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  1. In that area. I think this was Sliderock Pass
  2. I rode at Brushy last week and after what I saw I decided to stick to more remote trails. It was a shitshow out there.
  3. Yes. 🤪 That was the hardest bike ride I've ever done and it was only 26 miles. We crossed 12,000' twice. There was a nice, soft area of grass to plop down on here. We were about to hit some tasty downhill to camp right after this spot.
  4. At 12,000' in Colorado last summer
  5. After riding out there yesterday, I'm taking a break from that trail because of the cluelessness. Unfortunately you have to get on the path for short sections and people don't get the social distancing thing. Side note: saw people going wrong way on PP. I politely told them it was 1 way but they didn't care. Anything I can do to help with signage? I think people hop on at the sidewalk crossing when they're going the wrong way.
  6. Toe clips! I told a buddy the other day gravel tires are the same size as old school mtb tires and from this video, I think my memory was correct.
  7. I've done a bunch of trips with Western Spirir. They do a fantastic job. Did a Colorado Trail trip with them last summer. Sadly, not many people take guided trips anymore and their business is dwindling.
  8. If this is the same Chief I met out on the road in my Mojo jersey a couple months ago, stay safe out there. And good advice here. You'd think you were a safety professional or something 😁
  9. A reason I've heard about why masks won't prevent it is because most people are not wearing masks correctly.
  10. Thanks for posting. I let my guard down for 1 election and this piece of crap gets in office. I just left a friendly message on that facebook post.
  11. Saw that yesterday. Lifetime subscriber. That makes me sad. Definitely relevant to this thread.
  12. Many of them have at least a 50% discount. Only had to use that discount once.
  13. I did an Ironman in Zurich. In town was a huge climb and the crowd was so thick you couldn't see the road. I got a lot of pats on the back on that section. They were not pushing, no, not that at all.
  14. The sad truth is magazines are dying. Some very big names have ceased or gone digital only. A quick Google search shows print magazines are on the decline. A local mtb mag would purely be a labor of love. So you have to ask yourself how much time and money are you willing to donate to this? ACA newsletter is no longer around and it was a free publication. Best of luck to you. You got a lot of comments that weren't what you wanted to see but they have validity.
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