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  1. Make sure you attach a little black bag to the complaint with evidence of the problem. Tell them that you'll just leave it in the hallway since you know someone else will come by and pick it up.
  2. They should close them down if we have to be subjected to bikini abuse like that.
  3. A big factor is also context of the feature. If you threw that drop into some bike park in a mountain somewhere and most people would ride it without much of a thought. However, you put it on a 'normal' trail, even Snail which is above a lot of pay grades, and it suddenly looks HUGE! I'm stoked to see the envelope being pushed and different features being created for different riders. The same mantra holds true for all of them: If you can't ride it, don't change it so you can.
  4. Well two of you already deserve a beer for what you've done pre-pandemic.
  5. Well alrighty then. Sounds like this is just another way to distribute products to people and drive some much needed traffic to local retailers. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I was wondering who was going to give you shit first. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Mixed emotions on this. On one hand, they need to survive so they're finding new avenues of making money. On the other, if every shop out there went and bought up these basic supplies and marked them up, there wouldn't be any in the grocery stores for people to buy.
  8. If it were me, I’d stay away from Lime Creek road on a bike. Motorcycles and cars fly down that road and there are way too many blind corners and no shoulder to make it safe. I have a super fun AWD car with a lot of HP and it loves Lime Creek road. However, the presence of bikes and motorcycles makes it feel dangerous even in a car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That's pretty bad ass. I hope that we see a resurgence of American manufacturing after all this just for the national security aspect of it. Of course, that will last until people forget about this crap and chase the dollar again.
  10. I haven't contacted Gemini about it. Basically, I think that we have to consider the battery a consumable and not expect more than a season (or two) out of it. My newish Gemini battery has some intermittent plug issues just like the old one it replaced. I trust it enough to go on a night ride with it but I make sure I have a back-up on my bars. If I was a serious night-rider (summer time/corona crowds might force that) then I'd have to find another solution. Maybe a Light & Motion light or something?
  11. I've done something like this when there is a turn or the trail is wide enough (BCGB main trail for example). However, I've never had it where someone had their music on so loud that they couldn't hear me when I was literally yelling as loud as I could right behind them. Those over the ear headphones are another level.
  12. I pulled out the DJ bike today and my oldest son and I had a manual competition. We have a slight downhill so we would start at a crack in the street and use sticks to mark our longest one. When you find that balance point, it's so cool. I managed to get a few good ones but I don't know what I did different from all the other times. The weather was amazing for practice and you can easily maintain the 6' distance from any neighbor. Also, you're going pretty slow with a helmet so even if you loop out, it shouldn't be an ER trip.
  13. I bet that banana seat let you sit your butt right next to balance point. That would be a fun bike to have just to ride wheelies on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I did 25 miles on SATN yesterday afternoon and saw maybe 10 hikers. Purposely picked trails and that wouldn’t lend themselves to people walking. The only problem I had was some dude at Bauerle with over ear headphones that was blocking the whole trail. I was yelling at him and singing my bell and I walked behind him because he wouldn’t move. I finally broke a cedar branch off and chunked it at him. He jumped off the trail and said he was sorry and just wanted to listen to music. Wtf dude? I told him it was dangerous and he wasn’t alone out there. Maybe he got it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It’s the turtle school of bailing. Maybe the deal with helmets is they are afraid to try them on so they get one that doesn’t fit right and therefore don’t wear it. I would expect most bike shops to sell them a helmet with the bike so they probably have one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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