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  1. Geology, puns, and Haikus. It's like my dream course in college!
  2. I marble at the glacial pace of the ablation of this thread.
  3. This thread has metamorphed into a sedimentary conglomerate of puny puns. It hope it shale continue.
  4. I'd like to borrow a Burley trailer and someone's toddler. Thanks in advance!
  5. kind of lame that they didn't use a real kid.
  6. As a guy that knows his hoes, I'd strongly recommend any Rogue product. HB's observations about the flat teeth are accurate.
  7. Clockwise is how it should always be, though I do appreciate the need to reverse it occasionally to combat moto-induced wear.
  8. I'd shy away from fiberglass. Concrete allows for the grade restrictions you have and a longer service life.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/FollowMe-Tandem-Parent-Child-Bicycle-Coupling/dp/B007ABVE4I/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=tandem+bicycle&qid=1557516588&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1 Pre-engineered lawsuit for sale!
  10. I'd bet the purse that an experienced tandem duo could win on this vs. anyone that's never ridden tandem on ANY tandem they choose.
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