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  1. I bought a highly-rated GoPro knockoff from Amazon. I tested it at work this week and was really surprised at the quality and ease of use.
  2. bike is dialed for the race (thanks, Canyon Cycles!), but with 27.5" x 2.35" DHRs. Got a new shifter cable because BLUE feruls and caps! It is on like neckbone.
  3. The C line popped up a few years ago before a spring race. I blocked it every time I went through. I spent a long time trimming that tree just right, so that the A line was viable. I gave up on blocking the C line because it seemed like I wasn't going to win. Whoever removed that tree, with 3 other options, is a jerkwad.
  4. I messaged Jay to see if he could come down for the Pedaler's time trial. He replied with this. 2012, topping out the Well Worth It climb. The decent on the backside was awesome! (note: Jay blows)
  5. That's exactly how (used to) ride it.
  6. Wow. Missed this thread, but I did NOT miss the tree removal. As designed, the trail went straight for that feature and we initially built A and B. C was created a few months after the trail was officially opened and we held the first race (2010?). Every time there is a race, we learn how douchy people can be. I'm not blaming racers, per se, but it does seem that more issues surface prior to every spring. I will not take the time to address all the BS previously posted in this thread (as none of it is remotely relevant). There are signs saying "no unauthorized trailwork" and CX and I try to keep an eye on things. Please give us your input here or at workdays, but don't take it upon yourself to make changes. Jay and I rode the far left line on a tandem. I don't think we dabbed. We have built alternate lines when the A line is wicked hard. Otherwise, just walk it.....please?
  7. My guess: he was using the egg beaters to make cookie batter in Ed's Bowl. Ed got mad and ripped his legs apart.
  8. What CJB said about trust and practice is so true. This video was shot at Flat Creek, the week after the first MJC race out there. It was the very first time we tried the tandem together. That day, we knew we had good enough chemistry and coordination on the bike to race. The PB race was a couple of weeks out and we practiced at WC maybe twice before the race. Jay had never ridden PB and I know it pretty well, so I was calling out gear shifts. Don't discount the stoker! At PB, we raced our own category, but we we could match our time to the others that did one lap. We would have finished mid-pack Cat3 Men 30-39. Since we were the only tandem in the race, we were alone on the podium, but damn it felt like quite an accomplishment. Y'all got me all misty missing my Bro.
  9. Rocky Hill Super D finish. Whoever came in 2nd behind us is nowhere in sight.
  10. Jay always rode Captain, as it was his rig. It was quite liberating to dump all my trust in him (my airbag), bury my helmet into his sweaty, nasty, hairy back, and just hammer as needed. If you could dispel your belief that you were on a trail with rocks, dirt, and trees, I could just grab the worthless handlebars and crank as hard as possible like i was on a spin bike. We were VERY surprised at the level of tech we could ride with that much trust and power. There is no Dana, only Zuul!
  11. That was an attempt at humor. She is fantastic, but she took my spot on the tandem and I haven't really let go..... Lighten up, Francis.
  12. I'd be in if Jay was still here with his Specialized tandem with Fox36. There aren't many people I would stoker for, but J and I are similar size/riding style/attitude, so it works. He moved to Baltimore and married some floozy that now rides in my place. 😥 That GT is actually super sick. I've always had a soft spot for GTs. I lusted over the old RTS full squishes.
  13. Those things are nuts. I tried to ride one once. Too much muscle memory caused much pain. Wait, "reverse pedal"?????? I just caught that part. This looks like R&I gold!
  14. tempting https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-gt-quatrefoil-lx-tandem-bike/6832256323.html a triple, if you're really ambitious https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-2017-comotion-periscope-trident/6821827430.html
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