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  1. Walnut didn’t seem to get any rain yesterday. Did some digging with CMC on outer log loop and had to stop because the dirt was too dry. We need some rain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cookie wrapped bacon? Dare I say that the ultimate heart stopper desert has just been discovered? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So much this. As an FYI, if it wasn’t for you guys quoting or posting about posts I have ignored, many of us would be giving ZERO attention to someone with this mindset. Just resist the urge to kick the little barking dog and keep riding. All your riding buddies will appreciate not having to smell the dog shit you run over in the process. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I don’t remember the whole t-shirt thing working any other way. I don’t expect anyone to put out any money of their own and if you wanted to ask for donations at the start to cover aid station supplies, I’d gladly throw in a $20. I’m sure most people would. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I remember that race. We were doing the 12 hour that was shortened to 8. Mud was hub high in some places and it ate many a bottom bracket. When I think about all that this sport has given me, I don't mind the occasional parts sacrifice. Good times.
  6. You can literally see the church from parts of the jump line. Imagine how hard it would be to focus on church things when you could look out and see someone launching the jump line?! I had trouble focusing with only the back of someone’s head to look at. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I'm going to go ahead and post my ride report here since I don't expect there to be too many this year. Let me break down my 2019 EB experience by the numbers and then I'll go into a little more detail: 7 - This was my seventh EB. Every year since 2011. My t-shirt drawer is basically EB and Pace Bend shirts mixed with the occasional climbing or race shirt. 104 F- This was the max temperature recorded by my Garmin. WTF October? That heat was killer. 49.2 mph - Maximum speed down City Park road. 11:48 - Total time to finish this year. Not my fastest or my slowest time. 120 minutes - Amount of time we spent in Thumper 4 - Number of times I had to dodge my riding partner's question of "...are we almost there?" while hiking-a-bike thru Thumper. 5 - Total number of leg cramps I fought off during the ride. They started hitting me around Jester and were a constant battle. 3" - Width of my front and rear tire. When you hit 30 mph+ with these big volume tires you really start to feel the imbalance made by the sealant. This was a bit unsettling (see #3) 3 - Number of times we were totally screwed by the lights on 360. Getting all that speed as we go down the hill and then stopping is the worst. Enough of a reason to stop riding the road. 1.6 miles - Distance to the finish when my Garmin battery died. I guess I needed to go faster. First off, thanks to the entire EB crew and the volunteers for putting this thing together. I heard there were 50 something riders registered but I think there were probably twice that many that started at Walnut. Not as many as I'm used to seeing but still a good crowd. The two aid stations were appreciated and I feel for the Thumper crew trying to keep everyone's spirits up as they headed off into oblivion. I rode the EB this year with a good riding buddy who had never done a ride over 50 miles. He wasn't sure he could finish a long ride like the EB but I talked him into it and he got it done. Low pressure events like this really have a place for riders that are interested in challenging themselves but don't want the big emotional investment of a formal 'race'. This was also the first year that I rode the EB on a hardtail instead of my big 140-170 mm full squish. We started out of WC right on time and the ride leader promptly missed the turn up to the dam. No biggie but this confirmed that AB wasn't leading us out this year. I also quickly realized this as the pace of the group accelerated to something I would call "...let's catch that roadie" and really wasn't the leisurely pedal down the lake I had enjoyed in years past. I know that different people have different paces but I think that the ride downtown should be something that EVERYONE riding the EB can enjoy even if they don't finish in 8 hours. Bottom line, hit the greenbelt with a small group and started making our way through BCGB. Ran into a guy named Hugh with a Mojo jersey on and had a good chat. The GPX route on my Garmin was working this year but since I can pretty much do the route in the dark with no light, I didn't need it much. Crashing the hardtail down the good stuff at BCGB and explaining the lack of mulch on mulch hill were highlights of this segment. We hiked up HOL for the most part because I didn't want to burn a match that early in the day and there were no trail angels there with cameras to impress. 360 was no biggie but we got screwed by lights (see item 9) and that really sucked. Didn't see too many cool cars which is generally the highlight of this part of the EB. Hit Courtyard and instructed my riding partner to NOT LOOK UP and just pedal. Also said that when you think it's over, it's not over but DON'T LOOK UP. Made it up Courtyard with little fanfare and was disappointed to not see anyone at the top to heckle, cheer, refill, etc. I guess I'm spoiled by years past. This would be a theme. The City Park climb and jaunt to Emma was not too bad. Only got closely buzzed by one car the entire time and there weren't many boaters out there trying to kill us. We passed the leaders coming out just before we hit the fire station and the realization that they had put an hour on us 3 hours into the ride was sobering. I actually expected it but I'm not sure my riding partner knew that when I said they were 'fast AF', I meant the AF part. Saw Barry shortly after this and was stoked to see him hanging with the leaders. Dude rips on his bigger travel bike. We stopped at the aid station for some ice and water and ate a bit. Not a long stop but welcome. The cooler was pretty full of beer at this point but that wouldn't last long. Emma was fun and it's much more chill in the CW direction. I kept trying to place the features and run the route backwards in my mind but I inevitably messed up and we hit a feature that I wasn't expecting. Stopped at the pavilion one more time as we left to refill and got the last bit of water. Sorry Antonio! Scored some sunscreen here from another rider (much appreciated) and took off. Bombing down City Park road going back was great fun and this lady in an SUV pulled up to us at a light and asked if we had enjoyed that. My knee was starting a tingle of pain here but it wasn't anything I couldn't pedal through. We stopped at Jester Market because the Jester climb was looming and something really cold sounded good. Downed a drink and took off to Jester. We rode the first third but realized that in the big gear we weren't moving any faster than walking and the sun was baking us. Walked the rest. This was the first time I'd walked a hill in all my EBs but I didn't mind. I wasn't walking alone and I still made it to the top in about the same time. Bombed Beauford without getting pulled into the curb by the road grooves and almost ended up passing some dude in a Porsche making his way down slowly. 360 and Spicewood to St. Eds were uneventful and we saw a few more riders passing us heading to Yaupon. I generally see more riders here but this year it didn't work out that way. We walked a lot of the ledges on St. Eds on the way up and rode the rest down. The exposure parts we more of a risk/reward decision so we did walk a couple of those. The ride back to Yaupon seemed to take for freaking ever but we made it and started the ride/hike up. About halfway there a dude on a road bike going down told us there was an aid station at the top. We knew this but I thought it was great to see someone obviously not engaged in the EB taking part in cheering us on. The Thumper aid station stop was short because I just wanted to make sure we had enough water and get in before my riding partner heard too many horror stories of people who had just finished. This strategy worked and we started the long hike/ride/hike/cuss/hike/ride/cuss/cuss/ride event known as Thumper. That trail is fun on fresh legs and if it were in Houston, it would be the best trail in a 100 mile radius. However, it's just brutal in the EB. My message to my buddy was that "Thumper is what makes the EB hard. This is where the men are separated from the boys. If it was easy, everyone could do it!" We survived Thumper and my buddy said that if he had pre-ridden Thumper, he wouldn't have done the EB. When we exited my wife was there to greet us. This was a great surprise and really helped lift my spirits. I also had a bit of a beer to celebrate. The ride to WC was fine and my buddy got his third wind and took off. Having that trail to ride from Amherst park was great and I didn't miss riding down Parmer. We did a generous loop of Walnut but I was blasted and my knee was starting to get pissed. Finished to a small crowd who took our names, took our pictures with the fake enchilada, and then bolted shortly thereafter. Apparently we were at the back of the pack. Our wives were there too so we had someone to sit down with in the parking lot and drink a beer. The EB had a much different vibe to it this year and I'm interested to see if I'm the only one who noticed. It was more about speed and racers and less about community and seeing old riding buddies. Don't get me wrong here, I know it's not easy to put on this event and the team doing the work does a fantastic job. I suppose I miss the feeling that it's more than just something for the fast guys to show off. I miss the Christmas lights hanging in the WC island and the music going while people sat around and talked bikes. I need to adjust my expectations but I would gladly drop my $20 into a can for a t-shirt and I didn't even see that option present itself. I remember people coming in from out of town just for a chance to ride the EB. I remember explaining the EB to a MTB guide on the Whole Enchilda trail in Moab after he asked about my Enchilada Buffet jersey. Maybe that's the problem...I remember too much and therefore my expectations are not realistic. No matter. I might ride it again next year or I might not. I'm not making the call yet. If I do, I'm going to try it on a single speed to give me a reason to walk the hills.
  8. Working on mine now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Karbach is making some good beer. I found this one and it’s a good change of pace. Yeah Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Antonio...did you make it man? We saw you at the bottom of Jester reloading your water but must have missed you at Thumper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. That ride was a beast! The heat was brutal. I think we should start a ride report thread or do we just dump them here? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 100% agree Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Does the City really need to make 'plans' to GPS a trail? Do they realize that literally thousands of people do this every day using nothing more than their phone and some free software? Why do I feel like they are going to charge the taxpayers some crazy amount to do this?
  14. Why not toss in Lake Georgetown and make it the Complete Chimichanga?
  15. I’ve seen some rigs that look straight out of a Baja race or something. I’m not moving that fast where I need 5283 lumens to light up the next 2 miles. Just give me 2+ hours of consistent several hundred lumens with quality batteries that last more than 1 season and don’t crap out in the rain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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