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  1. Ok! Major plan change. Just spoke with Cullen and we are riding SM when they open Saturday. He’s good for half a day and lunch/beverages. I may/may not go back for more after lunch. Might go back to PB and jump in the lake a grill a steak at the compound. Anyone want some of that?????
  2. Haven’t been on the bike since last summer. My Banshee is park-worthy and has AF, Vail, WP, 512 trips/trails under its belt. It’s currently getting fresh sealant and a brake bleed. Bike is no issue. I’m physically in better shape than I was 1, 2, or 10 years ago, but my ass hasn’t touched saddle in a while. I can handle a bike and I shred so hard that my nickname is Coleslaw. How does Spider compare to AF? In this heat, how trashed am I going to be after getting rad?
  3. Well shit, now I’m thinking about staying here and trying Spider Mountain. Never been.
  4. Giggy has work obligations. Anyone else going to be up there this weekend?
  5. glad you had some fun. you completely fit the bill as someone i know AND like!
  6. Thanks, bros. I know the 2.5 DHRs are a little much for around here, but I'm not fast and never have been. I like the mountains and putzing around PB.
  7. anyone know how wide a tire i can run on Flow EX (older) 27.5 rims? Stan's site has "max tire pressure for 2.7." I'm guessing that's it. my Banshee Spitfire frame and fox 34 will take a 2.7." is that the latest goodness? I think i've got 2.5 DHR's on it now.
  8. My sad bike is at Canyon Cycles getting fresh Stan's pookie and a brake bleed.
  9. I just finished 9+ months of working 50 hours/week and completing the police academy at night/and Saturdays. Passed my TCOLE exam yesterday! I don't have a lot of time off currently or before I start with the PD, but I have these dates to possibly get up to AF and leisurely stroll down the mountain and drink cocktails in the evening. Anyone want to share expenses (caveat: I have to know you and like you). I'll ride every blue on the mountain, but don't want to get balled up and injured, so just purely a fresh air trip.....no PR's for me since I've not been riding AT ALL.
  10. $180 running windows 10, bitches!
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