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  1. Seth just posted his review of Spider Mountain / Austin / Reveille Peak Ranch today.
  2. I bought a Fuji Cyclocross bike from them - their higher end aluminum version. Wheels lasted 3 months before they were bent and very hard to align since one whole side of spokes were so tight they would break when messed with. The rest of the bike was adequate... I was happy when the bike was stolen 2 years after I bought it - Then I got a real bike from a shop that gave a fuck about putting it together right !
  3. Good Pic - thanks for joining in !
  4. Missed this post. I'm not sure where Peddlers Pass is either. Post again on your next attempt so maybe I'll see that one.
  5. Jammy

    Roadie Fix

    How do I get big nobbies and more suspension on my Roadie ?!
  6. Used to be Endo-err

  7. Are y'all sticking with this site or going back to Mojo since its cleaned up ?
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