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  1. As I enter the next phase of aging (45 now) I can tell the heat bothers me more than it used to. I did 42+ cx miles yesterday and left too late(8am).... at the end I was light headed. I really don’t want to stop riding but my Yeti took a shit and is in need of warranty stuff (we’ll see how that goes) and I don’t love cx rides like I used to. But, yeah, as someone mentioned, with no water fountains it makes it tough for me to go beyond 3 hours. The ONLY good thing about riding CX is I can carry two large water bottles on the frame along with my 50oz Camelbak Palos. Can also throw a small bottle in jersey pocket, but ugh. 6 years... and definitely counting, until I’m free to move to higher, drier elevation. I’m from Louisana, so Austin is in the right direction, I just undershot it 20 years ago when I moved here (but there are other reasons for that *eyeroll) Guess I’ll keep trying to ride until I have a true scare or die. But overall I loathe these TX summers.
  2. Same battles, different day... assume the same in perpetuity. I appreciate y’all’s dedication. I finally gave up.
  3. I also partook of the hero conditions, but I found it pretty shittily humid and miserable. Still a good ride though! I’m missing those cold YMCA water fountains. 😓
  4. To me that sounds dramatic! Thanks for the backstory though. Sounds like the trail has been responsible for a fair amount of carnage!
  5. My bad! And thanks Brizzett! I was so stoked on that small drop, haha just grinning and doing it over and over. Landing buttery smooth is such a good feeling. And the feature felt so stable and trustable. All that stuff, to me, for what little I know about that stuff, is really legit and seems awesomely (being) done.
  6. Man, I finally am spending time out at the Ninja and learning my way around. Holy balls that stuff is fun when you kinda start knowing generally how to go. I must’ve ended up on the church stuff because I came upon the jump lines for the first time and let out a “Holy S***!” I hit that small drop like 6 times. My fav run at it was the first one I did with loads of speed from the top of the run-in trail. But man, thank you to the church and that 512Freeride (I think/hope) crew. That stuff is, dare I say, real dope. Respect. The bad news is I've recently learned how to halfass jump. I can’t wait to at least clear the tables(?) for the first time, but those wooden booter deals look and feel awesome. Ugh.
  7. Good to hear. Heat was oppressive and I was trying to go slow and pick my way through there. That strategy just doesn’t work well out there and takes so much more energy it seems.
  8. But did someone actually break their leg there? I need the juicy details. Stories like that give me life. Couple weeks ago was riding with a friend and we came up on a guy freshly crashed in The Trap on Deception East and my buddy was in front. He stopped suddenly and was like “whoa” and I rolled up. My first instinct (and what I did) was to bust out laughing and make fun of the guy since he didn’t seem to be hurt other than pride (his friends were just sitting there staring at him). He took it semi-well, and I later saw him at Swag and apologized, gotta love carnage. I crashed yesterday in the stupid spot above mooseknuckle that JCarney was having trouble with.
  9. Trails are boobs right now. Rode today 5:30-8:30pm. HOT AF. I’d love to know the story behind this new sign on Deception East (aka quarter notch *gag) just above Dub Step
  10. Ruidoso itself is a pretty cool place. The riding is ok. Grindstone Lake is a pretty ride, and there is a lot of fun, fast flow and the climbing is manageable and friendly. (The disc golf course at Grindstone Lake is AWESOME if you’re into that). There is also the Cedar Creek trail system there that is pretty sweet as well. It’s all worth riding if you want to do XC stuff. The Ski Apache gondola and downhill is so-so. I did it once and don’t really need to do it again, personally. I haven’t ever tried to see if there are some non-Trailforks trails around there, but I’d have to imagine there are. In my opinion, once you ride the Trailforks trails a couple times the riding is just ok. Being out of this humid summer butthole of a place, however, is always amazing.
  11. Damn right it is. Wednesday morning was next level amazing (39% humidity at 7am) then yesterday was ooooh, 80% at 7am and today at 6pm was hot but nice. We’re entering 6pm roll out territory for me during the week and then 7am humidity suffer fests on the weekends. I was in Cloudcroft, NM riding the dirt bike (rode mtb in Ruidoso one day) a couple weeks ago. The humidity during the day was a whopping 5%.
  12. Ha! This is a great idea for a thread. My 16yr old son is an absolute natural on the bike but just doesn’t love it. I remember several times at Walnut as a 7 year old I wouldn’t be able to finish saying, “maybe you shouldn’t....oooook” and he’s already down it. I just ordered and received for my 12y.o. daughter a decent Raleigh 27.5” bike off bikesdirect. I did my normal ride the other day and then rode an additional 20mi with her hike n bike, peddlers, picnic, picnic x and she just sat in and didn’t complain or anything. I kept looking back and checking on her, but there she was, just keeping up. About mile 15 she was commenting how it didn’t feel like we had been riding for 1.5hr or so, and I responded that riding bikes is something she needs to do then when it doesn’t feel like work. Love teaching her shifting, obstacles, etc plus just all the wildlife we see. My son will ride if forced but he’s a pure tennis head.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. At least the weather will be nice enough for a lame ass cx spin. edit: and thanks a bunch for doing that drainage work!
  14. I just checked my normal spots to check as well. I’m gonna ride tomorrow morning. If Picnic too damp I’ll turn around, etc. When I check, I check East entrance to Deception and an EMS access point (aka Satellite) which is the entrance to the Hollows (less sunny area on “double down”) as always, still a judgment call.
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