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Brushy Creek Trail Conditions


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Well, not to be the downer, but we live in a state where 95% of the land is privately owned. Sadly, this is going to happen. Property owners can do whatever they want with their property and allowing a high risk activity like biking is rarely in the cards.

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I don't think it's that Presidio development, as that appears to be south of Ranch Trails road, and it looks like it was built in the 2018 time-frame.  Here's an article from 2016 with a map: 


The article doesn't state 2016, but the image was taken in 2016 if you believe the filename:


If you look on Google Maps, this development basically looks complete, the only difference is they didn't build office space all the way down to the area in orange, but other than that it's spot on.  Now, it's always possible they plan on expanding this further east, but I've seen nothing that suggests that on the Presidio website linked in a previous post. 

Having been out on Suburban Ninja twice in the last ten days, they are aggressively attacking cedar in the Hawg Jaw and surrounding areas.  Most of that seems to have nothing to do with the concrete path that's being built, just looks like they are clearing land for the sake of clearing land, what one would expect if it's about to be developed.  

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