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  1. I don't. Get dunked on https://fightthenewdrug.org/get-the-facts/
  2. Appreciate the tip! I use AngryIP to scan the usual /24 gener-o networks then do a quick http/s check. There’s usually nothing juicy. Most the places have default passwords on their routers so I go in and put blocks to porn sites and leave them 🙂
  3. Trying to upload a few more pics but outta space. I’ll have to look into hosting them elsewhere
  4. Here are some things we look for: Does it have a garage and do we have access to it(bike storage and staging for loading) Parking(current place was built in 1865 and the driveway is so narrow we cannot open our doors all the way due to the neighbor bushes and location of the house) Minimal stairs (they get old fast with kids and at 10k ft, ha) Bed(we prefer firm) Curtains in the bedrooms (black out ones preferred) Space for my work setup and space for the kids to do school and play Fenced in yard WiFi Keyless entry Walkability (parks, coffee, restaurants) We ask if there are security cameras and if so the locations. There can't be any in the house
  5. 2 months and 4k miles in now and we have a good rhythm for packing and what to look for in an AirBnB. I’ve ridden my bike less than I thought I would due to all the driving around to visit other places and family hikes and even some moto riding with friends here. Our kids love it here and they enjoy the hiking, wildlife and parks. My son is obsessed with trucks and every day he sees sweet rigs driving around and says “truck!” and points which gives me vehicle envy. We’ve seen a few Earthroamers and they are impressive in person. We are in Colorado Springs now and will stay on the front range until the end of our stay here in CO. We’re headed to Ft. Collins next for Thanksgiving week then will be in Boulder for 2 months. After that we’re considering AZ(Sedona/Flagstaff/Prescott).
  6. yo, seth that is awesome! high fives all around
  7. Some pics from an overnight trip to Telluride. Wish I was able ride more but it worked out as the smoke rolled; we needed to head back
  8. We're in Pagosa Springs then headed to Frisco for a month then Colorado Springs for 6 weeks and then with friends in Ft Collins for a week for Thanksgiving. December will likely be in Boulder but we have not booked a place yet. We also haven't decided where to go after New Years. West of the Rockies might be a challenge in winter and we don't want to have to carry winter clothes/gear for too long. Only my oldest daughter(6) and I ride. My wife can't because we have a 3yo and 1yo who cant ride. They go in the massive double stroller.. Tires are good. I got new ones before we left that were higher load rated, lower profile and wider(235/60/18 to 255/55/18). No tire squirm and I can carve up these mountain roads on my fresh all seasons, ha
  9. Trip is going well so far. The Pilot could use some heavier springs in the rear for this highway dips at 80MPH 🙂 MPG was awesome and the avg for our 1200mi so far is 20.4. It was my oldests birthday the day before we left so I got her a new ride. This Vitus bike is great. She loves it and the hand brakes were no issue for her. She switched from a coaster brake bike and 14” wheels. We’re working on shifting which she almost has done.
  10. my Saris rack was missing a bolt. I got on to the site and see Cindy 🙂
  11. ROCKSHOX MONARCH PLUS BASIC SERVICE KIT https://www.jensonusa.com/Rockshox-Monarch-Plus-Basic-Service-Kit-2?pt_source=googleads&pt_medium=cpc&pt_campaign=shopping_us&pt_keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyJn5BRDrARIsADZ9ykHy4MXw7AmBvcwMzYe8m-XeQso21K_V_N0P-hDAbFGpfmoLHQ6EaxcaAlpJEALw_wcB P/N 11.4115.129.010 this is for an older Monarch. new and unopened
  12. I would use the CO2 to seat the tire. I don't know if tires have gotten better but in the last few years but I haven't had to use an air compressor to seat a tire. A floor pump does just fine. I normally seat the tire, remove the valve stem core and add my sealant and reinflate Found the perfect rack https://www.saris.com/product/superclamp-ex-2-cargo
  13. Remote working and space for the kids to learn and play is key for us. No lumbering around in an RV or Sprinter. I do wish our Pilot was 4WD but it’ll do. We are minimalist and there’s a Wally World nearly everywhere. Just no HEB’s 😞 A molle panel is something I need to look into. My 4runner had one for the rear side window. I need to select me essential car tools and bike tools and figure how I’ll pack/store then. I was thinking I would pass on the floor pump and use CO2 or my pump from my waist pack
  14. Posted on FB. I will be someone flexible on the price and have extras I will throw in for anyone on here. The size is medium but its really a large. My 6'3 250lb friend was on it Bentonville for a week and it was fine apart from needing the rear spokes tensioned https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/337150397312862/
  15. We have copies of all the kids birth certificates in our family iCould. That was a good reco. The bikes will get locked up with a cable lock while on the road. The Yakima Skybox will hold all clothes, shoes, coats and a stroller. We don't need to pack much in the way of clothes or food and we'll be using vacuum storage bags to save space. The Pilot will be a great vehicle as it's the one we have and it's been good on all our other trips.
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