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  1. Its more likely due to tire selection. There is no way he would have endoed even once with the perfect tire setup.
  2. That was even better than expected. 10:10 face plant.
  3. But considering that their bottom bracket on the takeoff I am going with the fact that there is 0 momentum to be had here.
  4. The added BB height was a bonus and the bike reach is perfect now imo, but I am running a 50mm stem vs 35mm I had originally intended so that really just counteracts the reach part.
  5. This is such a good point. When I got my kona Honzo St I originally installed a 120mm fork on as suggested by manufacturer, but to my surprise once sag was set I felt like I was on an xc bike with a 70 degree ht. Ultimately I wound up putting a 150mm fork on it and now it feels perfect. Kinda like with the fork sagged it has the geometry it was designed to have?
  6. csmceuen

    Free lumber for builders

    I am sure Seth can find some solid use for it if not.
  7. How easy was it to customize over email and with the language barrier? I am very interested in possibly buying one of these with some sliding dropouts if its possible. This is freaking awesome. Edit: Just looked at their facebook page and they do tons of frames with sliding dropouts. So much want right now. Here is a link to the facebook for a bit of drooling. https://www.facebook.com/MarinoBikes/
  8. Agreed until the dropper post. Those things are amazing. Even a minimalist SSer can love them. I still have my full squish, but more and more as of late I find myself choosing simple fun over plush speed.
  9. I may have missed it, but for reference what are you riding right now? I feel like we could be more pushy and convincing depending on our strongly biased opinion of your current steed.
  10. My SS ht is a Honzo ST and I think it is the perfect balance of bike for my tastes. Feels aggressive and gets rowdy on the DH and still does a great job on the uphills. I also run it with 150mm fork and it still feels super efficient as a SS which surprises me.
  11. I did roughly the same thing a few years back and decided I needed to get something as lls as I possibly could in my price range. A capra at this point in time. I got the bike and I loved it. I could smash down trails and I could acceptably ride it up technical bits. As I got further down the road I realized more and more that is was no longer that much fun to ride it up a hill and I started to ride less and less as I did not find mush enjoyment in the regular trails. I was only enjoying the stuff that used to scare me since that was now the only thing that provided some challenge. I wound up not riding for 3 months and realized something had to change and I went back out demoing bikes only a year later. Settled on a Process 111 which still was decently lls, but reasonably so and complimented our local trails much better. I started enjoying riding more again after this purchase and I can completely attribute it to having a bike that fit our trails and less so current trends. I personally do not feel that the current drastic trends in bikes are really suited to our local trails. There are exceptions of course, but your usual GB, Brushy, 4c ride is alot more fun on a bike with a bit more of a conservative geo. Those long bikes are a pain to pedal uphill and even more so to muscle around some of our wonderful switchbacks. The real answer is demo demo demo, but the best answer is just get 3 bikes. SS hardtail, 120-130mm trail bike and your 170mm LLS Beast of a mini dh.
  12. csmceuen

    Brushy Creek

    I await your status update. I want to ride in the AM and am really hoping to get some Peddlers in.
  13. Why are you not shorter is the real question?
  14. csmceuen

    Spider Mountain

    I heard from a friend that they were now look at MLK as opening weekend. Can anyone confirm?
  15. csmceuen

    Merry... Ahh... Safety First...mas?

    Some people must hate their kids.