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  1. You will know by the dinging of the rims.
  2. Looks like Jenson USA is starting a suspension service with 72 hour turnaround: https://www.jensonusa.com/bike-suspension-service?xnpe_tifc=4F4s4IL_hFHXb.4Nx.Es49psafeWaeiWhFWNRdJvEde_nkEAbfs3tu4vaMXlx.YJhFUN4dYdxfodhkn8&utm_source=exponea&utm_campaign=EM 03/25/22&utm_medium=email
  3. I did ride the state park, it was solid for mixed use trail. Once you're at the top, the loop has plenty of elevation change: https://www.strava.com/activities/6830769488 In the area we hiked the Indian Lodge Trail and Skyline Trail. The old CC Trails seems like its closed indefinitely. Also visited the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute which has some nice trails, but we just stuck to botanical gardens.
  4. For spring break we are spending 4 nights in Ft. Davis before heading down to Big Bend. Wondering if yall know of any trails in Ft. Davis/Alipine/Marfa area? I see this one decent loop in the state park: https://www.trailforks.com/region/davis-mountains-state-park-34600/?activitytype=1&z=13.9&lat=30.61362&lon=-103.92664
  5. I think just trying to ship the wheels costs about the same as bikeflights shipping a complete bike.
  6. speaking of bite valves, i have to complain about the osprey design, i go through one bite valve maybe every two months. and the pack of three replacement cost $10. i do tend to blame this on my daugther, who likes to drink my skratch, but i feel like i've had them tear even without her help. maybe i have sharp teeth?
  7. i spray my zippers with tri-flow when they start sticking. works great. Any spay lube should work.
  8. the sidewalk is enormous. If you're used to the old narrow section, it is surprising the first time you ride it. still some homeless campouts around this area of the lake.
  9. osprey has replaced at least 2 packs and 5 bladders for me free of charge. no questions asked. the warranty department is very easy to work with. My favorite feature is the AirSpeed backpanel system on the Synchro. provides way more ventilation than anything else I've tried. Wish they'd put it on all their packs.
  10. for loading/unloading multiple bikes, the tailgate pad can't be beat. i have a blanket/pad and just throw it on there when i want to use it, but don't like to leave it on. For all the times you are just going out by yourself, you might come up with a different option. i have a 5.5ft bead, and i just put my bike in the bed with the cover on. or just grab a single one up rack, etc.
  11. I have been out there. it is pretty much just dirt jumps. But fun enough if you want to practice. there are three lines: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. As above, message them on Instagram, and they will give you details once you sign the waiver. there is a gate code. sometimes it takes a while before they respond.
  12. one way to go... https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-nukeproof-scout-medium-275/7413508912.html
  13. Yes, but its very eventually, i think there are two or three different phases. it will probably be 10 years.
  14. Apparently all these bikes have been ending up in Mexico... https://jalopnik.com/colorado-cyclists-traced-a-ring-of-bike-thieves-down-to-1848254075 Here is the actual interesting details: https://bikeindex.org/news/closing-the-loop-a-deep-dive-on-a-facebook-reseller-of-bikes-stolen-in
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