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  1. Sold. Moderators can delete if desired. Thanks
  2. Gave 'em three good rides and it seems I'm just not a flats kind of guy. Spent over $60 on them. $50 seem reasonable for a like new set of these? PM me if interested. Or contact me through Craigslist. Thanks. https://austin.craigslist.org/spo/d/austin-mtb-flat-pedals-oneup-composite/7467517036.html
  3. Yep. Same here. I just tried flats for the first time for a few rides and things just never clicked. First thing I noticed was loss of power and control in the technical stuff. Went to flats thinking I would feel more comfortable on jumps. Turned out that wasn't a gain either. Switched back to clipless yesterday and all is right with the world again. Anybody interested in buying these very lightly used OneUp composites off of me?
  4. Very true! Those ledges out there are SLICK!!!
  5. I'm one of the trail stewards at City Park that spends quite a bit of time trying to address areas where puddles form, especially those that may linger for many days. Quite a bit of progress was made this past winter (and the winter before, and winter before that....) to alleviate several of those lingering puddle areas and also to reestablish proper drainage in other areas out there. The currently known "wet spots" (I can think of about 4 right off the top of my head) seem to drain / dry out dry out fairly quickly, over a day or two. But there will be places that hold water if you head out there right after a good rain event. That has actually always been the case based on my recollection over the past 30 years of riding there. The main difference with City Park and all the other trails further out is I don't come back all sticky muddy. The soil out there handles water pretty well, and I find that I don't take much home with me. Even though you can ride there in the wet, its best to just give it a day or two to dry out a bit. That's what I've always done. 👍
  6. Yes, things have most definitely changed since then. In fact, those changes started taking place around the 90s. Whole different situation today. Damn near impossible to develop anything in Austin now given all the flaming hoops that have to be jumped through.
  7. "Yep it was a land grab on both ends. The city let developers overbuild and violate the impervious cover Regs by donating land of offsetting footage to BCCP. The city and the developers profited because the city got more tax base for property taxes FOREVER and developers got bigger profits in the short term." Being a land developer that works with the City, I can tell you that you are incorrect with your assessment.
  8. Based on the article linked above this area will become another Bright Leaf Preserve and remain under the control of the City. Google Bright Leaf for more info. I've not been able to find anything indicating that BCCP will be involved (i.e. FW Permit). But all that means is that the land will not serve for land development credits, which is what the BCP land banking program is essentially about. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Crazy that I've lived right at the base of that area for 20 years and have never explored it.
  10. If there is any "good" about this, it is that the land taking is only about half the land that's in that area. Portions off the trails up higher will still exist and remain accessible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I would guess the goal would be to have the preserve fencing in place by the time the facility opens late summer. That article stated that Nico Hauwert with the City of Austin is the contact for questions, so maybe he has an answer to that question. I went and rode the trails there this afternoon and didn't see any survey staking or flagging that would indicate the actual fencing work has started. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. That is quite different than what the City required for permitting of the construction of the Assisted Living facility currently under construction at that location. The original agreement was for the developer to record a conservation easement on the land and allow the trails to remain for continued current use. What is described in that article sounds identical to how Bright Leaf Park is managed. There goes some prime riding. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. This sign was recently installed at the main trail entrance. Clearly it has had little effect. As many have stated, some people just don't give a crap and do what they're gonna do. I'll just keep barricading stuff back up, and doing what I can to keep the "easy" lines easy.
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