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  1. Was there a planned exodus of Austin type folks traveling to the Big Bend area last week? Seemed like I couldn't kick sand without hitting Central Texas folk with/without bikes.
  2. River Road East to Black Cap Road to Glen Springs Road to start point. 28.5-ish miles. Great ride except for the hurricane force wind.
  3. That's the best available now. Future parking maybe constructed near the intersection of Wyoming Springs/Old Settlers. Entry to the parking area being considered are from Wyoming Springs or from Old Settlers.
  4. Myself and at least one other rider. Pretty much just displayed the survey results. #1 was trails. Will be some ADA, mulch, and use of existing single track. No plans/design yet.
  5. Behrens Ranch Metro Park follow-up Public Open House February 5 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm FREE THE RESULTS ARE IN! Join us for a follow-up Public Open House to view the results of YOUR feedback on preliminary concepts and development of Behrens Ranch Metro Park. The Open House will take place Wednesday, February 5th from 5 to 7pm at the Baca Center Grand Room located at 301 West Bagdad, Building 2. We value your input and with YOUR help, we will create another award-winning park you and your family can enjoy for generations to come.
  6. Try putting some teflon tape on the BB threads.
  7. Thanks y'all. Ended up at Highpoint. Started here:
  8. Rode from RR to Gtown this AM. No problem. Rode through the neighborhood gravel and single track, now I am wrecked. Snot, itching eyes, and headache. Damn!
  9. I've had good luck with this. Available at My HEB. Pollen-Allergy-Relief-Remedy-Easy-Breather-Herbalgoic-1oz_2048x.webp
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