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  1. ATXZJ. I’ll take you up on your offer and I’ll give lacing a wheel a shot. How can I get your contact info?
  2. It’s a Co-op DRT 1.1. I’ve tried to find out some details about the hub but haven’t had any luck.
  3. I always thought building wheels was a costly endeavor, but I have no experience. REI were the ones that told him 115mm and I haven’t had a bike with QR since the 90’s. Also, with all the different spoke sizes I’d have no idea where to start.
  4. ATXZJ, I really appreciate the offer but this is an entry level REI bike and my son just started riding so I don’t know if he’ll stick with it. He is going to try Yellow bike for some cheap options.
  5. A couple more details. It’s a 115mm QR hub with a disk brake(not sure of rotor size). He’s on the heavier side so I’d like to put on something that’s a bit sturdier.
  6. Son recently got into riding and taco’d his front wheel. It’s a QR and REI quoted about $100 for a new one. Is it worth it or should I look around for a better quality wheel for him? Already tried to call Yellow bike, but I think they’re closed due to COVID.
  7. You too good for a 30.9mm seat post...Size Queen
  8. Anyone know if it’s dry enough yet
  9. I need a 30.9. I really like the reverb, but this is my second one and I’m looking for something more durable. I can’t decide between the Oneup or PNW Bachelor
  10. I need to either have my reverb rebuilt or switch to a different dropper. If I get it rebuilt I would like to switch to the newer lever but I don’t know if I would just be better off changing brands.
  11. Is there any trail rideable tomorrow? At this point I’m willing to fix anything I fuck up.
  12. I’m not sure if Pace Bend got hit but it’s rained three separate times in Lakeway since 6:00 this morning
  13. Looking for anyone who wants to ride Pace Bend one on Saturday or Sunday mornings. I’ve been riding alone for around six years, but I need to branch out. I average around 8 mph out there and stop a few times.
  14. How DARE you ruin my snide comment with research. Good day sir
  15. So, only front brakes. I don’t see how that would ever be a problem.
  16. Is Pace Bend rideable? I was thinking about hitting it after work tomorrow (6:45 or so)
  17. Pace Bend is where I usually ride and i think it got around 4 inches of rain this week, so I’m guessing it’s out. Is Reveille Peak the only trail that’s open?
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