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  1. Ill bite. This is my beater bike that I built for a total of about 20 bucks and 2 x 6 pack trades. This was my first foray into single speeds and got me addicted. Its now been on loaner to 2 of my friends who were in need of bike. Had most of the parts laying around in my parts bin and the rest I either traded for or found at YBP.
  2. Looks super long to me. Cool budget build though. Nice to see people breathing some life back into old bikes that may otherwise wind up in a junk pile somewhere.
  3. Custom built my steel SS last year for 1100, but put a cheap wheelset on it at first. Just bought a new wheelset and a replaced my fork internals for 700 total. Easily doable.
  4. This bugged me too. The face of their website is a guy with V brakes, reflectors, and a dork disc... I am all for riding what you have, but dont make that the image you are greeted with on a website if you are trying to appeal to mountainbikers on a whole. Just my opinion.
  5. Take that tire off and use a vice grip with some electrical tape on it. Bend that baby back and keep on riding. It will not have the same structural integrity if you hit it again in the exact same spot, but it will ride normally. I cannot count the number of times I have just bent my wheels back into shape. Yay aluminum!
  6. Yep! Just hoping someone would have it laying around and I could recycle it. I have the parts I need in the cart, but thought it was worth a shot since alot of people wont go through the effort of repairing and I only need a few smaller parts of larger pieces they sell.
  7. The rack I have had this part in-tact so if I manage to come across another rack that part is yours. I wish I would have thought of doing this a few months back since I had another friend who had his replaced after a wreck. Its nice how replaceable all the parts in these racks are. As well as interchangeable. Great design.
  8. So I recently picked up a partly broken 1UP rack from a friend who was in a car accident. The bike rack was pretty banged up, but with some finagling I was able to piece together a near complete 1 bike rack from the 2 bike rack I received. I was hoping that if someone else had an old broken rack laying around or recently got in an accident with one (hope you are ok) that I could take it off your hands in hopes of scavenging it for parts rather than it winding up in the trash. I would rather bring an old rack back to life than just buy a new one or buy new parts. Thanks in advance!
  9. Ill let you win here. I heard it is unwise to upset a wookie.
  10. Somehow based on your internet persona I cannot imagine you as being silent on a ride.
  11. I get it. I would not want to try and copulate with my wife if my son was riding his bike nearby.
  12. I talk about 80% of a ride if I am with someone and only shut up when descending or if I decide to really power through a climb. I find it odd to go on a group ride without the intention of talking. If I am out for a nature/mental health ride I will go alone so I can silently enjoy everything.
  13. To clarify it is not the chainring, but the crank arm that is coming loose. Its only that single bolt that holds everything on and it jut backs out on my harder rides at the GB.
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