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  1. which restaurant did you buy wine from? did you also get food from this restaurant?
  2. I'm in. Not bringing grill or table.
  3. I think "Altering trails will get bikes permanently banned from this park. Don't do it!" is the best message. And put at bottom of the sign 'For more info or to help with trail maintenance, www.austinridgeriders.com.'
  4. I'm going to Re/Max Christmas party tomorrow. And there's a very high probability of rain in the morning plus cold and windy all day.
  5. I ride a Salsa El Mariachi XS and I'm 5'1". Here's one for sale on Ebay, titanium! https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-SALSA-EL-MARIACHI-TI-TITANIUM-29er-MOUNTAIN-BIKE-W-ALTERNATOR-DROPOUT/113998615805?hash=item1a8ad8d4fd:g:dZcAAOSwHr9d5Y~o It is set up as single speed.
  6. I'm out for tomorrow. So is Lucie. BYOG!
  7. Tomorrow's weather is looking just as good as last Tuesday...IN!!!
  8. Four pounds of seasoned skirt steak are trimmed and ready to be grilled. Someone better bring GDMFTs! And salsa, sour cream, guacamole, shredded cheese and chips!
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