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  1. Yeah, I read an article about her a few days ago, boots and cut off shorts, snickers and gatorade. All of that was stunning. But I think past bikes were geared, at least in some races, so to now add rigid and singlespeed... holy shit.
  2. I rode to Walnut once and totally killed it. And by "it", I killed a six pack. OMG.
  3. I'm giving Walnut a break as well. I actually rolled through there on the paved path late last night and it wasn't until I was already home when I recalled that everyone would be interested in a trail report so I didn't touch the dirt.
  4. They're not those ones with thick chunky pads. The pad is very thin, you can't see it protruding from the outside.
  5. In semi-related product reports, I bought some Specialized gloves, fingerless for long roadie type rides, that have a pad in the palm that is supposed to relieve numbness but I actually think they're causing numbness where I didn't actually have any before. I've been pushing to do longer rides (for me) so I thought it was having ridden for 5 or 6 hours but even shorter rides bring numbness with these gloves, I am starting to believe.
  6. from looking at their site, the main body of the grip is identical but the GS3 and GS2 add bar ends integrated into the grip end piece.
  7. That's exciting, I like Reimer's and don't get out there often enough. I hope it pans out. Thanks for the work you do on behalf of area bikers.
  8. Is the "s" for size small in that grip? Can you post a pic of how angled you have yours set up? It is so strange to me that you can do the shit you do with those paddles on your grip. I have some specialized equivalents for the bike I ride on the street but I can't imagine using them for technical off road rides.
  9. Thanks! I'll check those out. They do go further (farther?) east than I am wanting but I'll see how they go along I35 at least.
  10. thanks guys. I think I'll look at the heat maps some and search for more Strava routes but in some sections, there aren't a lot of options, so I might just SEND IT and report back.
  11. UTM uses big numbers but those are out of range for UTM. UTM for Steiner area would look something like 14R 609854E 3365045N
  12. Walnut is both "Complete Hero Dirt LOL" and also "Sofa King Muddy and Unrideable". It should be renamed to Schrodinger's park
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