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  1. It's nearing that time of year when the Tarantulas start coming out - mating season! Get it, girl!
  2. What's for breakfast? Can't make it out.
  3. I've seen snakes that I knew were not venomous based on their eyes, but they had a triangular head like a venomous snake. Very confusing. Never dawned on me they were doing what you just described. Tricky, tricky!
  4. A couple of springs still running, but otherwise good riding. 👍
  5. That’s appears to be quite a large copper head! I’ve never encountered one here in central Texas, but in Houston they were usually fairly small. Great shot! 👍
  6. Looks like a rat snake to me, based on the slim head and white "chin."
  7. Holy smokes, that's a big rattler! 😮 I always scour the area before plopping my butt down trail side. My biggest fear is sitting on a dang scorpion!
  8. Somebody mentioned in a thread I was just perusing that they encountered a snake, which got me thinking about my own experience here in Austin. Surprisingly, in almost 20 years of riding Austin area trails I’ve encountered only one (1) snake. Even more surprising, it was a coral snake. A surprisingly BIG coral snake. And yes, it was the real deal - red on yellow. Encountered him (her?) on the BCGB below Toys-R-Us many years ago. What’s your Austin area snake encounter count? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Awesome! I did a lap on the dirt bike Friday morning. Found a few things I want to improve, including the lower portion of Cheesecake. Can’t wait to give it a go on the MTB. 👍
  10. Yep. That was easy to do back when we only had about 20 Main Loop tree hangers to flip around. When the City installed 54 sign posts with assorted directional stickers on each side (in addition to the tree hangers), that kind of put the brakes on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Best I can figure, 2010 was when the direction was last changed.
  13. As mentioned a few weeks ago in the City Park Trail Conditions thread, the City approved our getting back to our old ways of reversing trail direction every few years. I’ve begun changing directional signage on the upper loop this afternoon, and should have the rest of the trail finished tomorrow. If you’re riding there tomorrow, the direction is still counter-clockwise. But you will encounter some Wrong Way markers and see that the directional signage has been changed in places (tree hangers for example). DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BACK. The direction will officially become clockwise once the signage in the parking area is changed, which I expect to have completed tomorrow evening. If you’ve never ridden City Park clockwise, it is a whole new experience! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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