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  1. Went out this afternoon and it was interesting. Had a plate put in to fix my collar bone 6 weeks ago so I've missed all the good weather riding lately as I'm just getting back out there. Rode Peddlers and Picnic and came across a guy and his girlfriend riding Picnic. No helmets and she was on a road bike. They were at least courteous and friendly and moved out of the way for me. He said it was her second day on the bike...
  2. This. Although to be honest riding in the mud is a hell of a lot of fun. I won't do it on publicly maintained trails but I have a friend with some acreage with a creek out in Jonestown with his own personal ATV trails. He and I have been riding out there this week in the sloppy mud and it's been awesome. The ATV ruts make for some cool small features when it dries that makes dry riding fun too.
  3. Anyone go out this evening? I'm assuming still too wet.
  4. Usually in situations like today with super dry and then heavy rain, the stuff in the sun will usually be okay pretty quickly. It's the stuff in the shade that still might take a while. It'll still dry up faster but there will probably still be wet and muddy spots in gullies and very shady areas. Just be smart and check your tires. If you see mud sticking, wait another day.
  5. Beautiful morning out at BC today. 65 degrees and no humidity when I got on the trails at 6:45. Only 72 when I was done at 8am. Almost perfect except for the leashless dog charging straight at me on Peddlers while the owner and his kid were 50 feet away. Harmless dog, just nearly made me crash. Guy just gave me a "Yeah, yeah" response when I told him that leashes were required out here. Yay. People.
  6. This reminds me of one my far far far left wing fanatic friends. For background she thinks 100% of all income should be taxed and then evenly distributed among everyone. Very anti gun and thinks all should be banned included from police and military. We were talking about end of the world type stuff a while back and she of course likes to get her shots(pun intended) in about the guns I own. She's a gardener and actually has a really good small/medium garden/farm in east Austin. She has no guns and told me I should get rid of my guns and focus on gardening and farming so I can survive the apocalypse like her. I simply said why would I do that when I can simply take yours by force? I have guns, you don't. Easy peasy. Needless to say she wasn't happy with me. I love arguing with the extreme left and right folks. They are all crazy.
  7. He's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night.
  8. Yep. You should check Garmin's twitter feed. People are absolutely losing their minds because they can't upload their exercises immediately. It's funny and sad all at the same time.
  9. I've been riding with my hockey buddies but that's about it. Usually three or four of us.
  10. Haha! True. Especially when some of the mountain biking advice on the mountain biking forum is also questionable...
  11. Same here. I take it easy on the uphills and always sit for a few minutes after a longer climb and get some water. But I made it through yesterday just fine while also still hungover from two bottles of wine on Sat night.
  12. Went out to Walnut yesterday from 1-2 and it wasn't bad at all. 98 degrees according to my truck and humidity wasn't awful. It was actually pretty nice as there were very few people out. I only saw one other biker and only two small groups walking dogs. I'll probably do some more afternoon riding this week since it seems you can avoid the crowds at that time. Too many walkers and dogs at Walnut in the mornings/evenings.
  13. Yeah I've never cleaned mine in over a year but I just use water. Hell I'll even leave water in it in the garage from previous rides and just top it off. Never had an issue with gunk. Same die my hockey water bottles. I just keep refilling and topping off for each ride/game. My wife thinks I'm gross because I'll drink my open bedside water over the course of three or four nights without emptying/refilling. Haven't gotten sick or died yet!
  14. Yep. I think bringing up Mexico to a higher standard of living through trade holds nothing but positives for both the US and Mexico. I would happily support moving our China trade to Mexico.
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