever ridden the trails at Millican Reserve in College Station? Is it worth going out there? Just learned about these trails today -- to ride you need to join their Conservancy, which is $10 per month. https://www.trailforks.com/region/millican-reserve-19219/ Here's information on the conservancy (website doesn't render quite right for me): https://millicanreserve.com/member-signup/ Thanks!
  18. Yes, I updated the forum yesterday. There are a ton of mostly minor changes and bug fixes, as well as some interesting new features I haven't played around with yet. if you see anything outright broken, please let me know. 🙂
  19. It poured quite hard in Round Rock last night for a bit, so not surprised the trails at Brushy are fairly wet this morning.
  20. The costs aren't too bad, the commercial forum software is a few hundred dollars a year, the SSL cert isn't too bad, and I'm hosting the site on one of the dedicated servers I have with some other sites on it (this isn't a very high-traffic site). I hate bots and spammers, so I don't mind putting in a bit of extra effort to help insure their appearance here is very rare. I do need to update the software to the latest version soon, which brings some nice, new functionality as well as the usual slate of bug fixes. I plan on doing that in October.
  21. I've seen rattlesnakes twice between Hogg and Overlook. During the day, snake just sunning itself on the trail. They seem to be pretty stubborn and don't like to move without a lot of coaxing. I saw a snakeskin hanging from a tree between Cedar Breaks and Cedar Hollow. That's always a bit disturbing. 😄
  22. I think I've only ridden some of the northern part of LGT at night (Overlook to Hogg or Russell and back, if even that far). I've always wanted to do a complete lap at night, would be fun. I find that I ride a bit faster on trails at night.
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