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  1. When a major news outlet like NYT or BBC reports from anonymous sources, you can be pretty confident that they have verified the identity of the source as a knowledgable insider and are reporting facts. It's pretty basic journalistic ethics, and it would sink the reputation of these outlets substantially if they were caught reporting an unreliable or false source. I highly doubt the media is colluding with Garmin's competitors in this case. Most likely, it is a group of verified employees that don't want to lose their jobs. I have no doubt there is corruption in news media, but it usually takes form of selective reporting and exaggeration. Very rarely do overt falsehoods get reported by the major media players.
  2. Several months ago my Edge 520 started freezing and taking forever to step through menus and taking a long time to connect and the fix was simply to delete the ride history. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The title alone raised my eyebrows, and skimming through the "facts" reinforced my intuition, so I had to Google the author. Turns out he is a major antivaxxer grifter. Please don't amplify him. https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/j-b-handleys-unthinking-persons-guide-to-the-covid-19-pandemic/
  4. Wolftooth gets a lot of well-deserved praise but after owning both, I prefer the PNW lever. The wolftooth tore multiple pairs of gloves until I put tape over the trigger, and I had the plastic piece break while reattaching it once. The PNW is nicer looking and just as smooth.
  5. I have probably 1,000 miles on a OneUp V1 170mm and another 1,000 or so on the V2 180mm over nearly 2 years. Coming from a couple of Reverbs, it seems a lot more reliable but you still need to take it apart and clean/regrease it every 6 months or it will develop some stiction (same with any dropper really). But it's much easier to take apart than a Reverb. You can take it apart for cleaning with no special tools without even removing the saddle and be done in 15 minutes. It's not slow in the cold like the Reverb. I wouldn't say it's quite as smooth as the Reverb, but it's close. I think it requires less pressure on the actuator. Only issue I had was a cartridge failure that caused it to slowly drop when my weight was applied so I had to keep popping it back up every few minutes to get back home (not quite as bad as my Reverb failures where it was stuck down). OneUp sent me a replacement cartridge free under warranty and it was a pretty easy install. Overall, I am much happier with the OneUp than I was with the (much more expensive) Reverb.
  6. I bought a Hightower 1 as soon as it came out in spring 2016 and it's been an awesome bike; I've taken it to enduro races, all-day backcountry XC rides, downhill parks, and ultra endurance events, and the versatility is excellent. Santa Cruz has one of the best warranties in the industry, and the VPP suspension works great. I wouldn't hesitate buying another one. The Hightower 2 is a bit heavier and longer, but it might be a more comfortable climber with the steeper seat tube angle. I would be torn between the Tallboy 4 and the Hightower 2 for an all-around squishy trail bike. There are plenty of other bike brands I wouldn't rule out, but Santa Cruz bikes just look and feel good.
  7. For what it's worth: The October 26 SATN Social ride was held 2 days after roughly 3" of rain across all the SATN (according to Hydromet). At least 50% of the trails were rideable. Granted there was a lot of wind the day prior. This event is held 2 days after 0.08-0.12" of rain pretty uniformly. It will be sunny today with 2-6 mph winds all day. My back yard near Williamson Creek (Valero) is moist but firm and "rideable." A guarantee there will be lots of rideable trails, but I could see a few closures. I imagine the organizers will give us the lowdown tonight.
  8. Not sure where you are getting your info but Weather Underground has the forecast on Saturday at a high of 64 and partly cloudy with no rain. The rain yesterday and today was very light and shouldn't leave too much moisture. I think it will be about perfect!
  9. I first bought the GP1s for my commuter and then got GS1s for my mountain bikes. Both are awesome but the GS1s look better IMO. They pass the Seth test too.
  10. Milton Reimers donated the ranch that became Reimers Ranch Park, Travis County's largest parkland acquisition and home to several miles of trails and rock climbing. Thoughts and regards with the family. https://www.statesman.com/news/20191009/milton-reimers-who-provided-travis-county-ranchland-for-public-use-dies-at-82
  11. Thanks for sharing. Those are good deals but the 530 and 830 are both missing. My 520 has been giving me trouble for awhile, but I haven't decided what I want next. I will probably go for a 530 whenever I find a good deal.
  12. Trailforks has a surprising amount of SATN now: https://www.trailforks.com/trails/map/?activitytype=1&z=11.0&lat=30.20176&lon=-97.90554
  13. FYI, I shared some GPX files for the SATN Social in the event thread. Duplicating here since it's on topic:
  14. I rode some of the north section today and I'm impressed with the routing! I converted the route to GPX to load on my Garmin, so I'm sharing in case anybody else needs it. Just plug in your Garmin over USB and copy the gpx files into the "Garmin/New Files" folder and they will show up in Courses. SATN Social South.gpx SATN Social North.gpx SATN Social East.gpx
  15. I've successfully put tube patches on the inside of the tire to seal punctures, so you might try that before throwing it in the bin. Don't see Schwalbe locally much, I used to buy them from starbike.com or bike-discount.de which are much cheaper than buying domestically, but you have to wait a couple weeks for shipping from Germany. Otherwise, I have at least one old Hans Dampf (29x2.35) with some miles left I'll give you if you are near southwest Austin.
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