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  1. https://www.grubee.net/products/bicycle-gun-rack
  2. Major props to my buddy, Gigantor! He rode Chutes and Ladders for the first time at Angel Fire and dropped/G’d out the last “chute” to the detriment of his right buttock.
  3. Who am I kidding? i built my current bike ground up in 2013. What I spent on that = family of 4 ski trip or 6 months of club volleyball. I hunt, fish, chicken ranch, goat herd, and garden to provide food for them. Please don’t report me to CPS. My wife has friends that work there, so word might get back to her. thanks in advance.
  4. I usually compromise my children’s nutrition, health, happiness, education, and recreation opportunities for my bike purchases.
  5. What does the Fox say? Moved this one off my property and over to PB. I did have a mountain lion encounter on my property when I was a teenager. There is no mistaking it when you hear them/see them. There have also been Bigfoot sightings between my house and Pace Bend. Coincidence? D832604D-47AC-4AF2-9290-EC7727ED79BE.MOV
  6. On a map, I'm really close to LV. Pace Bend is right across the lake, but about an hour away by car. I had a guy from LV paddle a kayak over with his bike strapped on top for workdays.
  7. He/she was too busy "torquing down his thru bolt" to notice.
  8. I bet you crushed your SATs, you creepy biatch.
  9. I've had great performance with DT Swiss RWS thru bolts. They never back out. Running them in Hope hubs (not that it matters).
  10. I got your converted Unit right here, buddy!
  11. I got your broken unit right here, buddy!
  12. Fake news! Anyone notice that the bots invaded mojo about the same time as they invaded the elections? Coincidence????
  13. 3/4 ton SRW over here.
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