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  1. With the advent of lighter full face helmets, I can totally understand someone using one on every ride. I mean, you wouldn't ride without a helmet at Walnut, right? Because you might crash, right? So is your face not terribly important to protect?
  2. He moved overseas and then back stateside to LA.
  3. I wonder when the next 20% off coupon comes out at REI... I need a 27.2 external routed post for my hardtail.
  4. You've mentioned that they were identical a couple of times but I wasn't able to find where someone actually showed pics of the internals and such so I thought maybe look at the Brand-X manual for disassembly or perhaps look for a link to buy a new internal cartridge but none of that exists as far as I can tell. So I'd probably pay a few bucks extra for good/fast customer service, full documentation and spare parts availability because droppers are the most failure prone parts I've ever used.
  5. Sequoia on a Sequoia? I love how literal this is!
  6. So what did y'all do with the grill ban in place? Wrap some salmon in foil and poach it in your glovebox?
  7. Thanks. No, meniscus was intact. Chunks of cartilage were floating around and there was damage to cartilage on condyle of femur so some smoothing and possible micro fractures or fissures or something. This Percocet is calling on me to take a nap! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. throet, even your *updates* make me wince. SHEESH. I'm scheduled for knee arthroscopy tomorrow. I've been riding and feel pretty good on the bike, minus hard standing efforts, but walking is just not right.
  9. Thanks for the beer! (and to the Burratis as well!) Good to see y'all!
  10. I rode to work today so I might cruise by and say hi on my way home.
  11. Worst game of Pokeman ever. "I choose... SKEWERNARD!"
  12. The repeated Domain references make me wonder if people are shopping or if this was from a residence. I know two instances were people who were shopping or eating, visitors with bikes on their vehicle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. @mack_turtle, do you have a tapered head tube or straight, narrower (1-1/8?) one? Fewer options if you don’t have tapered. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I'm not aware that the law was put in place because of a law suit. I'd thank a rapey, victimizing society. To cxagent's point, it is not logistically easy to stay in compliance with a rule. What if a child decides on their own to run/ride off into the woods with another child? Do you split with your adult partner and create two groups? I had this happen when I was hiking with a group. Those kids were on their own, as far as I was concerned, and I simply notified their parents and other leaders that there were kids running around the woods (like they're supposed to do as kids, but against the nature of an organized hike). But it's a rule for self protection and protection of the kids. It's not a law. IMO, an emergency would override the need to have two adults at all times. It's hard to have a rule that every kid must be accompanied by a parent because not all parents have bikes or can bike or want to bike. Much to consider.
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