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  1. csmceuen

    Merry... Ahh... Safety First...mas?

    Some people must hate their kids.
  2. csmceuen

    Spider Mountain

    I guess someone forgot to pull the correct permits or grease the right palms...
  3. csmceuen

    Barton Creek Greenbelt

    What is the status of parking at the HoL entrance. Did the regulations wind up passing and if so anyone know exactly what they are?
  4. csmceuen

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Yep it was up in Liberty Hill. I used to live in the Georgetown area and I was there pretty much every weekend for years.
  5. csmceuen

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    I used to go to Ramp Ranch, but not sure if that was the one you were thinking of.
  6. csmceuen

    Garage thread

    620 and Lakecreek. What are the dimensions? I may be able to squeeze them in my wifes suv.
  7. csmceuen

    Garage thread

    Where in austin are you? I want them for my shop, but would have to figure out how to get them home.
  8. csmceuen

    Garage thread

    Your supposed to put cars in a garage?
  9. csmceuen

    Upgrading tires - what to pick?

    Joking aside I hear that the larger/newer sizes are actually a really nice tire. I may have to stop hating on them so much and try out a pair...not sure it is worth another injury though.
  10. csmceuen

    Upgrading tires - what to pick?

    The real question though is how does everyone feel about Ardents?
  11. csmceuen

    Shock maintenance

    I just use an old vitamin bottle, but to each their own. This looks way easier though.
  12. Its barely even intermediate friendly.
  13. csmceuen

    Trek Fuel Ex 8 29 thoughts

    I have purchased a few bikes online. The usual assembly that you have to do is basically put the bars, wheels and derailleur on the bike. Pretty minimal setup.
  14. csmceuen

    Garage thread

    I have similar decorative items available to me in my shop and I would say it makes me more apt to organize things.
  15. csmceuen

    Garage thread

    I am having an anxiety attack just looking at this image. I think you might need some storage/organization solutions