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  1. Can't change your mind. I ride 29'er rigid or HT over my squishy bike. Recommendation: Karate Monkey For something unusual, scour the interwebs for a SE Stout 29'er
  2. Will the finished surface be concrete or asphalt?
  3. I run the Sunrace 96 index shifter and love them. You might give the Sunrace SLM2T indexers a look.
  4. Not for long (as fast as government can) Wyoming Springs will be extended and cross over Brushy. Ride it while we got it.
  5. I thought that the public was able to vote on future land us on this one too. I think the public meeting/vote was at the old courthouse 2004-005-ish.
  6. "In 2013, Williamson County hired landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm Design Workshop to help guide the County through Phase One of the park’s development, which will be nature based and modeled after Texas state parks with activities such as areas for picnics, camping, hiking, horse paths, RV camping, fishing, and nature study." from the developers website. No mention of bikes. Boooo!
  7. A few years ago there were some plans drawn up for a skills type mtb park with some structures and man-made obstacles to the west of Parmer. Will anything of the sort be included with the new comstruction?
  8. The GCW frowns upon the development of this tract. The COA needs to perform a study on how grinding down a hill side and constructing a large structure affects GCW population and habitat. We need answers.
  9. Bluebonnet Season! My favorite time of year.
  10. I ride my K-monkey with a 100mm fork. It was rated for 100mm to 140 mm travel. I prefer the handling of the short fork and my riding style doesn't require more.
  11. Do you have the 1mm spindle spacers for the RF cranks? My RFs have 3 small white spacers that go onto the drive side spindle.
  12. Good looking frame, but you just got a Taiwanese guy laid off. You hateful s.o.b. Lol.
  13. I know a guy that has run 3" tires on a lefty. Required him to dish the rim over to compensate for the tire size.
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