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  1. this is the part i purchased. i believe its 135 https://www.jensonusa.com/DT-Swiss-Thru-Bolt-End-Caps-Rear-10mm-910-SP-FOR240240SS350440
  2. 80 - 2013 Fox Float CTD 200x57 L/L tune 80 - RaceFace Evolve 175MM cranks 63/78 + 32T NW ring 5 - Industry Nine Torch 9mm QR end cap 5 - DT Swiss 240/240SS/350/440 10mm end cap
  3. pm me if you ant this stuff stem - Felt 100MM 7 degree 31.8 bars - Giant 690MM flat 31.8 derailleur - Shimano RD-662 9spd derailleur - Shimano RD-750 9spd derailleur - SRAM X9 9spd pedals - Shimano PD-M647 saddle - WTB Pure V SLT tire -Maxxis Ikon 29 2.2 (60ish miles) brake - Avid BB5, cable, lever edit: my wife is going into labor soon. i will put this stuff on my porch 1033 pendragon castle drive. will be in a box on the porch. take what you want
  4. I have a Marin Hawk Hill you can have. 18.5 frame size. I believe its from 2005 or 6. PM me if you're interested
  5. I have shipped server equipment internationally about a dozen times from and to the US and Customs can be a crap shoot. We've found that paying for overnight shipping gets you through Customs almost immediately, even when your forms are filled out incorrectly 🙂 Good luck!
  6. more tricycle madness. his enthusiasm is hilarious
  7. 10spd parts might be too good for his bike, ha. its an 09 Kona Blast i'll send you a pm
  8. i have derailleurs for both so doesnt matter. i do have a better SRAM derailleur though
  9. Anyone up north have a 9spd shifter and/or a pair of flats? Trying to hook up a friend and get him riding again
  10. I just got a brand new Aeffect crankset with a 30t ring off ebay for 79.99 (i had a coupon and the seller had them discounted too). I got them because I was looking to get a 104BCD 30t ring and figured I might as well spend a little more and go for something newer that was DM. here's who i bought from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Race-Face-Aeffect-CINCH-Crankset-175mm-30t-24mm-Spindle-raceface-68-73/264027136621?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  11. I didn't watch Lonesome Dove in 2018
  12. Stayed here and it was great! Big bonus, to me, was you get access to a 2 car garage for storage of bikes and etc. Price has gone up since we were there last June though(still worth it IMO). I think we paid around 115 a night and its now around the 140s. I was just up there for Thanksgiving and it wasn't available for rental and we ended up staying at another place that wasnt as good in comparison. The kitchen at that house has a lot of pots and pans and they supply GOOD coffee, lol, not Foldgers like most places. You can ride Slaughter Pen from that house and downtown is 2 or 3 blocks away if you want to walk or ride for meals. The house supplied a wagon and we walked to the Walmart to shop and walked home.
  13. Last night I found a Pearl Izumi jacket at a trail. PM me what color it is and I'll get it back to you
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