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  1. Oklahoma Red Dirt. This dog found us about mile 11 of 23. Ran with us back to the house. Looking for owner......
  2. Try sending a message to Albert. I may be interested in a frame as well. B.
  3. Check out the Random Bike Pics thread. Cutter's neighbor is a new frame builder. Might be able to help.
  4. Might give this dude a look. http://www.scissortailcycles.com/ Was working with him about a frame, but pandemic.................. Supply chain and build schedules squashed it. Good dude, though.
  5. The trick with Wilco and Behrens is being able to connect the two with SN and Brushy.
  6. Dibs, if there are no takers. Will leave beer of choice on your door step.
  7. Bummer, Man. My Ritchey max's out at 2.6. Tweaking the air pressure a little, these will handle everything here comfortably.
  8. Saw this little guy on Suburban Ninja yesterday.
  9. Brushy should be GtG tomorrow.
  10. Thought is was good and a good turnout. The current conceptual drawings show a ~3,9 mile XC loop with a flow type alternate route and another alternate loop. They are also planning ~1 mile loop with a pump track and some obstacles (still being discussed). No construction schedule yet, but sounds likely that it will begin this winter.
  11. Wifey and I hike about 3.4 miles at the bottom of Windsor before grabbing a beer and snack at the Tesuque Village Market. Fell in Love with Red River Brewing Co. Copper Chair Amber.
  12. @BarryJoseph's was awesome. Had a coulple local beers and went pub grub with the green chili lamb burger.
  13. My kind of place! Got reservation and will be finished in time for sunset over the desert.
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