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  1. Just ask the guys at Desert Sports. They will have best suggestions for you. 4 hours into BBRSP from Barton Warnock gives you enough time to cover most of the Contrabando and Dome trails.
  2. If you see this Trek posted go ahead and flag it. It's a scam that keeps getting relisted.
  3. Looked like some drainage work was done before Rock Bridge and at the entrance of Point Six. Possible damage from folks riding in the mud? Saw another rider go rubber side up in Inner Log Loops. Everything else was really good. I'll try and make the trail work event on Sunday, thanks for posting. Cheers!
  4. Sweet. Headed there after work to roll out around 5PM if anyone else wants to join. Probably ride a full lap with a session on the new features on outer log loops. Trying to rail that berm to berm gap.
  5. riding the Nut today at 5pm, last chance before more rain.

  6. I was also unable to attend. I get email updates from the group. If they post anything I'll pass the info along here.
  7. Easter egg. Hidden not far off the road into El Soltitario is the Solitario Bar. On privately owned property but still within the parks boundary, the bar is a hidden oasis for weary travelers. More of a re-supply spot for through hikers and bikepackers, but still worth trying to find if you are out there. Usually stocked with a few libations and drinking water, kitchen pantry items, outhouse, picnic table in the SHADE, firewood and fire pit.
  8. Is it ok to volunteer but leave a little before 1pm? I'm volunteering at the Texas Craft Brewers Festival from 1-4pm.
  9. Trying to upgrade the rigid Trek I build for my gf to a suspension fork. This is a 1989 Trek. I'm not looking for anything fancy. Let me know if you have anything taking up space in your parts bin. Thanks!
  10. Hey ATXZJ, what campsites are the best for access to the trails in Palo Duro? It's been on my to-do list for a while and I will try to make it happen this spring.
  11. BBRSP is almost to big to squeeze into a weekend but can be done. I drove out the day before, slept in my car and pushed off the next morning. Rode for three days and drove back on the fourth. This was a bikepacking trip on the Epic Loop so logistics might not apply to the type of campsite trip you're asking about. If you camp near Lajitas, you can ride from Barton Warnock into the Contrabando, Fresno Canyon, Dome Loop trails. Perhaps split up as morning and late afternoon rides. Or ride the Epic in one full day. All of these areas have interesting historic sites to explore and break up the riding. Airport trail is close by as well. If you leave early, you can ride that same evening and vice versa on your last day. So two days of driving/riding and one full day of riding. Totally worth it. Beautiful scenery, amazing sky watching, and solitude. Where is Iron Mountain? Never heard of it and not getting results on a Google search. Thanks!
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