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  1. Only spent a day in Salida but it seemed pretty nice and chill. Great location, too. Headed to Buena Vista this Sept. Love that area of CO but I see it growing fast as hell in large part from us Texans. I’m ultimately hoping to find something somewhere that looks like a plain jane single story house from the road but has a National Forest view from the deck out back, and I’ll be patient and deliberate about it. Getting that raise is going to be necessary first, however. Divorce be expensive. Roughly 1,825 days. ⏰
  2. Nice! Where do you own land? My plan is to buy a small RV when I’m out from under child support and rent (yes i know renting is a waste but I’m not buying for only 5 years in this market and no desire to be a landlord pff) and get a huge “raise”. (whole other story) I’m going to stay in National Forests and whatnot for at least a year with my RV, dual sport moto, and mtb and move from Montana to Arizona with the weather and find out where I’d like to buy a house. Then I’ll use the RV to escape winter if desired and never ever live in this kind of uncomfortable heat and exponentially growing congestion ever again.
  3. Just got back from a moto trip in Cloudcroft, NM. Rode yesterday and further solidified my plan to move to ANY mountains in 5 years. This morning it’s 74 with 90% humidity. Lol. Contemplating not riding at all this summer. For me, it just zaps the fun right out of it. edit: eh, I’m sure I’ll still ride and just incessantly bitch about it
  4. Headed to Cloudcroft, NM this week for some moto riding. I think that’s the only way to lower the humidity is to gtfo.
  5. Ahh yeah I was actually wondering where that was. Couldn’t tell you were launching off anything. On a hardtail like a fuckin’ bawss. Respect.
  6. Who’s the BADASS in this Strava profile pic? Damn, he FINE!
  7. In other news, if you didn’t ride tonight you did yourself a complete disservice. I was all settled in for a humid ass ride with possible rain and then the clouds cleared and sun poked through with dry North wind and mid 60s. Omg. It was heavenly.
  8. Yeah took me three hours today to clear Gnargasm, Blow White, Caddyshack, and the little spur trail across the creek by Champion Park to the point of having good flow. Crazy how the trees are still drooping this long after. My next trail for trimming will be Gumdrop I think. There is a tree that is very dangerously low on Gumdrop where me skyyhorn and gotdurt cleared not long ago. Guess a 3’ or so chunk will just have to be cut out of it. I’m short and it’s tough for even me to get under without a headbanger. Seems like someone may have trimmed up Picnic. Thanks to whomever if that is the case.
  9. Yeah I mean I know it’s the least popular thing but smoothing out chunky trail is a skillset in its own right. Plus, I will never wear knee pads and stuff... maybe a little later in life. No shade at anyone that does, but it’s just not for me. I’ve accepted my place as an XC rider that hits a small table or drop here and there. I finally hit the drops on Line 1 at Snail Trail after a few years of looking at them, lol... they’re what...like 2’ tall.
  10. Yeah I mean... can I hit drops...yes... can I break myself doing it...yes... worth it... no I get enough nervous excitement from a 2 or 3’ drop... no need to break my face and bike on those big ones. Respect for those who do it though.
  11. If you just stick to the right side going down it literally can roll like a smooth concrete path if you find the line. Just don’t get too far right and hook your bar on the sapling on the right like I did once because then you get to eject down the hard way without your bike. Thought I broke my hand but didn’t. But that was one time out of the hundreds I’ve ridden it. Just try the right side, you’ll see a line for tire contact the whole way down.
  12. I couldn’t bring myself to ride yesterday anyway. Laid around on the couch all morning. That second dose of vaccine got me for a day and a half. 💉
  13. Good to see you post a ride pic, broseph.
  14. Yeah I was told I was riding it backwards by going left at the bottom/beginning/end of the trail. I rode it the “correct” way the other day and it was waaaay less flowy that way. Way more fun riding it backwards with the big swoopy part being the payoff at the end, imo
  15. Thanks to you guys. Saw Ronan on zee trail. Y’all made some big boy cuts. Sweetness.
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