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  1. 2016 Kona Process 111 - Size Medium Looking to get $1800, but make me an offer. Local is much easier than shipping on PB. I picked this bike up in Fall of 2017 and it was my primary bike until early 2019. My plan was to fully service it and then keep it around as a spare bike for friends coming into town. My wife had different plans for it so needless to say I am now selling it. The bike has been fully serviced at the beginning of this year and only ridden a handful of times since. New linkage bearings, fork and rear shock serviced, new cables in dropper and shifter, brakes bled, new brake pads, tires with maybe 50 miles on them, new chain. Many of the items are original to the bike, but are in great condition. Here is a link to the original bike https://2016.konaworld.com/process_111.cfm *Upgrades* -Fork travel increased from stock 120 to 140mm -203mm Ice tech rotors front and rear. -New ice Tech Brake Pads. -Ethirteen TRS+ 11spd Cassette - This has the range of eagle without the weight penalty. -Brand new Truvativ Decendant 6k Crankset and chainring This bike is an amazing all around bike and does everything well and has served me incredibly well the past couple of years. The frame has some cosmetic defects in it which I have tried to capture in the photos for complete transparency. Normal scratches on the frame, hairline cracking in the white frame decals, and a very small dent in the down tube (also pictured). Happy to provide higher res photos on request.
  2. What color are these squares and are they heavily textured? Interested for my garage, but do some wood working and would need to be able to vacuum them easily.
  3. My newest bike came with Assegais front and rear. I thought I would hate them for the rolling resistance and weight, but man I love this tire. I did not think I would find a tire I like more than a minion, but this is a solid competitor at this point. I certainly would not want it for anything remotely flat, but techy climbing and steep descents are amazing on it.
  4. I ride 29 with anywhere from a 2.3 to a 2.6 depending on the bike and tire. Works very well in that range. As to the rotational weight I think it is pretty negligible, but I run heavy tires anyhow so I do not even notice it. It is only about 100g per insert if that helps at all. At under 40 bucks though it may be worth a shot. If that saves a tire in the long run as well it more than pays for itself.
  5. Yeah. That is what I was getting at. It changes the tire in the same way it changes a fork. I really like it.
  6. I am using the nukeproof version of cushcore which is much easier to install and still provides a decent amount of protection and sidewall support. I run it in the rear of all my bikes as I like the peace of mind, but I also really like the way it makes the tire ride. Much like a volume reducer in a fork it provides a bit of a softer feeling tire for more traction, but does not compress as easily at a certain point. They are on sale at the moment from chain reaction for a very reasonable price if you are interested. Highly recommend giving them a shot. They maybe add 10% effort to the install of a tire. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/nukeproof-horizon-advanced-rim-defence-ard-pair/rp-prod172999
  7. Classic tire thread. Get ardents. Corner hard. Profit.
  8. Thanks! Not exactly sure yet. I am thinking I will start by just riding from my house in Lakeline area and ride the entirety of Brushy and see how I feel at that point. Never done any gravel riding before so I am open to suggest routes in North Austin as well.
  9. csmceuen

    Gravel rigs

    Heard you guys like this sort of thing.
  10. Thanks! Looking forward to getting some rides in on it. Cost was free as a I scavenged all the parts I did not already have from my family/friends who ride cx/road. 2005 Bianchi SASS frame (SS) Scavenged 26" wheelsetwith rebuilt DT 240s with Maxxis DTH 2.2 tires. I also have a 700c wheelset, but thought I would try these first. Identiti 26" rigid fork Zee crankset Specialized CG carbon seatbost. Shimano mech brakes (BR-CX-77) Easton carbon bar/stem with fizik wraps Random origin 8 seat to match.
  11. Not exactly sure what it is, but I built this thing up this week and I am going to find out tomorrow.
  12. I think a side advantage to drop bars (this may be my perception) is a gained power transfer to pedal due to body positioning. Its a bit less comfortable but when I get into drops on a straight away or stand up to power through a climb I feel like the increased hunch lets my get more power into each pedal.
  13. What makes you serious as a gun owner? Capris wearing hipster douches also own guns... (Source: Me)
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