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  1. Tree Magnet

    I think I set a new personal record.

    If you can hold off cutting down your bars, you might give the wide ones some time to see if you adjust. I hated my wide bars when I first got them but I resisted the urge to cut them because I didn't want to cut too much and then have to buy new bars. After a few rides, I started getting used to it. Now, if I get on another bike with smaller bars, it feels weird. There are all sorts of benefits to wide bars that you might like if you can handle the change. Big question....have you tried the drug that is a dropper post?
  2. I've done a 50 mile trail race and it was an experience that I will never forget. My suggestion would be to find a race on a trail that you enjoy and don't be afraid to travel. When you're deep in the pain cave, having amazing views burned into your head will be worth the trip to get there. Your body only has so many of those type of efforts in it so make them count. My wife has done a 100 mile race and several ultras. She works at Austin Trail Running company and if you have any questions or want to talk to some people that know what you're getting into, swing by there and hit them up.
  3. Tree Magnet

    Brushy Creek

    Is it just me or is anyone else glad to see the jogger footprints so this can't be labeled a 'damn bikers' event?
  4. Tree Magnet

    girdling ligustrum in walnut creek

    I hate the invasive species but I have to give them credit for being the superior survivor. They out compete the native plants and we kill them for their success. Poetic justice. I was up in Seattle this summer and the locals were complaining about the ‘non-native’ orca pods. Apparently they were thriving while the native pods were dying because the natives couldn’t figure out how to eat anything but salmon. I was stoked to see a killer whale and didn’t care. Some people are stoked to see a tree instead of concrete so they don’t get why we want to kill invasive species. Strange world. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Tree Magnet

    Brushy Creek

    I would think they’d want to have someone sitting there to keep the random penis drawing or puppy love proclamation heart from being carved into the wet concrete. Seems like a small investment to protect for that tiny window of time that its vulnerable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Tree Magnet

    Spider Mountain

    Let’s do the math real quick and see how this is going to work. Can $50 per person support a trail crew required to build and maintain enough trail?? Is it going to take volunteers to make this work?? To maintain the trails out there they need a full time trail building team of maybe 3 people? Let’s say they pay them $30k per year (no idea). That’s $90k in just trail support. If they get 200 riders per weekend average for roughly half the year, that’s $260k. That’s leaves $170k to pay for all the remaining staff, lift, expenses, taxes, yada, yada. Obviously I have no idea if that’s enough but I can’t ride right now so I’m compelled to type something in about bikes. Damn weather. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Tree Magnet

    Why I did it

    The Wookie is back. Using 20" and hung in the same post. Seriously, I hope those three ladies enjoyed the trails at Pace Bend as much as the rest of us. We owe them and you quite a bit for the experiences shared out there.
  8. Tree Magnet

    Spider Mountain

    I can see people volunteering to do some trail work out there in exchange for a free lift pass. However, at that point it's not really 'volunteering'. Personally, I'm stoked to see Spider Mountain right at our backdoor. At $50, it's orders of magnitude cheaper than driving to Angel Fire or Trestle. I don't expect those types of trails because I'm a realist but I'm going to give them a shot.
  9. Tree Magnet

    2013 - 29er Salsa Spearfish 3 - 18" Frame*

    I bet she’d love it even more if only you had a big glass display case for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Progressive drops Small table top jumps Skinny slightly elevated Check out the Railyard in Bentonville. That’s a progressive skills park that has some sweet features. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Tree Magnet

    Brushy Creek

    With all this rain and lack of riding wearing on us, it might be worth considering an organized work day to address any problems you're seeing out at Brushy. The crappy weather and need to get some dirt under our feet is good motivation to go out and dig. The regular Walnut riders have turned the R&I into an S&I (Shovel and Imbibe) tonight at 5:30
  12. Some local FYI on an Austin area trail. River Place is a hiking only trail up in NW Austin so if you only ride trails, you might not have heard about it. However, it has some good elevation changes and trail runners around town use it to train and it's actually a pretty fun hike. Starting in March, they are going to put private contractors at the entrances and charge non-residents of the neighborhood to use it. I hope they end up paying more to the contractors than they collect but there is plenty of money in that neighborhood so I doubt they care. https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/new-10-fee-coming-to-popular-austin-nature-trail
  13. Tree Magnet

    Walnut Creek: Trail Crew Open Call

    Cullen was having trouble getting logged in to this forum but he asked me to pass along the message: ARR lead trail work planned at Walnut Creek for Tuesday evening at 5:30 (meet at the pool parking lot) Shovels provided but bring a headlight and water. Post trail work food/beverages welcome. We all need time in the dirt so give back to the trail that gives us so much and make a difference. Bigger crew = Bigger features and bigger solutions = Bigger smiles
  14. Tree Magnet

    Brushy Creek

    I was on the West side of the road looking down there a little after dusk. I think there is a light under there or something and I remember seeing the snakes, not believing what I was seeing, and turning around to check it out. They were snakes and there were more than a few. I think what happened is that it had some water in it from the flood and possibly had some fish or critters collected down there. The snakes were having a buffet and could have given two shits about some biker trying not to crap his pants. Even after that, I'd still take that tunnel if the traffic was bad.
  15. Tree Magnet

    Walnut Creek: Trail Crew Open Call

    Trail work day cancelled for the morning of 2/10. It’s even too nasty to dig out there. Dig session planned for this Tuesday evening. Keep your eyes open for a post from the trail stewards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk