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  1. I've volunteered to clean up a homeless encampment near onion creek and it was done in coordination with APARD, Bethel Austin, and an org called The Other Ones Foundation (TOOF). TOOF offers direct support to homess people by hosting showering/cleanup facilities, short term housing and by lowering the barrier to reemployment by directly hiring the homeless to clean up the very spaces that they are inhabiting. I worked directly with people who were currently or previously homeless, some of which who had been in recovery from drug addiction. It was humbling. What I learned is that they are treated like discarded souls, injured by normal society as well as other homeless people. Insulted, ignored, physically beaten, raped... you name it. TOOF and orgs like the one above are doing very hard and valuable work. I've donated to TOOF. http://toofound.org/
  2. Two words: Smoke and Dart. ‘Nuf said Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I looked it up on DT Swiss and it matches the part number on Worldwide Cyclery: HWGXXX0002193C
  4. I always start with the DT Swiss conversion charts. Pretty well done presentation, imo. Did you check the part numbers there? If you see a discrepancy between their site and your web retailer, I would seriously dig into it. It is possible that there is a cross reference compatibility but I would be careful if they don't line up. https://www.dtswiss.com/en/support/conversion-charts/end-cap-solution-mtb-rear/
  5. SufferFest added strength training to their system but I have no idea what it looks like. I second AntonioGG's suggestion to watch Dylan Johnson's channel. It is a guideline, not a specific plan, but he refers to research to support his recommendations. Plus Backwards Hat Dylan is super relatable.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised, it did sound like it was coming from the rear wheel at times. I think you had too short of a chain which lead to the wheel not sitting in the dropout quite right or with too much chain tension. A longer chain with the wheel adjusted for correct tension. What is that rear hub, a cassette or a fruehewheel? The cog or freewheel seemed loose.
  7. I rode with him on Saturday. It is a *very* strange pattern. Once it starts making noise, he has to be pedalling in order to create the noise but even fairly soft pedalling can sound like a tin can of bolts jostling around. It almost sounds like the rear wheel, from riding close behind. Up in the stand with everything assembled, if you pedal backwards it feels like the resistance is a bit on the high side and it is uneven, getting stiffer at certain points in the rotation. Makes me suspicious of the chain and cog. Once the wheel and chain is off, the cranks rotate more freely but still not as smoothly as you'd think they should. The spokes have high but seemingly even tension. The cog has some lateral play in it. I forget if its a freewheel or a splined hub. Next time it makes the sound, you should drop it out of the quick releases and then reinstall it and see if the sound is still there.
  8. Your alibi would say that you were there at the exact time that the bike was stolen, and so was he/she/they! ha
  9. Hoping your wife does indeed get to 100% recovered!
  10. James is on Facebook so you can connect with him directly and he'll point you to the Velofix site. He personally came out to my house with his work van and redid my suspension bits but it is possible that you will get a different mechanic that was trained up and vetted by James. Ask him about it.
  11. That carb binge added 3 pounds of water weight for every pound of carb stored in muscles, liver, etc. It's not fat gain/loss. Yes, AB is a hill climbing skeleton. https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article-abstract/56/1/292S/4715743?redirectedFrom=fulltext
  12. Zwift has FTP estimation, does it not? They also have training plans but maybe not as good as trainer road, maybe better, I can't say. I'd read some not so great things about them but Zwift is always adapting and improving so they might be better now. Is there a virtual biking app that includes riding trails? Or real video of singletrack?
  13. Sorry to hear about the setbacks. Hopefully all that you need is time. My knee has healed more slowly than I expected. August was my surgery, I think I started my PT about 5 weeks after it was prescribed. Still doing it and doing my homework. Leg(s) are getting stronger in all sorts of strange directions of force application but I still get soreness if I ride or hike too hard. I went ahead and had a post-op MRI on Friday since my deductible is paid up and I'm having lingering pain. I'm sure it'll be within normal range of health but I just want to make sure there isn't something wrong. At least I can stand and pedal out of the saddle now and can do ~an hour of ledgy technical riding. I'm glad for that progress.
  14. From the top of the thread to the bottom, I went from "yeah, let's remember why we do this and groove together" to "I hate people."
  15. thanks for the heads up, I just ordered the Lumina. It looks perfect for my XC hardtail / commuter.
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