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  1. Probably unrealistic, but why not have an option to auto-hide all posts started by a blocked user...? Or just ban that guy...
  2. Bump and a question... Will the various feature bypasses be taped off for the Cat2/Cat1 time trials? I am hoping so, but if not I suppose I should start practicing my cheater lines...
  3. I'd add that if B lines are created, they should take longer to ride than if the A line is cleaned (e.g. Rocky Hill's final couple of features that have a slower B line). Riders are more likely to work on making the A line if it will save them time... and if B lines = shortcuts, stravassholes will take them every time to make themselves look l33t.
  4. There's an obstacle on this forum that I'd like to sanitize. How does one block a user?
  5. Small niggle... but any chance the sites' icon could be more than just black? It's currently invisible in the bookmarks bar with a dark browser theme (until mouse-over):
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