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  1. Agreed. I first saw his drops tutorial a few weeks ago and have made a point to watch all of his videos since. He does a great job at breaking down individual things to focus on, explaining why to do each thing (which is really what resonates with me), and having his inexperienced girlfriend demonstrate the progression and letting her ask the questions that many of us already have really helps. He also comes across as a genuinely likable person with a positive reinforcement approach which goes a long way when teaching others.
  2. The leg dangle has been a thing in MotoGP for many years now. I believe Rossi (definitely not one of the younger guys) started it, and many of the top riders followed. There has been a lot of discussion and speculation as to why they do it at the GP level with nobody ever really confirming why, but it has stuck. In general body positioning in GP racing has changed a lot vs. decades ago, I think the inside body positioning has gotten a lot more significant to the point where the top riders like Marquez are now dragging elbows on the track. It's funny seeing this topic come up here because I've often speculated that riding a sportbike is definitely not helping with my MTB cornering. Seems I'm not alone.
  3. Is there a map of SN anywhere online? I've only ridden it once and didn't really know where I was going or didn't know if there was a general flow and direction that everyone tends to follow like at Walnut Creek. Are the trails there bidirectional? I was also hoping to find the best way through to Brushy and to the Christ Church features.
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