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  1. Need to get steel frame powder coated. Anyone had a good experience with someone local?
  2. Sounds right. This is the Section from Georgetown St. to AW Grimes. Should be open soon.
  3. Good lookin' Rig. Where's the maiden voyage going to be?
  4. It generally takes 2 to 3 days dry out after significant or frequent rains.
  5. From The Peddler/Red Horn there are a couple options for getting to Wilco. 1) cross 1431 at the light and roadie up to CR 179/Journey Pkwy then east to 174/Sam Bass and South to Wilco. 2) Ride the 1431 south side easement up near the fence to 174/Sam Bass. It's grass but easily doable Then cross at light of through the storm drainage under 1431. Side walks north to Wilco. Either option works fine.
  6. I prefer "adventure cycling". That way I'm not restricted to gravel. Roll a rigid 29er SS that's been modded for 3x9. Most fun that I've had on a bike.
  7. I've been playing around with this. Here's through Behrens, parts of Wilco, and parts of SN. Missed a Strava update and lost mileage off of the back end.
  8. Do you happen to know how the rock walls got built out there?
  9. RR has a good 5,000 ft view of the site. Curious to see how plans come together when the RR staff has gotten a more in depth look at and boots on the property. We've had our initial round of input. Now go log some laps. Or if you're felling freaking, link Behrens to Wilco to Brushy.
  10. Turkeys still pass through there. Have seen a few Doe's, couple Hogs and a Coyote (today). Good MTB'er turn out at the meeting tonight.
  11. Let me know if you have a free afternoon, I'll give you a tour.
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