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  1. this flat creek crossing ranch? https://flatcreekcrossingranch.com/ Due to COVID-19 The Ranch is Closed Indefinitely I don't think wet trails will be an issue.
  2. That's so awesome. we really enjoyed playing in the river in Pagosa Springs. Most of the rivers up there are too cold for fun. winter months in Arizona could work, but anything at elevation will get alot of snow. You could try to go for the coast. I think Portland/Seattle have pretty mild winters.
  3. where are yall headed so far? where are the rest of your bikes? only carrying two? also, please monitor your tire conditions and pressures. there's clearly alot of load on the rear.
  4. i believe that would be referring to some of the unmentionables in the area, but not related to the Mt. Lakeway trails. https://www.trailforks.com/trails/mount-lakeway/ they are cutting through some new neighborhoods, which have made riding this area a bit of a chore. haven't been out there in about a year.
  5. have you ridden an emtb? the gain is not marginal. she will be faster than you, pretty much guaranteed.
  6. Wow! this is snail? looks awesome.
  7. i saw someone rocking this in great hills this morning. it looked even hotter to me.
  8. we did a month in a airbnb in durango last summer. most important things were just the basic tools for bike maintenance, pumps, extra tubes, sealant, everyone's helments, and water packs, and few backups like pedals, tires, brake pads. i brought the bike work stands, but i would say its optional. other stuff like fishing gear and rafting gear we brought were unnecessary. we also brought piano and guitar so my kids could continue with lessons remote. and some workbooks and art supplies etc (we homeschool). ipads are a must. making sure your work setup is good and getting a place with good internet was very important to me, and hard to find, as alot of places are remote cabins with basically dial up internet. Dude, enjoy the trip!
  9. i see the banner on the map screen of my android phone, but it is not obtrusive. maybe check that your version is up to date?
  10. Hey, this actually worked really well, thanks for the tip! i did have to do a few test ones to find the right amount of force. but really happy that my cable ends are now 'pretty'.
  11. i am not aware of a good map, you can look at my strava, https://www.strava.com/activities/3550074619 in general if you follow the creek, you'll end up at the cul-de-sac, then you can ride Walsh Hill Trail over the BCRT. there's a little tunnel under Brushy Creek Road: the trails around the church are confusing, you just kinda have to get lost out there, the jump line is pretty much right (a couple hundred feet) behind the church.
  12. There is a TT at Warda coming up with a youth class: https://www.bikereg.com/sugar-cycles-presents-the-back-to-the-future-warda-tt
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