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  1. This sign was recently installed at the main trail entrance. Clearly it has had little effect. As many have stated, some people just don't give a crap and do what they're gonna do. I'll just keep barricading stuff back up, and doing what I can to keep the "easy" lines easy.
  2. Thanks, ya'll. I really appreciate the input. 👍
  3. So, who best to contact with ARR regarding the ARR logo being used?
  4. Great suggestions! 👍 How about this?
  5. Those are the two entities that "govern" at this particular park. So it seems appropriate their logos should be used if the intent is to get attention. How about this, with the ARR logo included, assuming the powers that be with ARR are ok with it?
  6. Nope. That's why I hadn't included the ARR logo.
  7. Maybe just post the signs the City used to do.
  8. We've been considering making up signage to post at these problem areas. Great idea about using more official logo of some sort. 👍
  9. I really hate the look of stacked brush and branches along a trail. A single track through the woods, be it an animal path or a MTB trail is a beautiful thing. Barricades are like graffiti to me. Just plain ugly. I really hate having to do this. But I also hate the thought of losing this park. I LOVE this place!
  10. After. I rarely ride this cheater trail section, so if anyone happens to notice new cheater trails forming in this (or any other area in the park) please do not hesitate to contact me. TIA
  11. The efforts to establish new cheater lines around existing cheater lines continues at City Park (Emma Long). It is most definitely MTB riders doing this. If anyone knows the person(s) doing this, will you kindly inform / remind them that at Emma Long this activity has very serious consequences. Austin Parks and Balcones Canyonland Preserve staff perform regular inspections throughout Emma Long and even have game cameras in place in their efforts to monitor activity. This new trail cutting is precisely the activity they are looking for, which will be used as justification to close trails or limit access / use of the park. This is not a joke or an exaggeration in any way. Please help me spread the word. I just closed up this newly established cheater trail at the Devil's Staircase cheater trail. In this case, great efforts were made to remove previously established barricade materials. Only MTB riders have been using this from my observations today, but it doesn't take long before Moto guys start using it and then it doesn't take long for the ledges that exist just below the surface to be exposed.....leading to more cheater trail. I had already started replacing rocks and barricade material when I snapped this pic.
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