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  1. have you tried the warranty route? i don't know camelback's policy, but a lot of companies will just replace broken parts. https://www.camelbak.com/got-your-bak
  2. i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this story. I guess it can happy to anyone, but just glad i don't suffer from rage or have to worry about carrying on my rides.
  3. some good info here, i had a good experience with trail labs in Missouri, minimum 1 week downtime:
  4. i tried to ride it two weeks ago. its not great. still a number of downed trees.
  5. I was serious, but i forgot about the little patch things. I have had zero luck with those. I only use glue to repair my tubes. And it seems hard enough to get it right in the garage.
  6. what time? we rode the pedestrian bridge about a month back in the morning, it wasn't particularly busy. Bull creek did look extra busy today. Father's day weekend?
  7. you should be running tubeless. if you get a puncture in your tire, that's what the bacon strips are for. If your tire tears, then you throw in the spare tube. i don't think its possible to patch a tube on the trail.
  8. multi-tool single tire lever tube bacon strips hand pump chain quick link tire boot (Park Tool TB-2) spare cleat and screws baggie with bandaids and larger bandages
  9. here it is from downtown. it's a great ride. and awesome to get a taste of the CT: https://www.strava.com/activities/2645109049
  10. the laps are so short i've never gotten worn out at Spider. But i've only ridden when its warmer and around 2pm, decide the hot seat up isn't worth another lap.
  11. Can't go wrong with any of these trail systems. all trails are very well marked. all can be ridden from downtown. Horse Gulch, is the most accessible, has a ton of variety and the most miles available, will require some exploring https://www.trailforks.com/trails/horse-gulch/ Twin Buttes has the most straightforward route, just go up and around counter clockwise, fun hour and a half https://www.trailforks.com/region/twin-buttes-19235/ Overend has a lot of trail, its the original trail system. Star Wars is a local favorite, and you can head up Hogsback if you want to some real exposure https://www.trailforks.com/region/overend-mountain-park-19234/
  12. BKXC is really pushing Mt. Nebo as the best ride up there. https://bkxc.bike/bentonville-top5 how did the ride go?
  13. So, i'm traveling to Maui end of July with the family. Would like to get in one day of riding. Still trying to fill in the logistics/details. Things i know: Haleakala and Kahakapao (Pineapple Express) are the places to ride. Krank Cyles is the place to rent bikes. Trying to figure out: Are there any shuttle options for Haleakala? should i just rent a road bike and climb/descend Haleakala from Krank? or should i try to do the same on a MTB and ride the trail down? or try to get my wife to shuttle me to the top of Haleakala, ride the trail down and then ride back to Krank and possibly hit Kahakapao? this last option is my preference, but i'm not sure if the logistics will work out since we will be in a sedan. any advice/recommendations are appreciated.
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