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  1. St.Bernardo

    performance bike deals

    Was in earlier this week and they had a couple of Nashbar branded steel single speeds. $119 each. Perfect for a beater bike. I tried to justify it and failed.
  2. Just wanted to bump this up.
  3. St.Bernardo

    Urban Rides for when the trails are wet

    Here's Brushy area wet weather alternatives. This is one of the longer ones, but I add/subtract as time allows. Sucks, but gotta make due with what's available.
  4. St.Bernardo

    Basic ATX Geology

    Also a factor, vegetation is saturated and cool temps slow growing.
  5. Found this a couple weeks ago riding Town Lake etc while waiting for rush hour to die down. Was able to squeeze a couple extra miles out of it.
  6. St.Bernardo

    Brushy Creek

    Or... As slick as snot on a watermelon.
  7. St.Bernardo

    Getting Shorted

    Stumbled into some Zoics last Christmas and now have three. Fit great, flexy, and good padding.
  8. St.Bernardo

    Amazon brake rotors

    I bought some 160s and they work fine with BB7s. I didn't pay for the expedited shipping, so it took a while to receive.
  9. St.Bernardo

    Brushy Creek

    Don't know you, but I love you. I do most of my riding in the Brushy vicinity on a rigid 29'er set up to handle all surfaces. mini-Monster tour style.
  10. St.Bernardo

    Palo Duro Canyon - 7.5 hr drive from Austin

    Al, Did you go up the Rock Garden Trail to the canyon rim? Fantastic views up there.
  11. St.Bernardo

    Random Bike Pictures

    I'd be all in if E.T. was in a basket up front. As is, nah.
  12. St.Bernardo

    shame this riders on muddy trails?

    Hope that mud dude's bearing size up.
  13. St.Bernardo

    Boaflexicore safe...

    I have one of these and like it. https://ottodesignworks.com/shop/ottolock