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  1. Blue valve caps are all that we’re waiting on. Aquarium has moved on to a new owner and probably making them hydroponically happy.
  2. Shorter stem and riser bars. “chicks with mullets ride better” - Shane McAnally 2021
  3. More blue bits being added by me today. IMG_6425.MOV IMG_6352.MOV
  4. Taking Mrs. Wook to Spider for her second taste Saturday morning. Anyone else planning to shred the gnar at SM Saturday? Canyon Cycles did an Extreme Bike Makeover on the ol lady’s rig. Salsa Spearfish went mullet, way wider tires, dropper post, and more merica. Her bike was too XC and not very stable. We’ll be shaking down these drastic changes till it’s sofa king hot we can’t stand it. new build pics to follow.
  5. Fork is a Trek OEM RS mag 21 takeoff. It came on some high end trek (stealth with no markings) and the guy that bought the Trek wanted to show off and swapped to a “real” mag 21. Believe i got it from a mechanic at Northcross Sun & Ski. Stuck it on my straight blade fork Diamondback Apex. Been running “slack” ever since.
  6. Scott AT-3? Had to cut the ends off of some odi mushrooms and hockey tape the tree hooks. Please note the 1-finger braking technique on those cantis.
  7. Ok! Major plan change. Just spoke with Cullen and we are riding SM when they open Saturday. He’s good for half a day and lunch/beverages. I may/may not go back for more after lunch. Might go back to PB and jump in the lake a grill a steak at the compound. Anyone want some of that?????
  8. Haven’t been on the bike since last summer. My Banshee is park-worthy and has AF, Vail, WP, 512 trips/trails under its belt. It’s currently getting fresh sealant and a brake bleed. Bike is no issue. I’m physically in better shape than I was 1, 2, or 10 years ago, but my ass hasn’t touched saddle in a while. I can handle a bike and I shred so hard that my nickname is Coleslaw. How does Spider compare to AF? In this heat, how trashed am I going to be after getting rad?
  9. Well shit, now I’m thinking about staying here and trying Spider Mountain. Never been.
  10. Giggy has work obligations. Anyone else going to be up there this weekend?
  11. glad you had some fun. you completely fit the bill as someone i know AND like!
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