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  1. What you’re looking for absolutely exists but as time goes on HG hubs are becoming much less common. That is your bottle neck. I literally just sold the exact wheel-set you are looking for 1 month ago!
  2. Thanks! Looks awesome but appears to be about an hour long ride from my AirBnB. I’ll have to save this one for the next time I go to Bentonville. Edit: Realized you are not responding to me! Apologies.
  3. Figured I would add to this thread instead of starting a new one. I'm heading up to Bentonville this Friday for a little solo trip while my wife is away on a girl's trip. I don't really want to drive anywhere to go ride once I'm in town so my goal is to keep all of my rides based out of my AirBnB which is near the north trails. With that in mind, what do y'all think of this itinerary? Anything I'm missing? Any hidden gems I should make note to check out? My plan is as follows: Friday: Getting in around 3pm so I'll do some light pedaling around the north Bentonville trails just to get a feel for the area. I don't really have a route in mind but would like to put in about 10 miles. Any must do trails that would serve as a great welcome to the area? Saturday: This will be my big XC ride. I'll be doing the back 40 and tunnel vision back to back. Here is the route I created for my Garmin. Sunday: Hoping to get a little more technical riding in on my last day, maybe about 40 miles total. I was planning on heading into Coler Preserve in the AM. From there, I would head back into town and hit up Slaughter Pen again. After lunch, I'm thinking I'll cycle west over to hand cut hollow before heading back to my AirBnB. I don't have a specific route in mind and looking at all these riding areas, not really sure if I should even attempt to create a specific route. I may just wing it and go with the flow. No pun intended.
  4. Alright. I got about a mile into 1/4 before I needed to turn around to pick up the wife from the YMCA. I didn’t hate it. Super muddy in the low spots but that is fairly normal. Thinking it may be ready for regular traffic in the morning as well but I’d appreciate a second opinion if anyone else can get out there. The big question mark is how does the east entrance look? I hopped onto picnic and headed west from the 1/4 notch bail out. It was also gtg but like many trails, it got beat up. There was a large tree that fell across the trail.
  5. Serious sediment buildup in this low spot. Beware.
  6. DD from picnic to 1/4 is about the same. I’m still hesitant to call it gtg but I think it could start taking regular traffic tomorrow morning. ok. Heading into 1/4 but I don’t have time to ride the whole thing. I’ll get as far as I feel comfortable and/or run out of time.
  7. Alright. Snail: Nope. Needs at least a full 24 hours. Bob Ross: surprisingly gtg DD: I’m currently at the picnic bail out and started from the west entrance. Idk if I should call it gtg but it does seem almost there. I’ll update as I continue west. tire pic after DD.
  8. I’m planning on hitting up brushy around 4-5pm today. If we don’t get an update before then, I’ll post up what I find. Judging by how wet my backyard is, even in the exposed areas, I’m not going to get my hopes up.
  9. For those of you that don’t use the book, here is my DD update. Good news and bad news. Good News: Double Down at #brushycreek is just about gtg. Do note that I did not check any other trails. Only DD. There was barely any pick up on my tires and the soft spots that typically hang around long after the rain were getting close to being tacky. Bad news: The immense amount of rain has eroded sections of the trail severely. There are sections where loose rocks have piled up and other section where the rocks have been washed away. Be very careful the next time you ride as the loose rock piles are typically at the bottom of a fast downhill section and will washout your front tire if you are not prepared for it. Even worse news: With the impending rain we will be getting tomorrow, you may not get a chance to ride before it’s too wet again. In general, brushy took a beating. Even on the YMCA side there are rocks and mud littering the concrete trail.
  10. Are you talking about the rubber coated metal plate that is great for resetting caliper pistons?
  11. A small cell ran through around 6pm.
  12. @bestbike85 Are you still using the Savu? Is it easy to take out and put back in bottles while riding? Do the bottles stay put over rough terrain, even without the little bungy cord securing them? If you are still using it, how has it held up over 3 years? I have a proclivity towards Ospery products and have been thinking about getting a second hip pack without a hydration bladder built in.
  13. Geeze. I didn’t click on the video link before posting. Don’t I look stupid. Thanks.
  14. What is the time stamp for “chainless” in the video? I’m really bad with the feature names.
  15. Thanks. It’s a non-displaced fracture so there is nothing an ortho can do for me that urgent care hasn’t already done. I’ve broken my wrist in the past so I’m familiar with various exercises to get range of motion back in my fingers.
  16. Just a simple splint. I wasn’t given a timeline at the urgent clinic but was told to go see an ortho for a proper diagnosis. Honestly, I’ll probably skip that since it’s so minor. Google tells me 4 weeks so I’ll give it 1 week before I start some light road biking and 2 weeks before I start testing the water on the MTB again.
  17. I was! They even have little rubber pads on the back of the fingers but at a certain speed even those won’t save you.
  18. I was riding double down this weekend and got a little too close to a tree. My pinky got sandwiched between the handle bar and a tree. Finished out the ride and went about my day but woke up the next day to a very bruised pinky. Went and got an x-ray and turns out I had a small fracture.
  19. It’s my understanding that the patent covering VPP expired and DB created their own VPP offshoot. I don’t have the knowledge to articulate how they differ but I do know that while they share a lot of similarities, there are some slight differences.
  20. I have a 2022 Bronson with the MX wheelset. So far it’s been a great bike. Compared to my previous 29er, I can definitely maneuver the bike around tight turns a little easier due to the 27.5 in the back, but still get all the benefits of the 29er’s roll over angle in the front. The VPP seems to do a good job at hiding the fact that you’re pedaling a 150mm bike. I also feel the VPP has a much more plush bottom stroke compared to my previous bike with DW Link which was a bit more jarring closer to the end of it’s travel. I’ve rented an SB130 in Colorado and had absolutely no complaints. Yeti has that bike dialed in so well. Honestly, there really isn’t much to say that isn’t already known about this bike. Never ridden a Hightower but I will say the new Matte Evergreen color way is amazing. As @ATXZJ said, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Both SC and Yeti have a much better suspension platform than DB’s level link so whatever you go with will be quite the upgrade.
  21. I use a cheap $30 presta chuck off Amazon for my air compressor. It’s been going strong for 7 years. I can’t find the exact one I bought but it was something like this.
  22. How long have you been running pool noodles? It was my understanding that open cell foam absorbs sealant, making the sealant useless. Is this not your experience?
  23. Box was acquired and the bike is on its way to its new owner. Thanks for the offer though!
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