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  1. Here are my highlights from the SATN. The flow on Chip Chop/Rattlesnake is pretty awesome, super fast and fun. Genesis is awesome. All of 45 Flow thru House Fire...most excellent. I may be alone in this, but I really dig the first of the four Avana Escapes...the one that starts at the end of Escarpment. Love that trail. There are others, will post as they come to me.
  2. The only thing about the BCGB at night is that riding with lights will take some getting used to and lights will impact your depth perception. So hard things look not as hard and can get you into trouble. Personally, I LOVE riding trails at night and it's my favorite time to do it, but if you've never done it, I wouldn't suggest doing the BCGB until you've gotten used to the difference in how things look under lights at night. I think the SATN would be better for that to get used to how different things look. I know some experienced riders who pretty much won't do the BCGB at night because of this...it can be hairy. I occasionally see homeless people under Wm Cannon, but I've never had any issues with them. Riding alone, at least for me, has never been a problem with homeless folks. I would, however, stay out of MMS at night alone. There are quite a few homeless people in that area...
  3. Well, it is...it's got a few peddly bits in the middle section, but when it gets going, it's killer. Sorry you didn't have the same experience that we've had on it. Maybe you should try Hobbs State Park...
  4. Yea, you have to do it the right direction. lol I was going to say that, but I figured it would be pointing out the obvious...I can't imagine riding up Flo Ride. Riding down it is spectacular.
  5. Different strokes... I've been three times and will keep going back. Love it there...
  6. Everything was too muddy today. Should be OK tomorrow for Crank and Drank, assuming no more rain.
  7. Yea, that would be some pretty committed asshats to do that thorough of a job. Just weird to see THAT MUCH shit in there...I've never seen it that high, for sure. I'm sure riders going by will chip taking it apart. I'll post that on our Austin MTB Trail Conditions page...thanks for the heads up!
  8. lol I love 'b' However, this cannot be the work, it seems to me, of a curtain-twitching busy-body. Sure looks like it was washed up that way. Isn't that at Everwet? Looks like debris just piled up there from water flow. That said, surely someone would have noticed that before now since the most recent rains weren't enough to create that...could it not be from flooding? I can't see how this is the work of humans...but I could be way wrong! I don't know wtf is going on there...but it looks like it's going to be a lot of work to clear that shit out!
  9. Yep, Crank and Drank is on Tuesdays, leaving from behind ATX Bikes at 6. As for Thursday rides, it leaves from Texas Cycle Werks , leaving at 6.
  10. Yep. We rode to Coler, which is pretty flat-ish, but several miles back and forth. So that dropped the ratio some. Just getting up to the top of Coler, it's just under 200 feet for the privilege of riding down. Payoff is pretty sweet, but you have no choice but to climb to make the payment. Riding the Greenway to Blowing Spings/Back 40 will likewise lower the ratio. When you're on actual trails, you will be climbing...it's just a function of how the trails work. All I'm suggesting is that if someone wants to go, be prepared for that and prepare yourself by doing stuff around here where there is legit climbing - Lakeway and the backside of HOL being great/close choices for that. All of our last day this trip, hitting a ton of stuff in SP and then we rode to Coler, we had a little better than 100ft per mile. That's more the rule than the exception...in fact, I can't see it any other way.
  11. Making the trip with The Tip, I'll add a couple of cents as well. This was my second trip to BV, went last year in June. It was hot but not intolerable. Go now, it's perfect weather in the Spring or early Fall. Before the last trip last year, I watched a ton of videos, read about the trails and how they are in contrast to much of what we ride in a lot of central Texas systems. It's almost ALL flow, very little technical bits and rocks are the exception, not the rule, as they are here on our local trails. The Back 40 is my favorite section out there, it's a ton of fun...but you have to climb. I prepared this year AND last by hitting the BCBG a lot (Ed's Bowl, etc) and Lakeway as much as possible. You HAVE to have climbing legs to make the most of BV. It's essential to having a good experience there. The Back 40 is a giant loop, but it also has a number of inside segments that are great. Floride is absolutely AWESOME. All of them are fun in their own way, but Floride is just out of this world. If you hit the Back 40, that's a MUST. If you want to get your technical/janky fix, then the Ledges is for you. Not only is it technically challenging, it's got some pretty serious consequences for a mistake (like falling down a cliffside). Definitely the most difficult segment of the area systems. That said, I love this kind of riding. It keeps you on your toes and your skills sharp. There is something for everyone, but it's overall I'd say it's aimed at the intermediate rider and above. Some of the flowy fun stuff in Slaughter Pen would be fun for a beginning rider, but overall it's for experienced riders. And climbing, you will be climbing. It's not sustained slogs up hills, much of the Back 40, going CCW, you go up berms/wide switchbacks which sounds weird, but it's a pretty efficient way to get up a steep climb. And there are lots of them...but almost all of them have some sweet payoff. If you're thinking of going to BV, research it, study the trails, watch videos of trails, look at Strava rides, see the kinds of elevation that will be expected and then train by doing Lakeway, Ed's Bowl and stuff that requires climbing around you. If you can't climb or don't like to, then BV isn't something you'd enjoy. I did 103 miles which is just about everything in the whole Slaughter Pen, Bella Vista and a little bit of Coler and did about 8,000 feet of climbing. Prepare yourself! Our group of 10 riders loved just about everything about it. My gf and I are planning on going back later this year. The entire culture of the city is centered on bikes...and not just mtbs (but that's it's focus)...but BV is a biker's dream. And it just so happens that for mountain bikers, it's AMAZING.
  12. What's the over under for someone saying 'get off my lawn' on the next page?
  13. Awesome...thanks everyone. Not sure how I've missed it because I've seen it in a number of videos...gonna hit it next time I'm out yonder!
  14. So here's a question, how do you get to Dave's Ditch? I've looked for it on Strava and it doesn't come up since maybe it goes by a different name. But if someone could tell me how to get there, that'd be grrreaaaat, thanks..
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