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  1. Yeah, I'm torn on that. It would be better for her but I dont want to make it harder for her starting off on the bigger bike. Her personality is such that she'll want to quit and then not be interested for awhile. I'm thinking I'll have to get her two bikes. Let her build confidence on the bigger wheels and familiar coaster brake then get a bike she can ride "trails" on with me.
  2. Whats the weight on the Fairdale Macaroni? My almost 6yo needs a bigger bike. Shes 3"10 and 46lbs. Her current ride is a 14" Royalbaby Stargirl and she zips around on it. I like that Macaroni color though because my younger ones can abuse it as well when they're ready (3yo, 1yo) Top Considerations: Specialized Riprock 20 (coaster) Fairdale Macaroni Craigslist deal Commencal Meta HT 20+ (lulzzz)
  3. I bought a 01 4Runner with 4WD and am selling my 05. Here is the CL ad: https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/d/pflugerville-2005-toyota-4runner-limited/7062420088.html If you're interested message me. I'm flexible on the price
  4. Cane Creek Vault spring 2.25 x 650LB It's pretty much brand new and was too stiff for me deets: https://blue.canecreek.com/products/suspension/double-barrel/valt-spring $30
  5. Looking for a Magic Mary, Nobby Nic or Rock Razor in the 2.35(and Super Gravity would be sweet..) I recently demolished my new Nobby Nic on the rear...
  6. I was looking at a Pike on there a while back and found that their eBay description had more detail on the fork and its condition(flaws) than their website.
  7. My daughter was into her bike for about 2 months. She's moved onto roller skates now. Pray for me.
  8. Thanks Dale for working on the trails out there! Wish I had more free time to help out.. I got out there this past Sunday and the jump line is really cool and easy enough for a squid like myself to practice on. The 6ft drop is a little above my pay grade unless there is a plan to build a landing for it before the berm. It was pretty sweet to ride from the YMCA, hit my favorite spots, ride to the church/SN and ride back to Brushy and end with nearly 24 miles. There were so many trails I wish I could have added in but didnt have the legs or time for it
  9. Schwalbe Magic Mary or Nobby Nic front and Nobby Nic or Rock Razor for rear are great combos. I also have a wheelset with a DHF 2.5 and Ardent 2.3 and it works well. I think the Magic Mary holds better when you lean the bike over.. Jenson has the Vittoria Morsa and Mota on sale(29 version) I picked up a few to try on my harduro tail.
  10. Bummer about the rib man! I was the chucklehead that was riding with you in all the stages. Thanks @Seths Pool for a great event
  11. I was waffling on shuttling Friday but havent ridden much due to life things and broken bike parts.. so glad there was a shuttle opening for me. Can't wait to get out there! How early can we be out there to setup and ride?
  12. Are there designated fire pits if we want to bring firewood and are pets allowed Fri and Sat?
  13. txt Jim and see if he's up for it. i think his ribs are sill healing and he wont be racing
  14. I'm going to be out there Friday and camping. Driving from the Pflug out there race day is not an option for me
  15. I would like to spend more but i'm currently heavily invested in diapers
  16. I liked Back 40 more than Slaughter Pen. Less people and there are new features and jumps(and jump lines) around the golf course and Euston Rd(i think). If you want more jumps and flow, stay in Bentonville. Coler is awesome.. Really, you can't go wrong any where up there. Unless, you're looking for technical trails... Ride Emma, Cat and other places round town and hit the black diamonds up there and you'll look like a biking god
  17. Looking for a set SLX brakes or lower for a buddy bike. Lemme know whatcha got
  18. Registered. Looking forward to my first pedal bike enduro.. Been 10 years since my last dirt bike enduro...yooiinks
  19. Back 40. Sidewall cut off Ledges. Amazing temps up there last week
  20. I did my own a while back and also rebuilt a lever. I would rather take them to a shop next go'round. If I recall correctly, the fitting in the Chinese kit I bought had too long of threads and I had to double up on o-rings. I live in Pflugerville if you want some help still
  21. Got a box from Brain / circuitbreaker
  22. I have a Butcher frame on Pinkbike. You won't break that, ever... It's not 29 but will run 27.5
  23. Anyone up north have a frame box thats atleast 24 inches tall I could have or swap? Mine is not tall enough for the frame I need to ship
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