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  1. Yeah, it was a climb but nothing like Winsor. Gonna try the lazy option and take the shuttle up this morning to explore the trails at the top of the ski hill then just bomb down Winsor when I am done. May do another up and down before I leave, especially since my crank had to be swapped out and I went from 34T to 32T.
  2. Nice! Being on a fully rigid bike with 2.4's really prevented me from even considering that stretch.
  3. Droppers are the biggest game changers in the sport.
  4. Yeah, normally I put bonito flakes on my congee in the morning in Japan, so the beer had a faint taste of breakfast for me.
  5. Imagine a trial that wipes you out after just one segment. This was a great ride, met up with some Austin guys and rode it for a couple hours today. My cranks broke on the way down. Might head back because so far I only covered ~5 miles (10 miles out and back) of the 45 total miles.
  6. Luckily I brought tools with me on this trip, but unluckily I did not bring cone wrenches. Tightened up my rear hub out in the yard at the hotel but was not going to tear it all the way down without a workbench and all the right tools. Also swapped tires, all of the street riding was chewing up my tread and on the trails today there was not a lot of grip. Lesson for the future, always bring more tools than you need.
  7. Today did not suck. Even ran into another Austin rider on the trail.
  8. Took a drive up to Los Alamos, where there is a lot of history. Found a great little brewery. The vines above the table were all hops, some even dropped onto the table. And with and IPA called Hoppenheimer you can’t go wrong.
  9. Can't decide if this is a random bike picture or a critter sighting:
  10. Prairie dogs on the morning ride: They do all pop their head up and look around like you would expect.
  11. Phil’s grease works as well under the collar, on any dropper.
  12. Second street brewery, Santa Fe. Fish and chips along with the alien burger. Let’s just say that if you burn a ton of calories in the morning, you can do whatever you want for the rest of the day.
  13. I’m not saying this is the best beer ever, but it is a great beer after a morning ride at 64F.
  14. If I have to buy another dropper I would definitely grab a PNW, no questions asked.
  15. Rode some local gravel, did La Tierra yesterday. Probably gonna hit Galisteo and Winsor (up and down.)
  16. Yeah, this morning didn't suck. It was a bit chilly (67F) when I started, but it warmed up quickly. 20 miles, 1790ft of climbing. And a flat ~1/4 mile away from the hotel on the way back.
  17. Me and my big mouth. Snagged a goat head on the way home from my mountain escapade
  18. I’m raw dogging it with tubes in New Mexico right now because my commuter wheel set was messed up and I got too busy to do it right. So far I am about 20% through the trip without a flat. Gonna Stan’s up the squishy when I get back home.
  19. You’ve seen me. The odds that I could be the kinda guy fathering children with random women are exceedingly low. When my wife sees me leave to ride she looks at the way I am dressed and says “well we know you aren’t going out to meet women.” She has a point.
  20. That is a solid use case. To date I have never seen anyone older than me on an eBike on the trails. Most could be my children.
  21. In China they were doing anal swabs, so those are the REAL pain in the ass tests.
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