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  1. Anybody check any trails yet today? Still pretty muddy I'm guessing.
  2. Overlook park parking and parking lot from Booty’s rd are closed due to civic restrictions. Went to Goodwater yesterday from Cedar Breaks. It was muuuuuuuuuuuudy! I was running carefully so as not to slip. I was surprised not necessarily at the amount of people, but at the amount of people who were carefully stepping around the mud, dressed up nice, with cut little manicured dogs, etc Anyway, yeah, muddy from Cedar Breaks to Crockett. But what else did we expect?
  3. I’m not wanting to take this corona thing lightly, so please don’t take this info that way. I called the “covid non emergency” number, from Wilco.org, asked about shelter in place. (I don’t know about Travis county but I assume they go hand in hand). They said as of now a shelter in place has not been issued. When one is issued, all non essential businesses closed, and no nonessential going anywhere- among the essentials they listed for me was exercise. Cycling, mtb, and (for me) trail running is totally exercise. Just practice social distancing, for bikers you could say stay a bike’s length away and cough into your own helmet. Of course the trails are only good for extreme mud wrestling right now😆
  4. And oh, to everyone: The head phones, ear buds problem is duly noted. 🙂
  5. Who is willing to sit out there for hours in their ghillie suit? Bring snacks and take shifts. 😆
  6. What do y'all call the trails west of the Rim trail? Other side of 183, behind the YMCA camp? Just curious, as I've seen and heard names for the other trails on Brushy Creek but not these.
  7. What is SATN? Context tells me it's a trail/trail system, but I'm wracking my brain and nothing is forthcoming from those initials. Thx
  8. I was at Walnut Creek Metro Park the other day, getting some high-stepping hill climbing workouts (powerline hill and close by). As I was going up on section of trail that gets fairly steep with large step-ups and lots of trees roots and rocks to navigate, I saw an mtber trying to go UP with his bike. His face was like, "This was a mistake", and when he saw me bound past him, I'm pretty sure he thought, "That guy's nuts". lol I feel sorry for those guys.
  9. I've not been a part of any trail running groups, except for two on FB where I sometimes post, nothing "on the ground". -To my knowledge, most trail runners wouldn't want to take down any obstacles, we're just as aggravated seeing them being taken down or messed with. -Most trail runners just want to run somewhere other than on the concrete with car exhaust in their faces, to be in nature and all, like a lot of mtbers. There are a good amount who enjoy exploring, wandering on trails, going adventuring. Then there are the ones like myself. I too like to explore, but it's a ton of fun running on "treacherous" trails over loose rocks, scrambling up rocks, running through water, twisty and turny, between trees with branches slapping you, through high grass, etc. Why? I guess just the thrill of it. -A good trail is subjective. To be simplistic about it: The northwest of St Edwards is good for people who like nice, flat runs. The southeast, of course, gets into the likes of the more adventurous of us. All in all, the best trail is a "trail system", like Bull Creek or Brushy Creek, which have flat open trails and twisty technical trails. -There are competitive trail runs, even series, and there are wilderness runs where you run for more than one day across lots of wilderness, usually on teams. And of course Ultras, like 50K-100+mile races- yikes. I've only once ever run a competitive 50 miler (almost 20 years ago) in which I gave up halfway through because I'd never run on trails before, ALL my training was on concrete, then suddenly I'm surrounded forever by trees and the dirt was totally different on the feet than concrete. It was basically just hiking trails through the woods. -You know what, I've never really thought about this. Maybe I'll ask this on the FB groups and see what they say. Thx for all the questions 🙂
  10. That's good to know. I usually try and get out of the way in the way you're explaining, mostly just to show "I promise I'm not being a jerk, see?" But maybe I'm worrying too much. 🙂
  11. I actually do like the twisty trails. Pretty much any trails- long flat trails can get boring but they're ok I guess. I probably run the most at Brushy Creek, Bull Creek, and Walnut Creek. And I personally don't like "disappearing" as you mentioned, so we're good there.
  12. I'm not an mtber but a trail runner. I run on trails and often pass (or get passed by) mtbers. I'm just wondering, please be totally honest I'm a big boy, how do mtbers see trail runners? Annoying, nuisances, in the way, etc? I always keep my eyes and ears peeled, and move over quickly and let the biker(s) past. I try not to run on muddy trails (sometimes you hit a seemingly dry trail then there are muddy spots, you know) and avoid trails that are "bikes only" (Emma Long is the only Austin one I know of). Anyway, just wondering. Thx :)
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