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  1. Go down and check the creek out sometime.
  2. 1C is the old Champion shooting range. Still has Lead problems in the soil.
  3. Made it up Saturday, but too late for the group ride. Saw the fast group blast by a couple of times. Was going to stop by the camp area, but the gate was down. We headed south and pit stopped at Barrow Brewing in Salado. A good consolation prize.
  4. Traffic report for Monday 5:30-ish, Low.
  5. Tent Spot #4 just opened up. I have some Adulting to do and can't camp. May try to make it out Saturday.
  6. Plan your trip ahead of time and get purchase pass on-line. They have been selling out of day passes.
  7. My body. My choice.
  8. Took the School Bus out on the trails.
  9. Balcones Canyon Lands Doeskin Ranch trails near Bertram is an interesting hike.
  10. Any ideas of trail conditions after last night's storm?
  11. I think that I remember lots of sand at Lindsey. Faulkner was shorter, but in my opinion was more entertaining.
  12. Gotta visit the Warblers a few more times.
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