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  1. JMR, just be polite. When I see someone entering the trail the wrong way, I usually say something like,"you probably don't know this, but the trail is one way."
  2. That's what I did. I forgot how much fun it is bombing down hills.
  3. Or am I condemned to a road ride?
  4. Concept to moving dirt is usually about a year. I'm in construction and deal with that a bit. This project will be phased due to funding. I think to get the trail moved up the priority list we'd need to sell a volunteer effort. Does anyone here stay in contact with Dmitri?
  5. Less gnarly than City Park. Lots of up and down. It doesn't get as much love as other trails.
  6. I was kidding. Thumper does need more traffic though.
  7. That's the truth! Just ride Thumper for confirmation.
  8. And it didn't hurt that Transition brought their own craft beer to Outerbike.
  9. A buddy of mine rode a Transition at Outerbike in 2016. He had no plans to buy a bike, but after that he bought a Transition within a couple weeks. He loves it.
  10. Same day and place as EB
  11. Deception is an example of mtbers putting in trail and now a lot of trail users out there.
  12. I flew international on Delta with a bike. The trip there was OK except for the foot shaped hole in the side of my bike box. On the return trip, it looks like my bike box fell off the luggage tram and was dragged on the tarmac. Fortunately my frame was titanium or it would have been destroyed also. Delta sucked.
  13. WTF is with that? I think a bunch of us here have been in Austin a long time. It wasn't until the last few years that people ask how long you've been here like it's a competition. Who cares?
  14. Just got off the Colorado Trail a couple hours ago. The pic is the TOP of the last climb!
  15. I rode Harriman a long time ago. It was part of a multi-day trip that ended up in Grand Tetons.
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