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  1. Awesome! My 4 year old grandson "practicing" mountain biking by going off curbs and over 2x4s for an hour.
  2. Man I would but my ankle is the size of a softball right now. Took a slap shot to the side of the ankle in a hockey game the other night and struggled just to get the wood out there today. Walked down to check out what Gringo was doing and that was a mistake.
  3. Just dropped off 21 treated 2x6x8s courtesy of @AntonioGG and @Tree Magnet
  4. Ok. @Tree Magnet just sent me a Lowes gift card via email so I'll make a run tomorrow. @AntonioGG, if you do the same I can kill two birds with one stone and load up on 2x6s. I'll send you my name and email in a PM. Agree on the culling. I picked through a ton of warped pieces last weekend.
  5. I just went to the nearest Lowes. I looked for actual lumber yards but they all seemed more furniture oriented. I don't mind picking up stuff and delivering it as the church and the Lowes are both within a few miles of my house so it's not a big deal for me. I wonder if y'all could just order the wood online and then I'll just pick up and deliver? That way at least you know I'm not going spend it on hookers and blow. I don't mind doing this but I would prefer @El Gringo specify exactly which types and amounts would be the priority. If I'm going to handle other folks' money, I'd prefer it be used in the most efficient way possible.
  6. If anyone needs help with transport of any lumber donations, I can help with that. I have racks on my truck I use for hauling kayaks, lumber, and ladders.
  7. This. My 4yo grandson took all of 10 minutes without training wheels to figure it out. They learn fast once they decide they want to do it. He's crashed numerous times since by trying to go off curbs and such but he always gets back up. We've done a good job with him in having him get up and try again whenever he fails at anything. He's been playing ice hockey and skating since he was about 2.5 years old and every time he fell, we would ask him, "What do you do when you fall down?" His response is always, "Get up and try again." We used the same thing for the bike recently and it works. Hopefully it sticks with him his whole life because we all know life will knock you down quite a few times and the best thing you can do is get up, brush yourself off, and go at it again.
  8. A McLeod is a hoe/rake combo and a Mattock is a type of pick axe. Grandpa was a farmer.
  9. This is how I feel. It's not expensive and if you like it and use it frequently, is it really that big of a deal to compensate the people that are giving you something you enjoy? Free stuff is great and all but in the end people have bills to pay and they cannot do that if they aren't compensated for their work.
  10. Make it more fun. Then maybe the people that take Strava seriously enough to be pissed about a change you're describing will stop riding there area which will make for less douchiness on the trails! I know a couple folks insanely serious about Strava and they aren't fun people to be around.
  11. Yeah. I was out from 4 to 5 yesterday and it was pretty miserable. 97 degress with 70% humidity. Ran Peddlers, Mulligan, and Picnic up and back before I gave up. I drank all 2.5 liters of water in my camelback in 45 minutes.
  12. Delivered some pressure treated lumber. Took some pictures of some of the features but getting -200 errors uploading. 2x12x12: 2 2x6x8: 6 2x4x8: 8
  13. That's my assumption as well. Untreated will fall apart fairly rapidly.
  14. I set up a quick and dirty google doc with the types and numbers you need so people can check off what they are bringing. Wouldn't be much help if four of us only brought a bunch of 2x12s and none of the others. Also, where to drop off and what times would be best? Just drive down the fire road? Do we need to walk it all from the church parking lot? For folks that want to contribute just plug in your name(similar to what I did) in and what you'll bring. @El Gringo I just put in some random amounts. Please edit and add what you think will be needed and then folks can just fill in what they can bring and you'll end up with what you need and not eleventy billion 2x4s and no 2x12s. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-q6-2HA7cSH414l3q__Ccftn5IKls3shZcgleZGqnew/edit?usp=sharing
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