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  1. I have a set of 27.5 wheels you can borrow if necessary. And maybe can find some 2.1 tires to fit on. 15mm front axle, bolton rear (don't ask)
  2. Thanks. Might have to take you up on it since I don't get down John or Velorangutan's way very often and I have an event on Saturday
  3. I already looked yesterday afternoon John - is it the boost version?
  4. No experience with those. I personally don't trust them. Seems very backwoods jerryrig! But, to each his own . But, then again, I have ridden a basic, POS, 90's 26er cruiser modified with better wheels, tires, brakes, bmx bars out at WC.
  5. Well, can they be bumped to 157mm superboost? I might be interested (although, I now have to buy a new front axle since I lost mine!)
  6. I'm going to be doing the same thing to my cruiser frame, just in reverse. Needs to fit new, standard rear dropout spacing. Steel is really forgiving to these kind of things. I am the frankenbiker, so I have shoved 27.5x2.35 on a 26er mtb frame, and even 29x35mm onto the same frame. I now turned an old school 29er voodoo frame into a monstercross with adding 2.2 Ikons and drop bars. Old stuff is way more fun and more flexible than these new damn standards.
  7. If anyone finds a front axle at walnut creek parking lot, it is mine. Should be two spots over from the tree that is on the Northside of the middle parking area. Right about here: 30.400759,-97.683824 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. Lemme dig in my parts bins. Might have some 8 spd or 9spd setup. and levers.
  9. Thanks all for the suggestions. I will have to check some of them out. deadtokevin - I looked but couldn't find it. But, I did find Velorangutan's Devinci Troy on sale for $2700 and another older one for $1700. Anybody know who "pittzer" is on Pinkbike?
  10. Ride down those ledges, but only made it up a couple of times (this was ~7 years ago). Yes, that is where DK Ranch was. Fenced off due to Golden Cheek Warbler.
  11. We should hit it together one of these days. Before Brushy, that was one of my fun rides to go from my house, right past your house on the trail in the woods, hit that l loop trail that pops you out at the intersection of Scotland Wells, cross over and do that out and back along the creekbed/drainage, go out spicewood springs and hit those trails along the road, climb the hill, bomb back down and then back to Scotland wells, loop trail, then back home. That and sometimes do DK Ranch (RIP). Ok, just checked and the loop trail is called "Upper Bull Creek Greenbelt trail" and the out/back is the "Spicewood Valley Trail/Upper Spicewood Valley trail". Some really fun sections out there. Especially the stairclimb up to the end at Topridge road.
  12. It appears my original post got overridden. So, to sum everything up: I tore down Taco's frame and extracted the rear triangle. I tore down my frame to extract the rear triangle. I was busy cleaning the new triangle in all the little crevices when I spied something familiar. So, I decided to say fukit and put the old traingle back onto the bike (because it has a thru axle) and live with the creak.
  13. Yeah, really nice. And Sloan is there "component research guru" They are owned by the same company.
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