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  1. i'm pretty sure the second one is root drop at walnut, but i've always just rolled it. never seen anyone 'send it'.
  2. Where is that first feature located? (the wooden drop) i've never seen it.
  3. like this? this is what i use (but the cheap radioshack one), and i crimp by the red dot.
  4. silly question here. Do yall have any tips for crimping cable ends? what tool do you use? i've done it plenty, but i always feel they come out 'ugly'.
  5. different neighborhood, but same story. i can understand why these neighborhoods are getting perturbed. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/destruction-left-behind-in-neighborhood-hugging-austin-greenbelt-on-memorial-weekend/ after looking at the map, this is actually the HoL entrance off scottish woods.
  6. here is the bkxc playlist from the chasing epic st. george trip: more info here: http://chasingepicmtb.com/trips/our-locations/st-george/
  7. after being with T-moblie and sprint for years, i finally switched to Verizon last summer before my trip to Colorado. the coverage is insane. it seems like i always have signal. i'm on the prepaid $35/month plan and its hard to beat (not unlimited). My wife has basically the same deal on ATT through Cricket. its really good coverage too.
  8. if you're planning on keeping the czar, go with the ripmo, that way you have a big bike and an xc bike. pretty awesome combo. i have never ridden an evil, so i can't help on that front. for some reason i didn't love the 429 trail (i was expecting to). but the mach 5.5 is a super fun bike (not 29er)
  9. i have never used an entrance in lost creek, but this is a disturbing trend none the less. hopefully traffic is down by the time the pilot ends, and they don't renew it.
  10. there's a little video here, doesn't look particularly interesting: https://santaritaranchaustin.com/hike-bike-nature-trails-parks/ maybe a great place to take the wife and kids, but i assume this is meant to be residents only (although i don't see that explicitly stated on the signs).
  11. can i ask how tall are you, and what size did you get?
  12. If you're running Maxxis, the white writing goes on the drivetrain side (not the disc brake side) makes it pretty easy. but yes, when installing my conti road tires, it take me like 20 minutes to get the direction correct. although there is probably a similar easy cheat on those. i just don't install them often enough to know.
  13. I would say similar riding level, but as Antonio suggests its a different kind of difficult. Just a bit of warning, it is really confusing the first 3-4 times until you figure out which way to go. I could possibly give you a tour. (and you'll still be lost the second time you go out there.)
  14. yep, its open, rode it last week. nice and quite out there.
  15. is the skinny finished? i haven't been out there recently.
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