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  1. Think the trails will be ridable tomorrow afternoon?
  2. That the replacement for Lloyd Bridges?
  3. ProTip: If the bridge by the sports park has water flowing over it, the trails are too wet to ride.
  4. Riding multi-surface is my prefered ride. I do a lot between RR and Gtown.
  5. I run 2.1" WTB Nano's at 27 PSI when riding a significant amount of single track and ~32 PSI when riding more gravel/pavement than dirt.
  6. Thanks. I will try at hit up the Tuesday ride.
  7. Were you the Dude rockin' the Bluetooth Speaker?
  8. Is there still a Tues or Thurs Crank and Drank going on? If so, where and when? Stayed down south after work and was able to explore a bit. Need to get a route strung together. Thanks, B
  9. Can't change your mind. I ride 29'er rigid or HT over my squishy bike. Recommendation: Karate Monkey For something unusual, scour the interwebs for a SE Stout 29'er
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