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  1. This ..Snake season... Saw 3 last week on 1 ride at Pace bend.
  2. Thanks guys!! Will let you know if I find a good option. Seems like a market to be filled. But soft grippy rubber and still durable I think is tuff to do. Clyde
  3. My canvas Freerides started getting a hole and have got soft bottomed. Tops are in great shape and only had them about 6 months. Is there anyone in town that re-soles them? Thanks., Clyde
  4. I have a kayak .... If I put a electric motor on it is becomes a power boat which different rules are applied. I must pay tax and registrar it as such..
  5. And... Thanks to you as well. I rode there yesterday. That most have the a memorable ride!!! Clyde
  6. Lately... I have made choices not to ride some features that I normally would or would try .. due to that flat slick damp and dark colored rock may be like snot.. and they usually are. Ride those spots this summer. Old body don't heal so quickly. Clyde
  7. today... too wet spots: One spot on saddle your saddle and the northern loop off wookie.. the other loops are wookie were fine. That northern loop and lefty should be avoided.
  8. Just joined... Looks like I'm in the right place... I always don't want to be the guy that damages the trails. I have built some of my own and mine may not the "The right way:" I'm sure ...but I know how much work it is. Beginner and been riding mainly since June on a 26 and just moved to a 29er. I have not rode most of the trails discussed.... but plan to. Clyde
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