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  1. I would have gladly tore it down but I thought I verify its illegitimacy first. @First Blood, @Morealice, @rugger
  2. WTF - The Puzzler Seriously?
  3. I hit that one for the first time today. It wasn’t pretty but I survived. I looked at it for a while and picked an approach line that looked good, but when I launched over the edge I pushed forward and got my weight back even though I told myself to just go straight off. Anyway my left foot unclipped and I over compensated putting my chest into the bars on the landing. I’m glad no one was around to LOL. I did go back around for another attempt but ended up taking the easier one (my normal line) at the end. While I was looking at the big one from the top some kid came around and took the easy middle line but ate hard just before the trails come together. It made a heck of a “thud” when he hit the dirt but he said he was OK.
  4. Thought I'd give the west end a try since it drys before the rest of the trail, but it needs another day or so. Twin Lakes and Snail, it was slick but no pick-up until the creek bottom of Snail.
  5. WTF... I'm guessing this wasn't a sanctioned trail mod. Huge rock moved off trail to make the line between the drops (squeeze play) a little easier. I personally don't like hucking off either of them because of the tree gate it created there, but damn. It's gonna take a couple people to get it back in place. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  6. The west end of Brushy is “Bodacious Tatas”... didn’t go east of Swag.
  7. When in doubt... singletrack.
  8. It does work great, but you still have to go into the thread to ignore it. Is there a way to add it to the "hold over" options where you see - Preview, First post, Latest post.
  9. Looks like incoming rain, so probably no ride tonight.
  10. Sorry, I read your post wrong. I thought it said “would”.
  11. If the log and the catcher don’t keep’m out of the creek, try replacing the catcher with a clown.
  12. I ran across a group of at least 5 going the wrong way on Sunday. I was too tired by then and didn't remember to go elbows out and make them yield. Normally I would let them know that they're going the wrong way, but now with an official sign, hopefully that won't be necessary. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  13. I found a log at the bottom of the Basket once too... stay frosty out there. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  14. I was heading into that spot E->W a while back and there was a little girl playing in the ditch... I grabbed a couple fists full of brake and was barley able to stop in time. Her parent was on the west side walking on the concrete path. We made “eye contact” and both of them realized how bad an idea it was to be in that ditch.
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