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  1. On a map, I'm really close to LV. Pace Bend is right across the lake, but about an hour away by car. I had a guy from LV paddle a kayak over with his bike strapped on top for workdays.
  2. He/she was too busy "torquing down his thru bolt" to notice.
  3. I bet you crushed your SATs, you creepy biatch.
  4. I've had great performance with DT Swiss RWS thru bolts. They never back out. Running them in Hope hubs (not that it matters).
  5. I got your converted Unit right here, buddy!
  6. I got your broken unit right here, buddy!
  7. Fake news! Anyone notice that the bots invaded mojo about the same time as they invaded the elections? Coincidence????
  8. 3/4 ton SRW over here.
  9. I used to be just as mesmerized/compulsive about taping hockey sticks. Then, I'd immediately go trash the wrap job with a flagrant tripping and then bemoan the wrap from the penalty box.
  10. I"ve seen the same thing with herds of Californians moving here..... It seems like they're EVERYWHERE, except the roads AREN'T moving.....
  11. As a person with an education......😋
  12. I'm in a Fantasy DH league, so this would fit nicely. Work up the metrics and I'm in for the league.
  13. Looks like we're up Shit Creek! Stop fishing, Yosmithy!
  14. That's a Buckgnar Beatdown. He broke the shock linkage, rear chainstay, pedal spindle, and seatpost just by looking at it.
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