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  1. IMO, not a great idea for a new rider. Walnut, Brushy, and the greenbelt are the best places to hone your skills,
  2. thanks for the update. there are always other houses, so dodging that bullet was probably for the best. Crazy thing is in Austin right now buyers are giving inspection waivers because the market is so hot.
  3. been using this exact model of craftsman for a bout 4 years. no issues. works great for me. Have also done a decent amount of nailing with it.
  4. i would say that 90% of the trail drains quite well. But that last 10% is either giant puddles that you can't really ride around or the super muddy section near the end. I usually like to give it a day to dry out. But like Barry said, the motos are always going to be way worse for the trail, so you can ride it if you want.
  5. i don't think you can go wrong, but i'll throw Mt Nebo in there. Looks pretty epic. This ride took 3.5 hours total. 1.5 hours moving. Here's the full playlist, if you want more previews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjr0xjHkkOZRjOjK9S1uz75CkfRIjYLM1
  6. Just randomly guessing its a 10-12 hour ride. So, yes, doable in one day. On the .org site, they are hinting at just that: imagine a 60-mile continuous expanse of trail that endurance riders and runners can do in one long, blissful stretch. https://indianpeakstraverse.org/
  7. i've been taking my road bike to galveston. its much more entertaining to ride up and down the highway and enjoy the scenery. i will also ride it for fun on the beach. but not too much because of the drivetrain thing. the sand at galveston is pretty hard packed, so it actually rides quite well. if you are going, just take your bike. its fun to ride either way, but don't think i'd try to do 20 miles on the beach or anything. if you have a backup bike, that would be preferred.
  8. i would check with top gunn: https://www.topgunn.net/equipment-rentals-austin-tx.asp
  9. is there a remote lockout option?
  10. Ii am a member of the Jester HOA, let me know if i can help in any way. This is the first i am hearing of this.
  11. broken 11 speed X01 cassette, big ring is disconnected.
  12. i called them about 3 weeks ago. they said that they "were not servicing mountain bikes at this time."
  13. i actually use an old seatpost for my breaker bar. the seat is still on it too. hasn't failed me yet.
  14. yeah, if you're looking to keep it light, Camp Tejas is the best start, you can head in either direction. Cedar Breaks is the roughest, followed by Overlook.
  15. I see you've been riding the Rock Chair Preserve. Protecting the endangered rock chair from encroaching urban expansion. Enjoy it while you can.
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