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  1. Just modernizing a frame geo that I love. Have been riding a SE Stout 29'er. Added a gear conversion for horizontal drop outs. Welded a cable stop for a front D. Love the geometry, but tire size is limited to 2.1s, but can squeeze 2.2s in but it's tight. Axel spacing is 100/135. Looking to get same geo with 110/148 axel spacing and no horizontal drop out.
  2. First place I checked. Weren't doing custom frames now. Bummed me out.
  3. Thanks. Keeping an eye on this. Considering having a custom frame made.
  4. AB, next time ride down to the Tesuque Village Market. Have the Wife meet you there. Good beer selection and food.
  5. Who knows? It's on the agenda, but keeps getting bump down the list. ~4.5-miles loop out there now.
  6. @rugger. Doing good. Still above ground. There have been a couple times that RR had funds in hand for Behrens, but it keeps getting bumped for other projects. The future park (Mayfield Ranch) at Sam Bass/1431, that even lower on the list. No trail through there, just some overgrown double track. When everthing's been dry for a while, I'll ride the DT and end up at the Sam Bass intersection. From there ride the southside easement of 1431 over to Red Horn. Stop for a beer and drop into Suburban Ninja. I know RR uses it every once in a while for kid's educational thing, but that's it. More elevation there than Behrens, would be nice to have a flow type trail through there before connecting to Sam Bass.
  7. Behrens in good for a quick dirt lap or two after work or as a pass through trail to connect other trails. In the future, RR is gonna do something with it, until then we just work with what's there without putting a lot of work in the RR may alter or delete.
  8. Maybe lower your tire pressure? I find a big difference on my rigid, by lowering pressure by 2-5 psi.
  9. Dang Dude. At least Chicks dig scars/bruising. When cleared for riding, I'll take you on a slow old guy ride.
  10. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Houston-cyclist-shoots-driver-road-rage-incident-16295676.php
  11. Looks like he made it. Such a bad ass.
  12. Thanks. That's what I figured. More road and neighborhood gravels.............
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