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  1. Was planning on next weekend, not today or tomorrow. So is the section outside of Tejas overgrown currently?
  2. Any idea how the trail is right now? Do you have to bushwack between Sawyer and Tejas?
  3. I'm seeing that more and more. The other day I got tired of being the guy going into the weeds so I held my line on one side of the trail. Startled the shit out of one guy who I guess expected me to bail off of the trail for him.
  4. I'll try to be out there. My Eagle Scout project was clearing trails and building 2 hiking bridges at Caesar Creek Lake State Park in Ohio. I guess it was a precursor to my career as I've worked on the 620 bridge, 1st street bridge, and a few projects at the airport when it was first under construction.
  5. I've done a couple guided trips in that area - Brian Head and Bryce. Virgin River has some great riding.
  6. You in need of a temp A/C unit? I have a portable we used when flipping houses. Itll keep a room relatively cool.
  7. I'm glad those hikers built these trails 🤔
  8. Are there bike trails in Bastrop State Park?
  9. What happened to the Walnut Notch rating scale?
  10. When I was replacing my last bike, I got into a long discussion with Dave Turner. His thought was if it rolled things easier and made riding even more fun, why not go bigger? Well, I didn't listen to him. What does he know, he's just a frame builder😁 Went to Outerbike in Moab a year later and realized I needed bigger tires. So I have 2.6s on my 27.5. 27.5+ sure does roll up and down things easier.
  11. Just got back. Seems 90+ degrees thins the crowd.
  12. I actually heard they are a carrier of the virus. They should recruit mountain bikers to chase them off.
  13. In that area. I think this was Sliderock Pass
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